Saturday, 12 December 2009

Champagne Sandra

Is making a comeback you'll all be pleased to know!

Yesterday was good day, lots of hangovers at work so busy in morning with lots of bacon rolls etc, then i deliberately did steak pie for lunch knowing comfort food would be in dire need. I had someone clasp my hand and thank me after lol!

Got home and just had a chilled night with a bottle of bubbly for company, oh and chips, chips and bubbly my dream date. Up at 6.30 even though alarm set for 7, couple cups tea and off i set for parkrun (8.5miles away) Got to bottom of street and decided to turn back, if I'd tried to carry on I'd be typing this from hospital with my legs in traction. Icy city! Even the freezing fog made it u here this time. So got back in and checked buses and left again. Took me 2 buses and over an hour to get there.Icy was nowhere to be seen it city, damn it. Had to run the last mile or so down there and arrived at 9.10. Plenty time before race start though.

Hope Scotty doesnt mind me nicking pic> Edinburgh from yesterday(see above)awesome!

Thank god i packed my santa hat, it was baltic beyond belief! I was helping hand out the numbers to runners when they finished, by time everyone was in i couldn't feel my fingers or toes. So i took off quite quickly waving goodbye to everyone and running to try and warm up. Took mile and half before i could feel fingers and 3 friggin miles before my feet defrosted! eep.

Ran to Rogers, had a look at his pictures for his portfolio, theyre very very good. His websit is pretty damn good too. So if anyone needs a cheap photographer gimme a shut! Had 4 cups of tea then left him to run up Leith walk and get more shopping done. Funnily enough i was only one shopping in running gear today, bunch of weirdos!
into M&S and got the meal deal for tomorrows lunch, looking forward to it muchly, I'm sipping the wine as i type, well, gotta reward my hard work you know....

Got home about 2.30 and suddenly realised i was starving, hmmm, could be because i;d eaten nothing all day. Then in got me thinking, all i had yesterday was a haggis roll at lunchtime and my chips. And bubbly of course.

Then i ran 8.75 miles, faster than I've ran in a long time on a training run! hahaha, my champagne plan is a winner, I'm going to write a book and sell it for millions. I'll invite you all out to my Himbo Mansion don't worry (as opposed to playgirl mansion..)


  1. i'm booking for the himbo mansion for sure, come on put me on the list:-)

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who considers a bottle of bubbly a balanced meal. Also if I'm ever invited to the HM I'd like Gerard Butler as my personal waiter please.



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