Thursday, 31 December 2009

Year Review> January 2009

So i started the year off unexpectantly single. it wasn't my doing but i had to get a grip and get on with things. First day of year was spent running along Portobello Prom then drinking champagne, cause that's what i do in case you hadn't already noticed! I got a 6 min PB and i was Happy as Larry with that, the year was to be rocky so it was a good start. Always good to drink champagne with Susan!

Started making plans, first one was to book myself into the Pose clinic to re address my running style, no way did i want to go through 8 months on injury bench ever again, to do that i needed to start again so to speak. No one would would take up skiing without lessons, what makes us runners think we can just run? Well because its natural isn't it? Or is it? Answer to that is no, for some perhaps, not me for sure, nt for lots of people. If I'd learnt that when i first started it would've saved a lot of time effort and money .physios fees, wrong shoes, you name, literally hundreds of pounds down drain. So signing up fr a curse which cost much same as 2 pairs of running shoes was a no brainer really. More on that once i reach it...

Had a grand old time down in Dumfries with Susan & Sam, interesting nightclub! lol Me & Susan went for a run next day on few hours sleep and lots of alcohol, it was brilliant, see pic >>> how cool are we?

Roger moved out, and i remortgaged house and got it all signed back over to me alone (it was mine before i met him) It was a very tough time, i was convinced I'd have to move out house, get a smaller place or not even get a mortgage, worry worry. But it all worked out and i'm now sole owner and will never sign it away again. ever.

signed up t do Abingdon Marathon, I'd promised a certain time lord i would, and i did. I decided that wallowing would do me no good and that i did indeed deserve a Birthday party, albeit giving me couple weeks to find a venue and organise it!

I went to York to run my first half marathon of year, had stonking, fantastically fab weekend of partying and PB'd @ 1.45.14 , not beat it since! came close tho... something to work on i guess

went down to London fr Debs' party aka Roobarb see picc, had fab time at party and got to meet fair few lovely fetchies i'd been wanting to meet for aaaages! Paula, Bridget, Heather,Sarah, Legless,Celia.. had brilliant time.

Inbetween that i managed to nip in London, all by my wee self and go and meet meet Jen and Steve aka Tpot for lunch, (and Anne23)was it only January i actually met them for first time? crazy, feels like a lifetime ago. was talked into my first Ultra within half an hour of meeting Jen, who was incidentally all bandaged up after an horrific bike crash :( >>>

Pic on left was actually taken in may so it's cheating but i dont care.

They tried locking me in a big glass case but i managed to escape! lol

my washing machine broke down, i got new one, they fitted it wrong and flooded my kitchen ffs! Got compensation though and new floor fitted, also got new stair carpet so it all worked out good in end.

Ended January as i began it, with a new PB, 5k this time through in Glasgow at first ever park run.

Post Christmas Pre Hogmanay bash

Here i was happily playing bejewelled on PC and faffing around when i heard knock on door, eh? guests already? it's only 2pm! eeep.was still in my bloody running gear, only ran to shops mind you, hardly broke sweat...
Alan & Marie (big bro & sis in law) They were only popping by for wee while (they left at 11.30 lol) by 6pm house was full and i served up all the food, nice hot buffet of turkey, Spiced Gammon, roasties, Yorkie puds, onion bhaji, loads salad stuff, felafel's, pakoras, cheesecake, yule log, chocolate cake, ciabattas, crusty bread, you name, i served it. Went down a right treat :)

Champagne flowed as did the conversation. Alan made a snowman and an eco fridge in back garden and we kept most of drinks at back door guests left around 1ish and i once again gave up my bed this week, this time to Jemima & graham and slept once again in Susan's bed.

UP at 8ish to say bye to Jem who was off to work and i cooked breakfast for me Roger & Stephen, who wasn't actually here after staying at Kelly's and is currently eating his as i type. Roger eventually left about an hour ago after me hinting that i was tired and wanted a nap before tonight, that's a whole other blog, Roger that is.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Best Laid plans

Are the unplanned ones.... :o)

After giving directions to George & Karen and assuring them there was shops enroute we set off. I'd asked Jules if we could stop at supermarket and pick up few things, only to bump into, you guessed it George & Karen! lol :)

Supplies organised and back to house with beer & chips and tiger bread. The Fuel for athletes. Mucho laughs, beer, vodka, wine and *poof juice* and we smehow managed to organise not one but two pentland runs the next day! Jules somehow got roped in too and after a bit off juggling, he had Stephens bed, i had *Susans* bed and G &K had mine. Plan was up at 7am, mert Gav at 8am. We were only we bit late and off we set.

Gav was tour guide for the day being the penltands expert and so we put our trust in him and trudged through the snow. I didn't aks where we were going, i thought it best not to hahaha. As it happens we climbed the highest of the the Pentland hills, look at this baby>

Half way up a blizzrd desecended on us, we couldnt see a single thing, sometimes i'd be thigh deep in the snow and the occasional swear word might've been used, yes really. We got to the top and found a cross country skier, i called him a nutter, but srsly, pot>kettle etc when i look back now! Actually he was probably far more sensible, being on skies to be fair!

I was starting to feel bit sick by this point, K gave me bit of flapjack and i perked up slightly but it soon came back, Gav gave me bite mars bar but it wasn't down to low blood sugar after all i think it was sort of bug as i got home, had bit of sickness & diarrhoea and took to bed for rest of day, sleeping on and off until the morning. Meant i missed out on planned second run of day but i think I'd have spoilt it for everyone by having to cut it short, sensible (yes really) head took over for once!

Got Roger coming round today with my Christmas presents, and because I've got the massive turkey crown i invited Graeme & Linda, Jemima, Kelly and couple others along too to help eat it all. Plan on doing it buffet style instead of sit down Dinner, less stress. Or so I'm telling myself.

So its a pre hogmanay party kinda. And I'd best go put that damn turkey on or it wont be ready.... laters blog readers....

Fetchies Frolicking

I've no idea what actual day it is but i know it's the 30th now and Hogmanay is tomorrow. On the 28th (was that only 2 days ago?) there was a planned run around Arthurs seat for visiting aka Exiled fetchies who were up visiting rellies for Christmas.

In the morning i ran into town, oh my god it was hairscary. The snow is pretty much packed down and iced over, mental.I reached dizzy heights of 10.10 min miles for my 6 miles. Ran in to collect i turkey i had in freezer at work, got bus home though a it was/is massive. Cooking it today, more on that later.

Jules arrived laden with DVD he wanted to get rid of much to Stephens delight, and couple box's of posh chocs.well of course they were posh, Jules probably wouldn't know cadbury's if it smacked him in face ;) He very kindly said "here, i cant have them in house or I'll eat them" hmm,so it's OK for me to eat them then? :-o

off we set for Holyrood car park to meet the rest of the nutters, yes nutters. Sub zero temperature and pure ice, and we're running round Arthur's seat, an extinct volcano go figure.

look at the ice! madness or what?

Here we are at the top, and the sunset one was as we were about to descend.

Think only about 5 of us fell, it was taken very much as a fun run and very slowly, it really was quite lethal. We certainly got strange looks from others we saw, and i was really quite surprised about how busy it was. To be fair though most of them were sledging,snowboarding and the like!

here is the profile, it's not that high but coming down was ermmm, interesting!

We got to the bottom safely then headed to pub, it was en route t pub i heard George & Karen were in town running round the pentlands, so i called and left them message. Wine, vodka and more vodka and people started to slope off, mucho hugs and goodbyes and promises of *we#ll meet again" were had and everyone headed off. Karen called and hasty arrangements were made for them to head to my house......

(most pics courtesy of Ian & Lorraine)

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Yesterday i was round at Linda & Graeme's for Boxing day dinner/drinkies. Linda & Graeme like their fine wine/bubbles and mucho was had before and after dinner. Then we went out for wee pub crawl around Musselburgh before heading back and sitting up til 3am drinking more bubbles

I am officially picked now! Resy day with no alcohol, meeting Fetchies tomorrow to run round Arthurs seat if it's safe anyway, then it's pubtime woooop

pray for my liver....

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Christmas Eve was chilled out, Kelly came up and we had chinese , champagne and just chilled out watching telly.Went to bed about 11ish, Stephen was heading toKellys to stay as they were all up at 4.30am (crazies) to open pressies before Kelly's mum went to work.I heard Stephen come in around 6.30 and head off to bed, i said i'd wake him up once back from my run. I waited til it got light as i planned to go offroad and didn't want to wear the headtorch.

Had lovely 6.5miles, Wishing all the dogwalkers i met Happy Christmas, saw no other runners. Came back and took picture above, all was quiet, room was tidy..

Made breakfast then got Stephen up, had lovely big fry up with Champagne then we opened our Stockings. Got lots of lovely wee minuature smellies from ody shop, great for taking away to races :) Also got Killers CD been wanting for ages raaa. Stephen loved all his socks ;) and loved his Tiesto ticket even more.
More champagne then it was onto the pressies under tree. Stehpen sat by tree and handed them out, we'd both open on at same time. It was great fun and i most difeinitly got spoilt!

Lovely Joopsy sent me some fabulous running gloves, hat and reflective vest, thank god i can now ditch my gloves i burnt when trying to dry them on coffee machine at work lol! My Fetch secret Santa got me champage truffles, a Chrsitmas bath bomb and best of all a ducks fizz, no its not a spellnig mistake, it's a gold rubber duck with a champagne bottle round it's neck! lol brilliant, so me.

Stephen utterly spoiled me by getting me my favourite Chanel No 5, he had a gift set made up from a 50ml bottle of Parfum, and a huge bottle of the wonderful satin body spray, i love love love it, and love love love him. I got lots of other wee things from him too, the sweetheart. Got 2 more bottle perfume, marilyn pic as seen is pic! 2 books (one running one, one Duran Duran one! woop!)tons of other smellies, PJ's slippers, foot stuff. Everysingle pressie i got was thoughtful. There's a tread on fetch saying what was your worst pressie, i dont think i got any. :) Stephen loved all his too (flat screentv/dvd/ combi, clothes, itunes vouchers, tons aftershave,xbox tons of stuff)

Kelly arrived wee while laterwith more presies and got to open all hers from Stephen and me too, she aslo got a tiesto ticket from me and screamed when she opened it :)

Here is the *aftermath* once we'd opened all pressies>
We sat down and drank more champagne and watcched Noels Chrsitmas presents before Kelly had to head back home. rest of day was spent just chlling out, watching tv and drinking chamapagne, yes i knoe i've said that a lot lol We had our lovely dinner around 5ish, Fillet steak, Peppercorn sauce, roasties, potato croquettes &veg. Stephen said it was best dinner ever. We hd chocolate fondant pudding about an hour later, yes with more champagne !
Perfect Day.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


twice in 24hours, gotta be some kind of record surely?

First one > Step up Joops, not doing Fling, told you bout that already

Second > Step up Jules, I'm supposed to be doing a pudding run on 27th, and he's bailing on me :-o

It was this time last year that Roger decided to dump me actually, and you know what? The only time I've been asked out in that last year was by.....Roger! Go figure...

Actually it's probably for the re- Julesy run, I'm going to Linda & Graeme's on boxing day and they are extremely good hosts, it could've been messy... :o)

So that's me on hols now, i dropped off and picked up more pressies and visiting Thelma with her gammy leg. It's all done, dusted.

Need a plan for tomorrow.

Can't knock a girl for trying....

Yesterday i did some more Santa duties, meeting my other 2 big brothers and handing out pressies, having a wee glass or two of bubbly along the way of course!

Got home in and snow started, woke up to Blizzard conditions, should i run? Hell yeah! hahahaha the top pic is supposed to of the hill i'd just run down! too funny.

Got wrapped up and ready to go, i was laughing manically as i negotiated my way down the hill with barely any visibility. After falling off pavement several times due to not knowing where pavement ended and road began, and running into a tree i decided enough was enough and threw in the towel at 3 miles. There were snowdrifts galore,got on bus to stares of disbelief at fact I'd been running in it and at my snowmanlike appearance hahahaha
This pic is where i stopped to get bus, its a main road in Edinburgh !

Not much to do at work today and so probably slope off home in mo, wooop! Christmas starts today f'sure.

oh, other day when waiting on bus, i was sheltering in shop doorway, a wee blokey comes along picking up litter with one of those stick things, it was mainly fag ends he was picking up, painstaking work but he seemed fairly happy, next to me a man was smoking, the weeblokey moved on along Princes st, the bloke smoking saw his bus, threw his butt down and stamped on it and walked off. I felt like punching his lights out. I didn't though, i just stared at him incredulously and as evilly as i could.

If i was Bigmick, I'm sure I'd have created a big song and dance about it, blogged several days about it and been all high and mighty etc. But I'm not, so i didn't.

Happy Christmas blog readers, i really genuinely love you all. really. xxxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Country grinds to a Halt

Was watching news last night and England seems to have ground to a halt, seems to be business as usual up here though! I ran to work yesterday and it was fine, bit hairy on Lothian Road again but fine apart from that, didn't run home though, it's all slushy and yukky by then. I did run to M&S though to pick up last couple bits for Christmas dinner. I intend on taking it super easy this Christmas day and for first time I've bought ready made roasties, basted with goose fat. Also got some potato croquettes, and chocolate pudding. Only thing I'll need to actually cook are the steaks

Gives me all the more time for champagne drinking you see ;)

It snowed overnight again so had really good run this morning, not scarymary at all for a change, more of a snowyfunrun this morning, with fluttery snow landing on my nose and tickling me. Even had my knee length tights on. Didn't see a soul unitl i got to city centre except in odd car. Think people are looking outside and jumping back into bed lol

All shopping is done now, i'm officially ready and it's difficult to actually concentrate on work now!

Tonight I'm off to meet my other 2 big brothers to deliver pressies. Meeting Alan & Marie then heading down to Stephen & Mardi's. The all i need to do is pop down and see Thelma with her broken leg poor thing and drop pressies off at hers, I'll do that tomorrow i think.

Talking of big Bros, i got a call last night from my adopted one (joopsy) I picked up phone expecting a big gruff voice to be met with giggling and someone asking who i was. I thought maybe Nick's kids had seen his phone and saw *Santa* on it and decided to call to see if he was real after all! Was lovely to speak to them but they went all shy on me when i started asking questions bless them. Nick came on and i said *did you mean to call me?* but he had, and it was bad news.... He has decided not to do the Fling, sensible decision i guess but i made him promise to do it in 2011. He *is* still coming up to do training run first weekend in February as planned though :o)

There are some right grumpy people around at mo, if it's not moaning about Christmas, they're moaning about the snow/weather anything. Some things we cant change, we have to make the best of things around us i reckon.

big hugs to Susan today. xx

Monday, 21 December 2009

Santa's work is never done...

Sunday morning, up bright and breezy and made plans to meet roger in town for drink before he left, then go meet my brother and give him his pressie.

First stop St James' centre to pick up couple pressies, then onto Mulltrees walk, now here's a place i rarely frequent, full of designer shops and Harvey Nicks. Got Stephen 2 things in Gstar shop, a scarf (£25!) and a top £40, which isn't too bad for long sleeved top. That's me done now, no more, most stuff has been wrapped and under tree for weeks now but that was last couple things i wanted.

Next stop the Guildford, champagne was needed. I love the Guildford, its very old and very ornate pub, which endears itself to me greatly by being one of cheapest places in Edinburgh to buy champagne, be it by the bottle of by the glass.

refuelled i waved Roger off and Head up to Tollcross to meet big bro. He was watching Celtic game, in a Celtic pub, which i didn't fancy squeezing into so i timed in nicely to miss the game, wasn't so busy when i got there. Stephen arrived to join us not long after and we settled down to watch the Chelsea v West Ham, shouting for the hammers of course , the 3 penalties were most amusing ;)

Left pub after game and headed to bus stop, got n bus just as blizzard descended. Was still very blizzardy when i got off bus and i could barely see where i was going. I was like a wee walking snowman by time i got home! lol

no running all weekend! och well, tomorrow's another day.....

Works Christmas night out

Was on Friday at Sheraton Hotel, we'd been there before and it was always good. It's all the managers and chefs from the other units who are invited so it's nice to catch up with everyone. Meal was fine, starter and desert was served to us and we had to go up for main meal buffet style which wasn't so keen on. Still ate it all though as i realised i hadn't eaten all bloody day :-o

My *usual* dancing partner for these nights has left company now to go have a baby but there was another one who is usually up for drinks n dancing all night there. Not this time though, she's been in hospital with swine flu and collapsed lung so was still getting used to eating and drinking again after being in intensive care! She left early and everyone else was just, well boring. Nice enough people but not exactly party animals, i love to dance lots when I'm out.

At point i couldn't get anyone to dance so i thought fuck it, and got up myself to dance. Had taxi booked for 1am for when it finished and with snow and it being last Friday before Christmas i knew no point trying to get it earlier so i just dug in and got up to dance when anyone else felt like it. Got home about1.30 to find Stephen & his girlfriend Kelly wrapping pressies :o) So i sat and had few drinks and chat with them before sloping off to bed at 3am.

Plan for Saturday was to get * big shop* done. Stephen said lets go early, ok i said.I was up at 8.30, Stephen eventually surfaced at 10.30 and we eventually left house at 11.45! they say women take ages to get ready! £250 lighter and taxi home, shopping unpacked it was time to relax. Roger was coming round with pressies and pick up some before he left for Egypt and Stephen was cooking dinner so i just put my feet up and caught up with telly I'd sky++

Had couple drinks with dinner but by 8pm i was seriously struggling to stay awake so Roger left and i went to bed. Stephen went off to Christmas party for kids he coaches. I was asleep by 9pm, rock n roll.


Weird how it can go a whole weekend when I'm actually off work and not get chance to blog!

I'll do several day to make up for it methinks as my brain will explode doing a big long blog. First thing i want to do is have wee rant. I read a blog on fetch this morning, it was a streaker. For any runners not reading this blog streaking isn't someone whipping off their clothes and shaking their bits about in public. It's about running everyday, every single day regardless of how you feel. This is where i have issues. The blog of person i read (it was pestomum for fetchies reading) said she was feeling like death warmed up but still *had* to run to not break her streak.

BigAl was another culprit recently, he had a really bad chest infection, and in his words was coughing up bucketfuls of gunk, yet still he went out and ran.

WHY? Is your health less important to you than making a point? It's madness,where does it end? Where is the line? Streakers will adamantly defend their corner but sorry, if you are sick or injured then all you'll achieve by running is to make yourself more sick, and more injured. It's stupidity.

I get the whole Monthathon thing (ie- pick a month a try and run everyday) that's just a bit of a challenge, as long as you're sensible and drop out when you need to (which most do seem to, reading the threads about it)but to run everyday regardless of consequences is in my opinion, bloody stupid.

I'm far more relaxed about my running mind you. I think that ever since i got my back injury and was out for nearly 8 months, i learned a lot of harsh lessons. If i'm tired or feeling under weather, i just dont run, simple. It's not life or death, i can always run next day, or the next.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Dangerous Sports

never think of running as a dangerous sport unless you count running through dodgy areas ;)

So it snowed on and off all day yesterday, freezing over last night, as i went to bed a run in morning was looking highly unlikely. But it snowed again, so lovely crunchy snow to run on! I wore my Roclites and they gripped well, even though i had couple big hills to get down i made it safely as i took it fairly steady. Problems started the closer i got to city centre, it was packed down and super icy, resorted to jumping on road but even they were pretty icy.

Meadows wasn't too bad but Lothian Road was treacherous, a total ice rink, i was hanging onto the fence at one point fearing for my life. Princes st was bit better and thankfully i made it to work in one piece. I wont be running home!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

8 More sleeps

I'm officially getting excited now. wooop!

first run in 2 days today, wish I'd ran yesterday i was fine n dandy if a little tired from my excesses. But it was dry and almost warm yesterday, today it was sideways in face rain, lovely. Still 6.5 miles done and I'm planning on literally running round shops later to get my secret Santa pressie which i completely forgot about :-o Can you believe i got the same person as last year? what are the odds? 110 people in the group! I was going to swap with someone but i had a brainwave.(yes really)

We're supposed to spend about £7 but I'm splashing out bit more and getting her a winter running top as she was kind enough to send me a brand new pair of trainers and refuse money for them earlier on this yr.Nice to be nice and all that :o)

Christmas night out tomorrow with all the other Managers and Chefs, it's usually a fun night and it's all paid for so party dress at the ready....

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Nowt as strange as folk

as the saying goes.

I mailed a friend yesterday as i hadn't seen her around for wee while, i asked how she was and that i hadn't seen her around (online i meant) I got a terse reply back saying that none of her "friends" could be bothered checking before and it's been a great learning experience or something.
Lets call her Joanna, cause that's her name.

Now at first i felt really guilty, i know i hadn't contacted her, it was her birthday when i was down in Newcastle, she was actually meant to be running race but was no show. Anyway, i was rather busy that weekend and I've not exactly had best time f it myself since then! So surely she could also have contacted me? works both ways surely?

I tried and tried to talk to Jo and get her some help but she just wants to blame everyone else quite frankly, Karen and Phil were 2 people who got a lot of blame for her problems, even though i pointed out she is grown woman who makes her own decisions etc.

Not like we haven't been down this road before, she went AWOL before then when we bumped into her at a race she ignored everyone, i actually went up to her to congratulate her on a recent race she's done and hugged her but she stood stock still, mumbled and walked off. I still gave her another chance though!

You cant help people until they are willing to help themselves.


Yesterday was just great. Met J at Ricks and although out table wasn't immediately ready we were chilled out. I got her a joint Birthday>Christmas pressie by getting her (&me) a Spa day here>

We're going to have proper girly day of total pampering inc lunch & champagne, so it was kinda wee Christmas present to myself after bit of tough year, think we're going in January, cant wait!She was delighted.

Lunch was started with Bellinis, which were superb. I had white onion soup then chicken, J had rocket & feta ravioli followed by salmon. Food was great, service slipped after we ordered bottle wine, basically guy never came near us again. So id we'd wanted desert, more wine, drinks etc it was tough. Never left tip cause of that, hate bad service. We even ended up going to bar to pay, not on really.

We left there then went to few more bars where we were eventually joined first by Martyn, The Oliver, then Graham. Time flew by and it was 7.30 before we knew it, ooops should be at concert by now! Luckily we'd stayed central enough and it was short walk to the church. Concert was superb, all lovely Christmas songs, all harmonious and just lovely. First time I've been in church in ages the heathen that i am! Not so good catholic girl me! They had an interval halfway through and me & martyn ran across road to pub! lol The concert was finished off with a great rendition of Hallelujah which just lifted the roof, it was superb. Nice end to great day.

Cant say i'm not diverse, i can go from Champagne cocktails to Church, just like that ;)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I did plan to run today cause i will be resting tomorrow as I'm going out tonight and reckon I'll be too tired tomorrow..
It's my best friend Jemima's birthday, we're going to Ricks (it's a place not a person)for cocktails and a late lunch (2.30) Thelma was meant to be joining us later on but called me yesterday to say she'd broken her leg !
:-o good excuse eh! It's same leg she broke few year sago. When we worked at the Museum, the director was leaving and new one arriving so there was big posh party, to which we all duly invited, well when i say all i mean the managers. Anyway, champagne was free flowing and a ceilidh band played on. Now this is where it becomes hazy. Fast forward to end of night and i couldn't find Thelma anyway, i was raging, saying how dare she leave me! I was meant to get getting cab home with her as she only lives down road.

So i went to bar across road with the guys left standing instead and got taxi myself. I was off next day as i rarely worked weekends (had staff for that ;)) when i got an early morning call from Chris, my assistant manager. He said "can you send your safe keys in a taxi?" "eh ,why, Thelma's got a set" i said. "Thelma is just out of hospital and her leg is in plaster, what did you do to her?" Chris asked
:-o Suddenly i was wide awake! It would seem i went off to looand when i came back, Thelma was outside, after someone coming flying out of a twosome reel and flying into her landing on top of her. She somehow made it down the masses of steps in front of museumwith bit of help from her daughter in law and got taxi home. Where her husband carried her out cab then took her to hospital! ooops, there was me calling her for everything after leaving me! lol She is in plaster for 3 months!

nyway, poor thing has done it again, said she wasn't drunk but i'm not convinced...

Later on tonight i'm gonig to a Christmas Carol oncert, one of girls at work is in choir and aked us along to her concert £10 bought before i realised it clashed with Jemima's birthday but it free's J up to go meet her boyfriend and her salsa freinds. Martyn is coming to concert too so will meet us at 5, concert is at 7.30, that'll be 5.5 hours drinking before it starts, think i'll make it?

Monday, 14 December 2009


I stayed up too late last night toasting Ryan's success and watching Subo story, then fetching for a bit. Not good. Still up at 4.30 though...

Dreadful run this this morning, felt like i was dragging a couple folk hanging onto my ankles. Decided at 2 miles to conceded defeat and get bus, looked at the electronic thingy and it said next bus 17 mins, ffs. So i ran rest of way, well when i say ran i use that word very loosely, i dragged my leadlike legs the next 3 miles and tried hard to stop my lungs from bursting.

Melodramatic? Moi? ;) Actually it's 7th day on bounce I've ran so that's probably contributing factor too. But when i logged my run this morning it took me to 1605 miles so far this year, wooop!

I'm feeling very Christmasy, there's only one weekend left before Christmas!Woop!

Ryan Giggs, my pal

lol, ok it might be stretching the truth a bit :p

So happy and very very surprised he won last night. ideally I'd have like Ennis to win, realistically i thought Button would've won and i didn't vote for Ryan on basis that i'd voted for Stacey in xfactor and jinxed her. Joe won that, bug yawwwn. Quite glad it clashed with Sports personality of year, only watched bits n bobs of xfactor. Used to love it but bit bored with it all now.

I took Stephen down to Old Trafford one year on a package deal, decided to go for posh hotel instead of bargain one. Got to Hotel (The Midland) and they have those boards at reception telling you whats happening in each room, you know ..HSBC- The ballroom etc...

on it it said Ryan Giggs testimonial Dinner - the great hall (or whatever room it was, i forget) we so could not believe it! The game was brilliant, we won, we came back to hotel and got some drinks, first person through was Ryan himself and he was fabulous and chatty and lovely. We settled down in lobby and watched as star upon star walked through the doors with lots of paparazzi outside! Man united stars old and new, actors, and other randoms :) Stephen was in his element. He was in lift with Ricky Tomlinson and Ralf Little at one point. Got to meet Brian McClair, Mark Hughes, Bryan Robson to name but a few. The beckhams were also there but surrounded by bodyguards, but we'd met David before and weren't that bothered bout skinnychops anyway.

So when Ryan Giggs pick up that award last night me & Stephen screamed and hugged each other. And it brought back some bloody good memories of a fantastic weekend.

Sunday, 13 December 2009


is funny lol He stayed at his pals last night and came home this morning. I got up to find a bag of bikers (crisps) and a note saying "got these for you mum cause i know you love them and haven't had them for ages, love you"


oh and he signed it Bejewelled king(he is so ahead of me in league since i got him his ipod touch!) followed by wee picture of a smiley face wearing a crown

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Champagne Sandra

Is making a comeback you'll all be pleased to know!

Yesterday was good day, lots of hangovers at work so busy in morning with lots of bacon rolls etc, then i deliberately did steak pie for lunch knowing comfort food would be in dire need. I had someone clasp my hand and thank me after lol!

Got home and just had a chilled night with a bottle of bubbly for company, oh and chips, chips and bubbly my dream date. Up at 6.30 even though alarm set for 7, couple cups tea and off i set for parkrun (8.5miles away) Got to bottom of street and decided to turn back, if I'd tried to carry on I'd be typing this from hospital with my legs in traction. Icy city! Even the freezing fog made it u here this time. So got back in and checked buses and left again. Took me 2 buses and over an hour to get there.Icy was nowhere to be seen it city, damn it. Had to run the last mile or so down there and arrived at 9.10. Plenty time before race start though.

Hope Scotty doesnt mind me nicking pic> Edinburgh from yesterday(see above)awesome!

Thank god i packed my santa hat, it was baltic beyond belief! I was helping hand out the numbers to runners when they finished, by time everyone was in i couldn't feel my fingers or toes. So i took off quite quickly waving goodbye to everyone and running to try and warm up. Took mile and half before i could feel fingers and 3 friggin miles before my feet defrosted! eep.

Ran to Rogers, had a look at his pictures for his portfolio, theyre very very good. His websit is pretty damn good too. So if anyone needs a cheap photographer gimme a shut! Had 4 cups of tea then left him to run up Leith walk and get more shopping done. Funnily enough i was only one shopping in running gear today, bunch of weirdos!
into M&S and got the meal deal for tomorrows lunch, looking forward to it muchly, I'm sipping the wine as i type, well, gotta reward my hard work you know....

Got home about 2.30 and suddenly realised i was starving, hmmm, could be because i;d eaten nothing all day. Then in got me thinking, all i had yesterday was a haggis roll at lunchtime and my chips. And bubbly of course.

Then i ran 8.75 miles, faster than I've ran in a long time on a training run! hahaha, my champagne plan is a winner, I'm going to write a book and sell it for millions. I'll invite you all out to my Himbo Mansion don't worry (as opposed to playgirl mansion..)

Friday, 11 December 2009


Stephen spoke to agency and explained what happened they were really nice to him and said they'd try get him stuff for next week

He popped into another agency as advised by Martyn, who works for me and has work tonight! He's working 5.30 til 2am and is chuffed to bits. As am i, i know how gutted he was earlier, he's such a good kid.

He ran me a bubbly bath before he left which I'm about to jump into once i open the bubbly i have in fridge!



Stephen got call from Agency yesterday and they booked him for some work on Fri/mon/tue. It was admin work in some office.

He was on way there on bus and they called him saying "are you on way?" Yes he said
"Oh well, just noticed you ticked that have criminal record, can you tell us what it was for?"
"I'm on bus, so I'd rather not" Stephen said.
They cancelled his job :(

He is gutted, he was really excited about doing something different and the agency had said he did brilliant in admin test.

So he made a stupid mistake when he was just past his 16th Birthday, he was with 3 friends who were all 15 and got off. It's now something that he'll carry around with him forever. Just when you're feeling all bouncy and happy, something comes along to knock you off your perch


Winter Wonderland

Yesterday there was tons of teams going out for their Christmas lunch, my fridge was stacked full of champers and all sorts. I thought about locking kitchen and getting stuck in but i was good girl! I did get given couple glasses of a champagne cocktail one team had made though, it was called a whitemare lol, Champagne and vodka. Had my first glass before 12noon and felt it go straight to my head.2nd one didn't touch sides ;) Luckily i got bus home!

Jeezo, if I'd known it was so icy this morning I'd probably have got bus. Living at top of hill is not conducive to running when it's icy! Just as i was about to leave i got a txt, wtf, who was txting me at 5.20am? It was Jen, she was heading to airport for her weekend in prague lucky thing.

First though was turn back, then i decided I'd go as far as i could without fearing for my life. Could always stop and get bus... Ran on pavement where possible, luckily not many cars around at 5am. Got just past Kings buildings over hill and as i headed back down towards Causewayside i saw a blanket of Haaaaaar (fog to you lot) Once i was in the haaaaaaaaaaaaaar i could barely see hand in front of face. My face was soaking wet, luckily i had gloves on to keep wiping it, it was like i was in floods of tears, hair was drenched too, not a drop of rain to be seen!

Was nice to see the drivers who were around driving super slow, the roads were icy and thick freezing fog must make for hazardous driving. The meadows were eerie, a mass of darkness with odd shapes (or crazy mad axeman if you've vivid imagination like me)and twinkling of lights as you got closer to lampposts etc. As you can tell, I'm not dead, nor do i have any broken bones which is a bit of a relief.

Phil's blog made me smile yesterday, and fill up a bit too. You know it's difficult to find really good male friends. Everyone always thinks you're sleeping together, even your Friends (Susan!) but we're not, and never were. I do love him to bits though. I was a misery guts at brampton race but in my defence it was shit lol and i hate races you get NOTHING at ;) yeah, i know i got a tshirt, but Phil had to bloody buy it! And seeing Phil & Anna all over each , and i mean all bloody over each other, was strange. I felt left out and it made me feel sad. Wallowing i think it's called!

I'm ok now, The Scottish fetch night out and seeing Susan for first time in too long helped.And Jules arriving with his sunny smile and bottle of PolRoger didn't go amiss either. We had lovely run next day too. S'all good see!

This weekend i was kinda at a loss, so I've volunteered for Marshaling duties at parkrun tomorrow. Plan is to run down there so I'll need to be up early,they are having a live band playing so it should be bit of fun. Then i'm heading(running) to Rogers. He wants help in picking some pictures for his portfolio (he's doing a photography course next yr) I think it's an excuse to see me tbh but hey ho.

Would like a Sunday run with the harmeny up the Pentlands but logistics might be an issue.Buses are few and far between on a Sunday and they don't actually take me to where the run usually starts. Not driving can be a mare sometimes...

Back to fetch again, my surrogate big bro (joopsy,mwaaah) caused a bit of a stir yesterday with his blog, but harking back to my blog a few days ago, it's our site and we control it, it's time to take a stand and stand up to the dullards. Make it the fun place it was and can be again. Maybe we need a derunk thread, might open bottle tonight and kick it off....

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Didn't mean to go off on one like that, i just type what's in my head at that precise moment.

I'm not sad or angry anymore, i had so many fabulous memories of my Mum, we were very close and she was a remarkable woman. Died way too young but it happens, I've dealt with all that although it took a long time. Cherish the ones you love, you never know what's around the corner.

Happy times. I'm going to randomly go through my (old)blog and find the ones which make me smile, which bring back good smiley memories, it's been a tough old year but it's also been an hugely enjoyable one too. I think it needs to start with the Highland Fling, that's when i started doing crazy stuff i thought I'd never do. ever.

Oh running> Did 5.5 miles this morning.

It's paperwork day at work today but apart from that i've got it easy today. Yesterday's lunch was very succesful, 51 booked but we did 63 in end! Do people think you can magic Turkey from nowhere? Of course it doesn't have to be ordered then prepped then cooked for hours, along with the roasties, kilted sausages, sprouts,stuffing,parsnips,gravy...muppets. Just as well i always give myself back up plans and make extra. Got lots of positive feedback so i'm well happy with that.

Today 10 teams are out for thier Christmas lunch, ie- piss up. So we're closing early and not doing a main course today, place will be dead. Be busy in morning for breakfast tho for sure.

I need to book lunch for me & Jemima for her Birthday, thinking of going here>
Champagne cocktails, my kinda place :o)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Do we yearn for things we cant have? be singing Elton John songs next....

Oh, got home to few more parcels :o) i love getting stuff through post, even if i have ordered them myself! one was Jame's' greatest hits for me, and the other was radio 1 live lounge for Stephens Christmas.

This is when i Love Christmas the most, when all the big pressies are bought and you see something you know someone will like and buy it. I much prefer buying for other people than myself. I'm a giver ;)

Christmas makes me reflective too, it's times like this i really miss my Mum, she loved it too. Her last Christmas is etched in my head. We had everyone round, family friends, my friends, neighbours, it's almost like she knew.She cooked for everyone and refused to let anyone help. My Mum had 12 weeks left to live at that point. Not that we knew
that, nor did the docs who kept giving her more and more painkillers for her arthritis. How on earth we couldn't see her wasting away in front of our eyes in beyond belief. I bought her a dress i remember, a size 14, that was her size. Was being the word, it hung on her like a sack.

We demanded in the January that she was taken to hospital. I expected to be told she had something wrong, they'd fix her up and send her home. I was 20, what did i know. I was through in Glasgow seeing Erasure that day. I got out car and the front door opened. My oldest big brother and my mums best friend stood there. I still didn't click. They told me my Mum had cancer, they don't know where it started or how far gone she was but it was bad, very bad.

Next day at hospital we were all herded into room. 3 days to live. That's what they told us. 3 Days, 3 fucking days! My dad wasn't going to tell Mum, i disagreed
with that as did all my brothers. Mattered not a jot, my Mum wasn't stupid, she got docs to tell her straight.

Crikey, what started as a Happy blog has gone int meltdown... anther day methinks...


It's Christmas Lunch today here so i'm busy bee, so far i have 52 booked but there are always poeple who turn up without letting me know, numpties ;) It's traditional lunch with Turkey, Stuffing balls, Pigs in blankets, roasties, roast parsnips and sprouts, and gravy and cranberry sauce of course! This is only day of year we serve the food on real plates with real cutlery, normally everything is disposable so it's lots n lots of hard work but worth it. Always get ton of good feedback. Makes it all worthwhile.

Did 6 miles this morning, felt really cold when i stepped outside so i put on my jacket, half am ile down road i stopped and took it off again lol Living at top of hill sometimes you get wind which brings bit of chill factor.

i'll blog more later if i get time...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Blockbuster Stuff?

Had a rest day yesterday, woke up and although i had my running gear all ready i was just knackered, so re-set alarm til dizzy heights of 5.15 and had an extra 45mins sleep. I was wondering why i was so tired until i read back on my training and saw I'd done 53miles last week, ran everyday and home twice so 9 times altogether. But as I've said before I'm going with flow at mo and i felt fine so i went with it.

Thank goodness i did take rest as i had to stay at work ti 5 due to staff shortages, so made for very long day.

I had a really nice weekend and it's turned a corner with how I've been feeling these past few weeks, everything is that bit brighter again, thank goodness for good friends and a fabulous son :o)

When i was faffing around on fetch last night and reading blogs etc it occurred to me about how much i know about so many people. We've had a bit of everything thrown into that site, i know of many affairs, some still ongoing, some fallen by wayside, there's been babies, marriage,stalkers, crazy folk, anorexics, bulimics, and plenty of scandalous incidents. Every so often an argument will kick off big time, not sure if it's full moon time or what but few days later it'll all go quiet again, until the next time.

I've been genuinely shocked about some of things I've found out about fetchies, being someone who is/was around a lot i thought i saw it all but god no, there's stuff that would make you're hair curl. We quite often get into talks about *when it was all fields* on there too, and yes we had a great laugh, but that since those little fields have turned into great big stonking meadows things have changed. They have to change, you can have tenfold the amount of members and expect things to stay the same. I've often found that the people who are moaning about it not being the same are the ones who rarely post or are rarely around anymore.

It's like turning up at your house and finding a party going on that you've not been invited to i guess. Doesn't mean you cant join in though, grab a drink and have a boogie! Instead of moaning about it being crap, and full of wankers. why not hang around a bit more and contribute like you used to, make it the place you remember so fondly...

Of course people change, I've seen so many marriages/relationships break down in my short time in fetch and this changes people, of course it does. Some people have disappeared completely without explanation, some people have a bit of drama, fall out with everyone in sight then disappear and some people most definitely lurk but don't post anymore. I was in tears twice in past few weeks over fetch stuff, i know I've been in crap place at mo but an Internet site shouldn't make you cry should it.

I guess what I'm saying is that the site is ours, it's what WE make it, if it's not the same and is crap, then we are partly to blame.

I do wonder sometimes what Fetch (the creator) thinks of all this, he is a real person you know! he started the site cause he wanted somewhere to log his training, it evolved into what it is now and was soon seen as a very good investment for the ever powerful Runners world who promptly made fetch an offer he couldn't refuse. Good thing is that he is still in total control, it's still his site, this is what makes it the place it is.

I often wish i could have a talent for writing as i think the whole fetch saga would make a great book ,the dramas, the affairs, the break ups, the fights, the parties... oh and the running, we do that too you know.....

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Festive frolics

Friday night was a chilled out night to end a very busy week, had bottle of bubbly and went to bed earlyish. Up about 7.30 on Saturday but spent the morning procrastinating and playing Bejewelled, damn game, it's only minute long but it's sucks you in and before you know it hours of your life have passed that you'll never get back!

After reading about someones 18miles run on facebook i was shamed into getting lyrca'd up and out door. Loop up to Fairmilhead and 6 miles in the bag, glad i did it. Stopped at Scotmid on way back and picked up 4 more bottles of the vintage Cava reduced from £10.99 to £4.99, bonza.

Susan and Jules were due to arrive at 4, then it was quick turnaround and back out to meet Alistair for drink before meal as he couldn't make the meal. As per usual Susan called to say she was lost, lol, she's been here loads of times and still manages it. Jules also got lost even with satnav, but that was no surprise really hahah Sorry Jules, i'll never forget our "short" run in the cairgorms will i?

Jules arrived first, i showed him to his room (Stephens, who'd been evicted for the night) and he presented me with a bottle of Pol Roger Vintage champagne! :-O omg, i love this stuff, love it. And couldn't afford to buy one myself, thank you Jules, you're a sweetheart. I'm saving it for Christmas day.

Susan arrived , bubbly was poured it was frantic whilst we all got changed into our gladrags and killer heels, even Jules :p Few pics taken then taxi arrived whisking us into town. Al arrived just after us, quickly followed by Scott & Boab, couple drinks then next door to Khushis where we had a fabulous meal, and much fun.

Then we hotfooted it up to ElBarrio, there was a salsa beginners class on when we arrived so we all joined in, it was great fun! Paul was showing us how to do it properly and i did a *proper* danced with wee Paul who is a great mover, i think i only stood on his feet about 5 times! Still not convinced enough to sign up just yet though

We headed off home around ish, getting poor taxi driver to stop for Kwbabas & chips and we got home and devoured them whilst drinking more bubbly and dancing round living room. Staggered off to bed about 3ish as we'd planned to run next day. Woke up about 8.30 and got txt from Gav saying *see you at 9 at balerno* ooops, nope, we thought we were meeting at 10.30 at Mortonhall, which was what we ended up doing.

Left Susan is house and me & Jules headed off to meet everyone for the Harmeny Pentland runners coffee & cake run. 9 Muddy miles was had and it was great fun! I've finally got round to joining. It's a great club and will be fab for my fling training as they do tons of Pentland runs. I'm in a running club! Me! I'd never have though it, i still don't really see myself as a good runner, just someone who has a bit of stubbornness to get out when it's horrid, and to keep going.

Got back to house and Jules went off for shower before heading off to meet his pal for a another run, lol nuttter. I've spent a rather lovely day with Stephen watching footy and wrapping pressies, we''re ever so proud of ourselves having bought 90% of presents, wrapped them and put under tree and it's only first weekend in Dec! woop!

Chinese for dinner methinks, cant be bothered cooking really, be a pleasant end to a brilliant weekend. After the last few weeks i needed it muchly.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday night's alright alright......

I've got guests coming to stay at Maison le Santa. Siouxsie & Jules, or Susan & Julian to give them thier Sunday names. (i might refer to people from fetch by thier fetch name, just to confusethings!

Stephen is kindly giving up his bed for Jules, and Susan will slleep in the study, othwerwise known as Susan's room

Tonight is our fetch Christmas Night out, we're heading out for an Indian then a bit of a pub crawl, hopefully culminating in a dance off lol Party dress is ready as are the killer heels, i'll get pics up tomorrow. Stil unsure as to whether to run today, i'll go with flow for now and wake up properly first methinks.

Well, all the presents i've got so far are wrapped and under tree, i've still to get few more bitsn bobs though. Stephen (my son) was also out Christmas shopping yesterday and he got mine. He said "this is probably most i've ever spent on you"

I said to him that it wasnt about money and he should be careful with it he said "But you're worth it"

Bless him.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Multi Tasking

Today i decided to get some christmas shopping done, so after reserving stuff at Argos, i jumped back into my running gear and ran to the shops, then to some other shops. The argos thing was too bulky to run with so i came home after that.

Started wrapping them and 2 under tree so far wooop!

Will get rest which have arrived in bits n bobs over past week r so (thanks to Amazon and!) wrapped and under tree by end of night, if i can get rid of crick in neck that is. ouch.

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

Braved the cold and ran in a tshirt this morning, it is much warmer than it has been at beginning of week but still nippy. Had full length tights on but only because my knee length ones are all in the wash! Took shorter route this morning as i was faffing around to much and didn't leave house til 5.20, so only did 5 miles. I've ran everyday this week though so it's no big deal. No forthcoming races to worry about either so it's do as i please at mo.

Cant wait to get inot Fling training properly though and actually get ont West Highland Way again. For those unfamiliar with the Fling here's a link>

Never in million years did i think i'd enjoy running on trails and hills and crazy terrain like that, i have George & Karen to thank for it though and that's a whole other blog!

Rather than try and put all my old blogs on here i'm gonig to go over highlights of my running life, maybe even a few lowlights too, i've been running since June2005 but was out injured for a good 8 months at one point.

Another busy day at work beckons, going Christmas shopping after work then tomorrow its Christmas party time! woooop!


This could be a long blog, but 100 miles is a long way. I've always had a pull to this race for various reasons. I've heard many g...