Friday, 4 January 2013

Quality V's Quantity

So here is my review of the 2012. Not my best year running wise, or was it?

In January i sat down with Ian and we drew up a plan for my West Highland way training. To be honest it didn't vary much from the previous year but looking back that's quite possibly where we made a mistake. Not really intending on doing same this year but more on that later.

The first few months were great, i was running well and managed to PB in 10k & Half Marathon. Looking back at my training log i was also doing cross training, mainly weights on bosu ball with aim to strenghten legs & ankles. But i didn't keep it up, there is no record from March onwards and again this was a mistake i shouldn't have let happen.

    I really enjoyed the long training runs i did. One was the the first official whw training run from Balamaha to Inversnaid and back, fab weekend. Ian was training for Cateran s we did 40miler up there too. Also had great run on Devil route with Susan but she might counteract that statement haha.So leading up the the Fling i felt pretty good. With "its a training run" ringing n my ears from Ian i set off feeling fab and ran first section pretty well. Then i started to feel crap
So another Fling DNF, I'm sure Ellen was pleased though and i wouldn't actually change things there. Onwards and forwards, at least i was in one piece.

I did my double run in May on hottest weekend of year. West Coast Scotland was hottest place in uk! unheard of. I loved it actually, Ian made sure he met me plenty and made sure he topped up my suntan lotion. Paul Houston joined me for 2nd day and we had unexpected company of Antonia as we climbed out of BoO. Felt pretty good after that double run, even though i'd fell and proper bashed knee.
fun in the sun

I'm trying not to dwell on my failure on WHWrace, again i blogged about it and at the time there was little i could do. Another DNF.

So what to do now? I had made no plans for after the race, except to rest. So i suggested to Susan about doing Clyde Stride and so glad i did. We had great day out (again Susan might say different!) and i was glad to be back on the lovely course having got hopelessly lost first year i did it. I love running with Susan, she can kick my arse and put me to shame on anything under Ultra distance for sure but with Ultras i can pull her on and i really enjoy it.

Supporting Ian on the Devil was interesting to say the least lol Devilish fun

I was still feeling like my year had not lot to show for my training i felt i'd put in though. So Glenmore was next challenge. Everyone who'd ran it last yr had raved about it. I'd never ran a timed race so relied on Ian's guidance as to what was achievable. He told me that i should set myself a target of 100k so that was where my head was at.

No DNF or failures this time. I led the ladies race from start to finish and went on to have my first ever win. Quite incredible and a great boost after having felt such a failure for the whole year.

I was disapointed with my performance at Loch Ness Marathon, coming in at 3.49 i ran/walked from mile 18, really struggling on my first Marathon in 2 yrs and longest on road for a long time! Fail.

I had another DNF at Glen Ogle, i picked up a groin injury from about 8 miles in and it wouldn't go so  jacked it in by mile12. Ian reckons i couldve run it off but I'm not so sure. Glen Ogle is quite untraily for a trail race and the harder ground was making it all the more painful. I think it's down to having nt done any tarmaccy runs over 8 miles for a very long time. Your body needs to adjust to the terrain you're racing on and if you've got any niggles then it'll just exacerbate things. anyway, another fail.

So when i look back on 2012 i only see one word. And its not win. I am of course delighted beyond belief to be able to have won a race, that's something no one can take away from me ever. I'm just a bit sad that the rest of the year has overshadowed it. But hey, maybe there wouldnt have been a win had i finished all the others? who knows. .

So looking forward. This year is about quality over quantity. I need to start as i mean to go on, carry on with the cross training and not just drop it on days i CBA.

2013 started with 16miles on West Highland Way.

And now I'm in day 3 of 14 of complete rest from running. Its a scary/brave step for me as i run a lot especially during week to/from work, nt long distance but usually twice a day. I've seen what a rest from running can do for people. One of my friends has had 18months off due to injury and has recently PB'd at 5k/10k and 10mile races. Sure she's been cycling like a loon but no running, none. Ian took 3 weeks off towards end Nov and is now reaping the rewards.  You'd never see Elite runners do more than one or maybe two marathons a year. Kenyans are best people to take lessons from when it comes to resting. Read running with the Kenyans, quite eye opening.
good read

Then I'll be throwing myself into training with gusto, speed will be first thing to work on.

Let the challenge begin.

Happy New Year.


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