Thursday, 31 December 2009

Year Review> January 2009

So i started the year off unexpectantly single. it wasn't my doing but i had to get a grip and get on with things. First day of year was spent running along Portobello Prom then drinking champagne, cause that's what i do in case you hadn't already noticed! I got a 6 min PB and i was Happy as Larry with that, the year was to be rocky so it was a good start. Always good to drink champagne with Susan!

Started making plans, first one was to book myself into the Pose clinic to re address my running style, no way did i want to go through 8 months on injury bench ever again, to do that i needed to start again so to speak. No one would would take up skiing without lessons, what makes us runners think we can just run? Well because its natural isn't it? Or is it? Answer to that is no, for some perhaps, not me for sure, nt for lots of people. If I'd learnt that when i first started it would've saved a lot of time effort and money .physios fees, wrong shoes, you name, literally hundreds of pounds down drain. So signing up fr a curse which cost much same as 2 pairs of running shoes was a no brainer really. More on that once i reach it...

Had a grand old time down in Dumfries with Susan & Sam, interesting nightclub! lol Me & Susan went for a run next day on few hours sleep and lots of alcohol, it was brilliant, see pic >>> how cool are we?

Roger moved out, and i remortgaged house and got it all signed back over to me alone (it was mine before i met him) It was a very tough time, i was convinced I'd have to move out house, get a smaller place or not even get a mortgage, worry worry. But it all worked out and i'm now sole owner and will never sign it away again. ever.

signed up t do Abingdon Marathon, I'd promised a certain time lord i would, and i did. I decided that wallowing would do me no good and that i did indeed deserve a Birthday party, albeit giving me couple weeks to find a venue and organise it!

I went to York to run my first half marathon of year, had stonking, fantastically fab weekend of partying and PB'd @ 1.45.14 , not beat it since! came close tho... something to work on i guess

went down to London fr Debs' party aka Roobarb see picc, had fab time at party and got to meet fair few lovely fetchies i'd been wanting to meet for aaaages! Paula, Bridget, Heather,Sarah, Legless,Celia.. had brilliant time.

Inbetween that i managed to nip in London, all by my wee self and go and meet meet Jen and Steve aka Tpot for lunch, (and Anne23)was it only January i actually met them for first time? crazy, feels like a lifetime ago. was talked into my first Ultra within half an hour of meeting Jen, who was incidentally all bandaged up after an horrific bike crash :( >>>

Pic on left was actually taken in may so it's cheating but i dont care.

They tried locking me in a big glass case but i managed to escape! lol

my washing machine broke down, i got new one, they fitted it wrong and flooded my kitchen ffs! Got compensation though and new floor fitted, also got new stair carpet so it all worked out good in end.

Ended January as i began it, with a new PB, 5k this time through in Glasgow at first ever park run.

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