Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday night's alright alright......

I've got guests coming to stay at Maison le Santa. Siouxsie & Jules, or Susan & Julian to give them thier Sunday names. (i might refer to people from fetch by thier fetch name, just to confusethings!

Stephen is kindly giving up his bed for Jules, and Susan will slleep in the study, othwerwise known as Susan's room

Tonight is our fetch Christmas Night out, we're heading out for an Indian then a bit of a pub crawl, hopefully culminating in a dance off lol Party dress is ready as are the killer heels, i'll get pics up tomorrow. Stil unsure as to whether to run today, i'll go with flow for now and wake up properly first methinks.

Well, all the presents i've got so far are wrapped and under tree, i've still to get few more bitsn bobs though. Stephen (my son) was also out Christmas shopping yesterday and he got mine. He said "this is probably most i've ever spent on you"

I said to him that it wasnt about money and he should be careful with it he said "But you're worth it"

Bless him.

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