Saturday, 29 May 2010

Run for it

Feels like forever since Cateran trail but in reality it was only 2 weeks ago. Not really ran *that* much since then. only did 16 last week in total, but i guess it was recovery mode (although i recovered remarkably quickly!)and last weekend was written off with supporting, drinking and dancing!

This week I've done 32 so far, and I'm running up Pentlands later on, woop! And for some reason my average pace seems to have upped by about 30sec a mile or so? Not trying any harder, it's just happening. Weird.

Finished work yesterday and went to pub to meet my big Brother Alan, give him his pressie and have few drinks.Then home for quick change.

Last night was out With Catherine & Alex, i was *bridesmaid* at their wedding 2 yrs ago today in Gretna Green! Fabulous to see them as ever. Had lovely meal few glasses wine then headed off home. Got on bus and sat at front upstairs. Bunch of drunken boys got and and sat just behind stairs, well they all sat in separate seats, wouldn't want to look gay sitting next each other would they?

I digress, they were loud and lairy. Then i heard one f them say, oh you're not going to barf are you ffs? I turned round to see big fat bloke lean over top of stairs and puke his load .nice. Me and few others were open mouthed and disgusted, his pals were all screaming. I went downstairs and told driver, he had a look and stopped bus calling for support. Driver got bit grief for it as folk obviously wanted to go home but i stuck up for him, not his bloody fault some arse had puked on stairs, had someone slipped on t he'd be responsible. I tried to say this to one woman who was ranting but she me to fuck off and walked off bus!

Anyway, big fat bloke got off quickly followed by his pals, obviously knowing they'd be chucked off anyway. Back up team arrived n wee van shortly afterwards, cleaned up mess and we were on our merry way! Never a dull moment eh?

Today's plans as follows>
Run up & down hills
go to pub, eat chips and drink wine
Home, bath, party dress on> Birthday party for big bro (David this tme, not Alan)

I should go get lycra'd up then huh?


We used to always have social after Edinburgh Mara but usually in pub or restaurant, i aways fund that never got t speak to everyone as they were ether stuck bang in middle of table r right at other end.

Solution? Book our own private venue :o) I dd this last yr and it was very successful. We have our own room with disco & buffet and it's all about us. Worked out even better this year as EVERYONE had funny tan lines but no one cared cause everyone was in same boat.

Lots of dancing lots of drinking and lots fun was had by all. I think the bar staff are amazed at the amount of people who get up to do the gay Gordon's :)

Great way to end a great weekend, oh topped off with kwababa at end of night, obviously!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pitter patter

we awaited the pitter pattter of feet excitedly.
few false alarms when we saw what we thought was lead car coming through and we all got excited but it was good 10mins before we saw lead car. This was first time we could put our team effort into practise with clapping, shouting, whistle blowing, tambourine shaking, water gun soaking and pom pom waving!

It set the tone for the day. We did of course cheer most folk through, special cheers went to anyone who shouted at us, Carnegie & Harmeny runners and of course special fetch love for fetchies.

By time our first Fetchie was through were were super excited, and super noisy. The temperature was rising fast and people were already starting to look bit jaded. We had water on hand should anyone need it, and plenty of encouragement because everyone needs that. When Phil came through he picked me up and started running with me in his arms, lol. It was so good to see the joy on everynes face when they heard us and came through fetchpoint, truly.

by time the backpack were starting to trickle they were powering home on other side so it was jellybaby one side, shoutytime on other, multitasking we were.When ted came through the entire fetch crew sang Happy Birthday, he stopped and drank it all in much to amusement of everyone around us, i got picked up, whirled around and kissed and off he ran.

We had loads water, lucozade, Jellybabies you name it for folk coming back the way, who were all fading fast by then, we kept shouting LESS THAT 3 MILES TO GO! to everyone who usually if walking started running again. Not one fetchy came through walking, they were all so eager to get there, and all the blogs I've read have all said same thing! :)

Some people stopped for hugs, some carried on and shouted what they wanted, some were struggling and really needed us. Everyone was just happy we were there, what a great feeling

Operation chase me kicked into gear and i had already told folk that there was no need to stop, just keep moving forward, I'll run beside you, find out what you want, run back, get it and chase you with it! It worked a treat. I was confusing a lot of the supporters as i ran back and forth like a proper loon and literally raced back to runner to supply them with drinks/drugs/whatever they'd asked for!

Shouldve wore my garmin, sure i covered fair few miles at a good tempo pace. Actually all my runs this week have been fast, could this be my one and only time I've ever done speed training? ;) There is slight downhill towards fetchpoint and we sang "what's that coming over the hill, is it a fetchie? is it a fetchie?* every time we spotted one lol

We had a total blast, everyone was so so thankful for the support & loving the water guns! We were total non stop the entire day.I was literally croaking by end of day and could barely speak never mind sing. By 3.30pm we were getting bit worried about last few people still not in, and we started to dismantle fetchpoint sadly. Luckily just as we were ferrying stuff to and fro the last 3 came through (Dionne, Paul then Stef)D was bit emotional but they soldiered on after hugs, Stef was powerwalking his way with smile on his face.

Balloons all got popped,flags untied, signs taken down, bags and boxes packed up and it was like we'd never been there, had you not noticed the millions of dead jelly babies....

exhausted, we all dispersed after many hugs and thanks.

You know we were out there from 8.30 til 4pm, it's easier to run a Marathon, less exhausting, srsly!All of us were burnt, and burnt out,but not for long. We had an agenda. PARTYTIME!

HUGE amount of thanks to Gav, Paula,Susan, Dave, Carl, Lee,Janey, Rhona, Lynn & Kev, Podkin & Hubby, Clare, Alison, Daz, Iain & Tess & the triplets.

None of this would ever happen without all the help you all put in, i wish i could give you all a medal, I'll just hug you all again and get you all drunk again

It's what i do best.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No running...

well i did a bit actually, more on that later.

Gavin drove us down to *the pans* otherwise known as prestonpans with Susan and Paula following in car behind. There may have been a wrong turn here or there ;) wasn't my fault guv, honest! Phone starts ringing and it's Dave asking where the heck we were, by heck he's keenSo we arrive, quickly find Kev's car which he's conveniently parked nr road and even more conveniently gave us key to get into it (i gave key to Paula,she is a tad more responsible than me)and 10 mins later we have 2 cars unloaded. we have a lot of stuff. 2 + cases jaffa cakes, 2 cases lucozade, 2 cases jelly babies plus a whole basket full of bags, a washing basket, i kid you not. 1 case tangfastics, water galore, in all shapes and sizes , bananas, gels, first aid kits, flags, 200 red & yellow balloons , horns, whistles, tambourines, water pistols, suncream, drugs, blister plasters you name it...

We got batteries for ghettoblaster and once Paula figured out how to work it, we soon had music blaring (seriously!)
<<< lol

Carl soon arrived with tons more water, massive bottles, 2 flasks of boiling water, tea bags, coffee, you name it! bloody marvellous, support for the support! Next to arrive was Janey & min Janey and we soon all got stuck in.

It takes some organising but we got there! First job was to get signs up, we have 2 fetchpoint signs, so got them up first. Then it was the task of blowing up 200 balloons. Cue much talk of using tools or using your mouth being more advantageous and that kinda started off the day

Signs up, balloons taking shape along railings, starting to look good. Now for flags! After finding to our delight that they stretched right over street, Gav & Dave, being big boys that they are were soon scaling the traffic lights putting them up. Every minute was being filmed on CCTV, it kept moving every time Dave did, Dave is Policeman btw! lol
Once the flags were up i had ingenious idea of putting red and yellow balloons between each flag lol, why didn't i think of that before it went up? So down it came and balloons duly attached and up it went again. Cue an lorry coming through and knocking 2 off, cue a ridiculous idea for me to sit on Daves shoulders to re attach! lol, i was terrified i was going to fall, it was massive fail anyway as i was still too short haha. So i decided to wheel a wheelybin over and we reattached them that way, i didnt want to take whole thing down again in case more fell off!When i say we, i mean Dave did, we just held bin and rubbed his legs etc...

And that was that! we were ready to rock n roll, it was looking damn bloody good. 2 hours of hard work and everyone pitching in. Bacon rolls and tea all round and we were all happy campers. It was the calm before the storm.....

Monday, 24 May 2010

No running

since Friday morning! And my feet have barely touched the ground.

Paula arrived from London@ 9pm armed with copious amounts of champagne, naughty girl.Not that i was prepared or anything but funnily enough there were 2 champagne flutes sitting on coffee table awaiting her arrival ;)
3 bottles later we admitted defeat and went to bed. Up fairly early in morning. Breakfast in garden in glorious sunshine then we got ready and headed off to Ryan's bar to meet up with everyone who was dropping off supplies for Edinburgh fetchpoint. I had irn bru, and wine, not mixed together though and Paula stuck to coke still suffering bit from previous nights efforts.

Before too long we were joined by a plethora of Fetchies,some were flying visits, throwing jelly babies and suchlike at us.Some stayed and sat in sun, drank and talked marathons and whatnot. Dave arrived bouncing like a bouncy thing and enquired where he could get waterguns, i sent him off to Poundstretcher and he came back a very happy bunny, clutching 2 amazing waterguns. Which of course being a boy he filled and started soaking us all!

We had tons of stuff to carry to Kevs car and there was a procession of us like little ants. Many thanks to Kev & Lynn for being so accommodating and storing all stuff/leaving car in handy place etc. Paula decided we needed more water guns so off we went to poundies to get a couple and nearly got caught up in a fracas with some chav customers swearing and shouting at manager cause he asked them to leave! It was like an episode of Rab C nesbit lol

Then it was off to Tigerlilly to meet Jane and have glass bubbly, quick bite to eat and dash home as Susan was due at house @5pm. Boiling hot bus seemed to take forever and typically this was first time Susan DIDN'T get lost on way to my house. She just went straight through to back garden and sat in sunshine though, my neighbours probably thought was an escapeee from local Alzheimer's hospital just sitting randomly in my garden...

Another quickk change as i was melterin in black dress and we grabbed some wine and headed off down to Kelly's for her Birthday BBQ. Much fun & laughter was had, cocktails and wine were drunk, oh and tea!The hours flew by quickly, before we knew it phil txt to say he'd arrived and was outside house. I'd like to say we quick footed it up road but it was more of a meander really ;)

Phil had requested a cold beer as soon as he arrived so i went straight to fridge and gave him bottle from my cateran goody bag, he then drank my prize from Cateran whilst us girls had bubbly and wine and talked into the small hrs. Phil & Anna had left their decision to run until Saturday night! Up early in morning to get organised in time for Gav arriving at 8am. Pointed Phil & Anna in direction of bus stop and loaded Gav's car up with fetchpoint goodies and off we went ...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cateran Ultra Afters

There were no tears this time, just sheer smiley happiness. Karen did us and Dario proud with that race, just amazing. Many thanks to all the Marshall's who all did sterling job too, these things don't happen by themselves and we wouldn't be running these fab races without these wonderful people.

Before too long i had glass of wine in hand and enjoyed it with 2 of fave girls ever who'd worked so damn hard to make this all happen.

I loved cheering folk in, it was great seeing them running down that hill and everyone giving them a great finish,here i am with Karin McK, who's support crew (and dog) have kinda adopted me in last few races we've met at now! every single person finsihed with a massive smile on thier face, well nearly everyone.
Poor Soph was injured and came down grumping with thumbs down but we soon cheered her up>> Luckily our room was at front and i had just finished getting bathed and dressed when i saw her
grumping down hill ;)

The Quaichs we got are beautiful, i often moan about not getting a medal but i wont if i get stuff like that! well done Karen. Finally i made to top of female vets, i've got 2 x 2nd,
3rd and now a 1st respectively
rest of night was spent table hopping, drinking and generally having a great laugh>>>>
Then late on, after lots of wine, lots of it. the owner came over and asked if we'd all like a drink. Me, being me. I said, yes please, I'll have champagne (well it is what i drink!)and he only went and got me it! lol Phil looked after me as per usual, he is my official carer he said ;)
Thanks for this race Karen, i'm proud to call you my friend
WHW support up next for said carer above, then Clyde Stride. See you all there? Go on....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cateran UltraMarathon - Part2

4.30am alarm is no biggie for me, i get up at that time everyday during week, early race starts are great,that's my normal running time :)

Thing is, i was still drunk when i woke up, i have no recollection of getting dressed before heading to breakfast :-o Remember eating it though, and was reminded for first hour of race too , lol so not used to eating that much that early. Wasn't sick, was just *reminded* of it occasionally.
Anyway, Breakfast eaten and timid mouse Soph arrived all perky, we went back to room to get drop bags n stuff and for final usual rituals.

before we knew it we were being herded out door and to the start. eeeep!

Karen gave wee speech and booof, we were off.

Everyone charged off but i stayed fairly nr back as all i could think of was the 23miler last week, and i couldnt remember any downhills from Blairgowrie onwards. Not even at first mile and we come across a deer fence and sign pointing runners through gate, so me and about 5 others went that way after hesitating, cause EVERYONE in front went the other way. George shouted from the back to head that way so we knew we were right at least. Clearly they should all be disqualified, our way was longer for sure, we went all way round field before heading back towards other runners! At this point i had 2 guys in front of me, one who took off and 2 girls with me. And whoever was behind with George and Keith so i was nearly at back of field.

After couple miles i lost the girls and was on my own til first checkpointt, i was actually fairly worried by now, had i gone off too slow? Would i ever catch up? Did the race last week tire me More than i thought? Panic city.

Great to get to checkpoint to see Karen & Jane :) They assured me people weren't tooo far in front and that everyone had gone off too quickly. Phew! I said my farewells to them and headed off happy. By mile 7 i was now hitting hills and could see folk snaked up them, first person i caught was Karin McK quick hello and we admired the stunning scenery and this house then headed off again.

Saw someone ahead on fluorescent yellow and i knew it was Lesley so i kept her in my sights and caught her at mile 8, overtaking her half mile later. I also overtook Sarah here but didn't know her at time, but i do now lol
Few more miles in and few more hills and more snakey folk! oooh, it's Soph this time, could tell cause she was dressed for Antarctic as per usual, caught her at mile 12ish i think and she shouted at me to go girl! Phil was just ahead of her and i took a bit of sprint and ran up to whack his arse but he caught my hand just in time and hugged me. Ran on ahead and just around the corner was 2nd checkpoint. Gave a big wooop to them and they all started cheering :) Quickly ate a muller rice, swapped my lucozade bottles and water and was ust about to go when Soph came in, she needed a spoon and luckily i had a spare :) Gave her that and took off, wasn't to see her again til end.

I was on my own for i think whole section til next checkpoint, and coming through sleepy little village of Aylth i was convniced i was lost til was lovely pink arrows which could only have been painted by Karen, didn't see a soul in entire village and ran into lovely little Field for next checkpoint where they were all leisurely enjoying the sun, i wooped once more and got another cheer ;) Off through the forest with instructions to keep water to my left, even though i questioned myself after seeing no signs and the path taking several other ways i stuck to water on left principle.

Caught up with an old blokey and asked him if i was on right route. "it depends where you're going lassie, are you going to the end?" He said. "well yes, i am" i said, quite surprised he knew, this random old man with stick. He said, "well i don't want to send you wrong way, my laddie runs you know, i don't though" and with that he started running! lol wtf? I ran after him and he said, "here we are, we're nearly at end" I said "errm, no, the end is at Glenshee" his face was a picture, it looked like this :-O lol. Anyway, by then we were at end forest he tried to send me to the right, but once again i saw karens arrows and knew it was to left. I also saw Karin McK's support crew and they also pointed me in right direction. So off i took up the hill.

Wasn't too long before i was catching folk again. I adored the foresty section with the eyes, and the spiders web, and the big scary bears! Loved it, couldve stayed there all day.

As i came out of there i saw another sign from Karen Really made me LOL.


Then as i left there we were treated to *2miles downhill from here!" sign! There was a girl reading it as i came out of forest and asked me how far i had to go. I said, oh i think about 25miles or so. She went :-o and asked where I'd came from, then how far i was doing altogether, another :-o heehee, it's funny seeing the expressions on folks faces when they look at you as if you are potty.

The 2 miles downhill to Blairgowrie were painful, my knees and ankles were hurting on the tarmac and i was glad to see finish. Luckily a lovely Marshall stopped all the (non traffic) and i got across road safely and into checkpoint 4 where RD from last week was manning it. He told me i looked far too fresh for running 33 miles :) Donald & Elaine were there too, great to see smiley support enroute, i love it. Quick changeover there and off i went, kinda dreading the next 23miles, regardless of how fresh i might have felt or looked!

I got onto the trail then started to remember last weeks race, i got halfway up one hill and was looking in my bag for something, when i put it back on i realised I'd lost camera! Saw it halfway down bloody hill and had to run back for it, i decided to put it into backpack as i knew I'd taken lots of pics week before so no need for more on this half. As i ran/walked the hills i started to realise it wasn't as hard as i remembered! I was careful not to get lost in Field of sheep this time and started bouncing along really enjoying myself again, why on earth was i dreading it? This was flipping great.

I also had it in my mind that Gav would be at next checkpoint and i knew I'd get big hugs. In fact it was double bubble with Jane as well as Gav and i did my usual *wooop!* coming into checkpoint and got lots cheers and claps, and massive lift of feet twirl around like rag doll hug from Gav :) my foot had been hurting for last couple miles, dunno if it was a knock or the downhill but i got some drugs at that checkpoint and took off again.
<<<<< href="">o convinced myself the climb was amile longer than i remembered so when i got to top quicker than anticipated i nearly peed myself with glee :)omg omg i was delirious. I bounded down the hill like a loony, bouncing and laughing and had huge smile on face, as i neared the last wee gate and saw hotel i gave out a big WOOOP and ran down and into Karen's arms

11hrs 9mins and 37 secs. 5th Lady. 1st FV GET.IN.


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