Thursday, 3 April 2014

And then it was gone

Haven't blogged for a while and I'd like to get back into the habit of doing so but I fear I'll have nothing much to talk about it.

Most of you know I've been struggling this yr with niggles leading up to a foot injury. I think I did it at the national XC at Fakirk as I was limping that night. I left it a couple of days then ran to work, then rested then ran and so on. No improvement. It was sore right at bottom of my second big toe.  Which permeated right a cross bottom of all my toes the more I ran. Ian suggested it was bruised whereas I felt I'd broken the bloody thing but I went with bruise idea.

So I rested for w eek, no running at all. Bus in and out every day. This led me to A weekend up in Tyndrum for Thomas the crazy Germans birthday celebrations. I really wanted to run that day so thought a weeks rest should do it. Fail. I managed 10 miles and was rescued by Thomas in car. I couldn't even wear high heels that night, things are getting pretty serious when that happens.

Still, we had a wonderful weekend and Nick drove all way from Lincoln to see us and run a bit too, the crazy Englishman I call him. So running on it hadn't helped, neither had resting. Time to see Physio then. It's not that I wasn't looking for answers, I thought it would be better to try resting or see if it healed itself instead of rushing off to see Guy for him to say, rest it and come back in 2 weeks.

As it happens  that kinda what he did anyway. After sending me for X-ray to rule out stress fracture his other thought was Morton's neuroma. After being back there last Wednesday he decided it want the latter , which I'm relieved at. Wrong place on foot totally. When he presses the middle of my upper foot it's very sore on a certain bone. X-rays were negative btw.

So here aim at 6am with my running gear on ready to test out a run for 20mins. I've to log how it feels and pain level. The fact that I was limping on Monday and it's been sore all week is not filling me with hope I have to say. Which brings me on to whw race. I'm out. No point flogging a dead horse. I might be able to get round it but I'm not doing that. When I stand on that start line  I shall be there in top form, to give it everything I have and be fitt after a good 6months training like I was sat year.

It was a tough decision, and Ian told me to have a think about it as I still had bit of time. But I had, and after limping around at work all day my mind was made up. I can't avoid being on feet at work so short of chucking my job in I can't take complete rest but I doubt that would make difference anyway. I've been gymming, doing bike, cross trainer and weights but even those are Agravating foot.

It's not end of world, the race will always be there as will plenty others and there are people much worse off than me, i will heal (I hope) at some point and be back running again. In meantime I just have to be patient and get my ever present Marshall's hat/smiley face plastered on and threaten folk out of my checkpoints.


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