Sunday, 6 December 2009

Festive frolics

Friday night was a chilled out night to end a very busy week, had bottle of bubbly and went to bed earlyish. Up about 7.30 on Saturday but spent the morning procrastinating and playing Bejewelled, damn game, it's only minute long but it's sucks you in and before you know it hours of your life have passed that you'll never get back!

After reading about someones 18miles run on facebook i was shamed into getting lyrca'd up and out door. Loop up to Fairmilhead and 6 miles in the bag, glad i did it. Stopped at Scotmid on way back and picked up 4 more bottles of the vintage Cava reduced from £10.99 to £4.99, bonza.

Susan and Jules were due to arrive at 4, then it was quick turnaround and back out to meet Alistair for drink before meal as he couldn't make the meal. As per usual Susan called to say she was lost, lol, she's been here loads of times and still manages it. Jules also got lost even with satnav, but that was no surprise really hahah Sorry Jules, i'll never forget our "short" run in the cairgorms will i?

Jules arrived first, i showed him to his room (Stephens, who'd been evicted for the night) and he presented me with a bottle of Pol Roger Vintage champagne! :-O omg, i love this stuff, love it. And couldn't afford to buy one myself, thank you Jules, you're a sweetheart. I'm saving it for Christmas day.

Susan arrived , bubbly was poured it was frantic whilst we all got changed into our gladrags and killer heels, even Jules :p Few pics taken then taxi arrived whisking us into town. Al arrived just after us, quickly followed by Scott & Boab, couple drinks then next door to Khushis where we had a fabulous meal, and much fun.

Then we hotfooted it up to ElBarrio, there was a salsa beginners class on when we arrived so we all joined in, it was great fun! Paul was showing us how to do it properly and i did a *proper* danced with wee Paul who is a great mover, i think i only stood on his feet about 5 times! Still not convinced enough to sign up just yet though

We headed off home around ish, getting poor taxi driver to stop for Kwbabas & chips and we got home and devoured them whilst drinking more bubbly and dancing round living room. Staggered off to bed about 3ish as we'd planned to run next day. Woke up about 8.30 and got txt from Gav saying *see you at 9 at balerno* ooops, nope, we thought we were meeting at 10.30 at Mortonhall, which was what we ended up doing.

Left Susan is house and me & Jules headed off to meet everyone for the Harmeny Pentland runners coffee & cake run. 9 Muddy miles was had and it was great fun! I've finally got round to joining. It's a great club and will be fab for my fling training as they do tons of Pentland runs. I'm in a running club! Me! I'd never have though it, i still don't really see myself as a good runner, just someone who has a bit of stubbornness to get out when it's horrid, and to keep going.

Got back to house and Jules went off for shower before heading off to meet his pal for a another run, lol nuttter. I've spent a rather lovely day with Stephen watching footy and wrapping pressies, we''re ever so proud of ourselves having bought 90% of presents, wrapped them and put under tree and it's only first weekend in Dec! woop!

Chinese for dinner methinks, cant be bothered cooking really, be a pleasant end to a brilliant weekend. After the last few weeks i needed it muchly.

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