Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Fetchies Frolicking

I've no idea what actual day it is but i know it's the 30th now and Hogmanay is tomorrow. On the 28th (was that only 2 days ago?) there was a planned run around Arthurs seat for visiting aka Exiled fetchies who were up visiting rellies for Christmas.

In the morning i ran into town, oh my god it was hairscary. The snow is pretty much packed down and iced over, mental.I reached dizzy heights of 10.10 min miles for my 6 miles. Ran in to collect i turkey i had in freezer at work, got bus home though a it was/is massive. Cooking it today, more on that later.

Jules arrived laden with DVD he wanted to get rid of much to Stephens delight, and couple box's of posh chocs.well of course they were posh, Jules probably wouldn't know cadbury's if it smacked him in face ;) He very kindly said "here, i cant have them in house or I'll eat them" hmm,so it's OK for me to eat them then? :-o

off we set for Holyrood car park to meet the rest of the nutters, yes nutters. Sub zero temperature and pure ice, and we're running round Arthur's seat, an extinct volcano go figure.

look at the ice! madness or what?

Here we are at the top, and the sunset one was as we were about to descend.

Think only about 5 of us fell, it was taken very much as a fun run and very slowly, it really was quite lethal. We certainly got strange looks from others we saw, and i was really quite surprised about how busy it was. To be fair though most of them were sledging,snowboarding and the like!

here is the profile, it's not that high but coming down was ermmm, interesting!

We got to the bottom safely then headed to pub, it was en route t pub i heard George & Karen were in town running round the pentlands, so i called and left them message. Wine, vodka and more vodka and people started to slope off, mucho hugs and goodbyes and promises of *we#ll meet again" were had and everyone headed off. Karen called and hasty arrangements were made for them to head to my house......

(most pics courtesy of Ian & Lorraine)

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  1. It's the wearing of shorts in sub zero conditions that I can't get my head around



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