Tuesday, 17 June 2014

to quote Elton John

I'm still standing.

Actually, I'm doing more than that, I'm running. Not particularly fast but running. I'm back to my daily commutes an averaging 50miles again. Longest run has been 26.2 miles (bored on a bank holiday and ran to North Berwick) Also been racing. Did Loch Leven half marathon, and scraped 1.49. hilly route and my foot hurt after.

That's still what's causing issues. Hills. We did the 7 hills couple weeks ago(16.5miles) and my foot hurt going up the steepest parts and I was bit sore afterwards. It's not stopping me running though. nope.

So after all this time, seen doc, seen physio (private)  had x-rays and been referred to specialist. 10 weeks later I finally get to the hospital for my appointment. I'd ran to work that day so naturally I ran to appointment. I arrived to find a waiting room full of either old people with walking sticks, or younger (ish) people with walking sticks

Even had wee booklets available on how best to walk with a walking stick. And signs like this.


Anyway, my knees are fine. Used to get problems with knees when I first started running, that led to back pain which led to no running for nearly a yr and being in pain everyday. I fixed that my fixing my running style, more on that later.

Of course you all know abut my bashed knees, that's an altogether different story but I'll try not to digress.

Nurse came out to get me and I met lovely doctor who asked me what happened, got me to walk back and forth in bare feet then prodded foot a bit more and asked more questions. I've had everything suggested to me. Dropped metatarsal, stress fracture, mortons neuroma, stress pressure and bursitis. Google any of them and I have all the symptom's of them all. Dr Google, don't you just love it.

Specialist didn't seem to know what to make of it, then said it was mortons neuroma. And said I needed orthotics. He said *you're obviously fit and healthy* not sure what that's got to do with anything, I just want my fot pain to go away thanks.

The nurse (or was it his trainee, or junior? I dunno) asked me if I was a forefoot striker. I replied that yes, I was, well I tried to be anyway. Even went on a weekend course to stop myself heel striking and run better (pose running if anyone interested)
This is what led to aforementioned knee then back problems, see I looked at the cause, not the fix and how to avoid it happening again.
Here's me in 2007 
here's one few yrs later at Glenmore, I'm far from perfect but I certainly never had same issues again.

Where am I going with all this ? Well, when I mentioned forefoot striking they looked at each other and the doc told me I should cut down my mileage. He said I should take ibuprofen and ice my foot. This is 4 months after my original injury remember. And that I *probably* needed an orthotic. When I protested about this saying I'm *more of a minimalist* girl he agreed it was better but I should try something. Oh and the wait for that? 10weeks.
Parting shot
"you'd best go back to heel striking"

Cheers Doc.

So after nearly 3 month wait I get told to rest, ice and take drugs, to go back to heel striking and not run long distance. Oh and to wait another 10 weeks to see if an orthotic might work once I get another appointment to get it fitted of course, then wait for it to be made I presume?

I ran back to work and tried to forget I'd been there. Crashing disappointment after all that time. I'm not entirely sure what I expected but I know I didn't get it.

In meantime. I'll just carrying on running and carry on ignoring the pain and rest when I have to.

C'est a vie , carpe Diem

and other such clich├ęs.........

On a more positive note- WHW race this weekend! ok I'm not running this year but I'll be right by the RD's  side. giving out hugs to all and plenty who need them.


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