Thursday, 3 December 2009

Where did it all start?

And where did it all start to go wrong? I'll maybe get round to backposting all my blogs or maybe just put a link here to it.

These past few weeks i've been up and down like a yo yo, at the mo i feel like i'm ready to burst into tears at any mo, irrational. Maybe i *am* irrational? I certainly feel like i cant say wht i feel anymore, not on fetch anyway. But maybe it's just paranoia that i look into people's comments and take it at face value. Maybe i'm the one in the wrong? I dunno anymore.

I've been told many times in the past that when smething upsets i should just forget it, it's only the internet etc, but to me it's not just that. I've met all these people and call quite a few of them very good friends, well i thought i did, it looks increasingly likely that i'm frozen out now.

So here i am, floating around in cyberspace on my own, i've no idea even how to find my blog never mind read anyone elses lol, i'll have to play around and try and find out how it all works i guess.

I wonder if anyone will read this? I guess it doesnt matter, its for me to spill the head and be able to look back on see what i was doing a year/10years from now.


  1. Well done, nice blog :-) I am sad that you feel frozen out. Friends are not friends when they treat you like that and they don't deserve to be either!

  2. I'm not reading it because you smell.

  3. I won't be reading it because I'll never manage to find it again.

  4. Sorry that you have been made to feel that way :-/



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