Friday, 1 January 2010


Got to Jemima's around 6ish and we opened pink champagne, i had to get dressed, no way was i tottering down there in sub zero temperatures and ice, i wore my roclites, which don't go so well which my little red dress, yes Phil, that one.

All ready and last Glass drunk as Alan arrived to escort us, lucky he did as it was pretty icy and slippy so i hung onto his arm. Club only 2 streets away though thankfully. Me & J stuck to vodka most night until it got close to bells we got bottle wine to save waiting in queues at bar or waiting on it to reopen, good call. Still Managed to only spend £20 :-o Drink was super cheap, gotta love clubs. Live band was good too and they had disco when they took a break, good night all round i reckon.

Alan was having party but J wasn't feeling too hot so we just went back to hers, had bite to eat and Jemima went off to bed whilst me & Graham sat up til gone 3am drinking and talking rubbish.
Left J's and walked up about mile and half to get bus, could've waited n one but walk was nice. Just missed one so popped into Scotsman Hotel
had Glass of bubbly, missed next one (could see bus stop from window) so had another lol
Got home, had bath ,got Jammie's on and opened bottle of Pol Roger that Jules gave me, oh my it was wonderful. :) Had lazy and very quiet day, just the ticket. Happy new Year to you all, i'd best crack on with my review then eh?

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