Monday, 21 December 2009

Works Christmas night out

Was on Friday at Sheraton Hotel, we'd been there before and it was always good. It's all the managers and chefs from the other units who are invited so it's nice to catch up with everyone. Meal was fine, starter and desert was served to us and we had to go up for main meal buffet style which wasn't so keen on. Still ate it all though as i realised i hadn't eaten all bloody day :-o

My *usual* dancing partner for these nights has left company now to go have a baby but there was another one who is usually up for drinks n dancing all night there. Not this time though, she's been in hospital with swine flu and collapsed lung so was still getting used to eating and drinking again after being in intensive care! She left early and everyone else was just, well boring. Nice enough people but not exactly party animals, i love to dance lots when I'm out.

At point i couldn't get anyone to dance so i thought fuck it, and got up myself to dance. Had taxi booked for 1am for when it finished and with snow and it being last Friday before Christmas i knew no point trying to get it earlier so i just dug in and got up to dance when anyone else felt like it. Got home about1.30 to find Stephen & his girlfriend Kelly wrapping pressies :o) So i sat and had few drinks and chat with them before sloping off to bed at 3am.

Plan for Saturday was to get * big shop* done. Stephen said lets go early, ok i said.I was up at 8.30, Stephen eventually surfaced at 10.30 and we eventually left house at 11.45! they say women take ages to get ready! £250 lighter and taxi home, shopping unpacked it was time to relax. Roger was coming round with pressies and pick up some before he left for Egypt and Stephen was cooking dinner so i just put my feet up and caught up with telly I'd sky++

Had couple drinks with dinner but by 8pm i was seriously struggling to stay awake so Roger left and i went to bed. Stephen went off to Christmas party for kids he coaches. I was asleep by 9pm, rock n roll.

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