Thursday, 17 December 2009

8 More sleeps

I'm officially getting excited now. wooop!

first run in 2 days today, wish I'd ran yesterday i was fine n dandy if a little tired from my excesses. But it was dry and almost warm yesterday, today it was sideways in face rain, lovely. Still 6.5 miles done and I'm planning on literally running round shops later to get my secret Santa pressie which i completely forgot about :-o Can you believe i got the same person as last year? what are the odds? 110 people in the group! I was going to swap with someone but i had a brainwave.(yes really)

We're supposed to spend about £7 but I'm splashing out bit more and getting her a winter running top as she was kind enough to send me a brand new pair of trainers and refuse money for them earlier on this yr.Nice to be nice and all that :o)

Christmas night out tomorrow with all the other Managers and Chefs, it's usually a fun night and it's all paid for so party dress at the ready....


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