Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Santababy One- Santa Express Nil

I blogged recently about the Santa Express not only nearly running me down but wooshed on past me and left me sadly trailing. Well not today it didn't, i got onto Princes street and saw it just ahead and decided i was going to catch it. So i did, then i ran alongside it with kids waving at me and parents laughing at me til i passed it and waved to driver, lol

Then i spotted some Reindeer, no kidding. Right in middle of Princes street so i stopped to take a pic, broke my heart actually. Look at them, they should be Dancing & Prancing, not lolling around looking bored out their minds :(
Anyway, off i went back in pursuit  of Santa Express, which was powered by Petrol i presume because the reindeer are locked up on Princes st. I caught it again and had the kids saying *there's that lady again*  Not often i get called a lady ;) So i waved  regal stylee again and took off into distance.

This morning i was out running and i passed a guy who was on his way to his car,  stopped in middle of road and stared at me.I said "Good Morning" and he said "i cant believe you're out at this time running" When i said I'd already done nearly 3 miles by then and still had 4 to go (think it was about 6am) he looked at me like I'd escaped from somewhere secure. Then he said "in this weather too, dressed like that!" (it was raining, i had shorts n Tshirt on) It's funny how something so normal to us is alien to others. I guess I'd have thought exact same before i started running.

Been very busy past few weeks with Christmas Lunches on at work, present shopping, present delivering, present wrapping and Jemima having her 30th Birthday in between all that. Had lovely meal with J & Thel last week who's birthday is day before, so we had lots of pressies to swap. Great to catch up with both as ever, we're all so busy it's difficult to try and get a date we can all meet.

It would seem everywhere recently got a dumping of snow except Edinburgh, we got a smattering but nothing to write home about, or play in for that matter. This time last yr we were knee deep in it and i loved it. Been pretty icy here instead which makes for treacherous/dangerous running of a morning.
Ive avoided the canal on those morning and tried to stick to well lit areas where it will be meltier (real word) but still get some scare black ice/comedy/heart stopping moments when you think you're going to see your feet fly past your head!
Ive somehow managed to avoid falling just yet *touches head*

On Sunday it was a beautiful winters day, crisp cold and clear so we decided to head up Craiglockheart hill to catch amazing views in the winter sunshine, just 4 miles done which was enough for Ian to stay in Marcothon.

Righto, must get organised, Carol Concert tonight where we get to sing along to every 2nd one with Choir aka Christmas karaoke ;)

Happy Running Folks, stay safe.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Going Clubbing

not that kind, the dance round you're handbag, wave your hands in the air kind or even the bash a poor baby seal over the head kind.

No, I'm talking about running club of course.

Norma is club secretary and then some. This year she's done 2 Marathons and 3 Ultra's, she has 2 jobs and does an awful lot of work for the club.
She turned 60 yesterday and although we all danced night away at her party on Saturday, last night we (we, as in the club) all got together to run Norma's 60th Hill of the year in the Pentlands.  Goodness knows what made her count them all but count them she did, maybe she's been taking tips off Ian? He counts a lot, in fact he counted everyone in pub tonight, just because.

Anyway, we turned up at meeting point to find around 40 Lycra clad, headtorch, fluorescent runners all waiting to run, shows how popular Norma is i reckon. Quick warning about the ice and off we went. Route was Harlaw to bottom of Harbour hill and back, when we were about half there the fireworks burst in the sky. Iain M had ran on ahead and hid in hills waiting on the snake of lights coming towards him. Almost went over on bum watching it light up sky, pathway was very icy and very precarious and need careful footing. Once we arrived and last fireworks were off we all had quick toast to Norma of either sloe gin or whisky, some flapjacks & brownies and off we went back down to Harlaw car park into the icy wind.

Quick drink back at pub where Norma for even more Birthday cake then back for late dinner. Think might've persuaded her to enter WHW next yr ;)

It was teeny celebration for me too as that particular run took me to 2001 miles for the year. Crazy drookit windy run today tops it to 2006. Been bit of crazy day watching Scotland slowly close down due to bit of wind and rain to be honest. Funnily enough i didn't see anyone else when out running this morning, by time i got to work it looked like i'd been for a swim much to the amusement of my staff.

Who says us runners are daft?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Santa mown down by train shocker

Ok, I'm being melodramatic here by it might well have been the headlines tomorrow

Running home along a closed off Princes street minding my own business and i suddenly heard odd noise behind me. Looked round to find Santa Express closing in and kids waving a rather manic fashion, clearly wanting to see me mown down in my prime. (Yes, i am in my prime actually)
So i stepped aside and let it fly past me. Ok it might well have chucked along slowly and i might've tried and failed to keep up with it. What can i say, I've never claimed to be Paula.

Been avoiding the canal path this week due to icy conditions and sticking to roads where at least it's a bit meltier, therefore a tad safer. Seems Edinburgh has escaped fairly lightly and we were  about minus one about 5.30am when i left to run.
 And I've slightly redeemed by 4 days of slothlike behaviour by doing 18 miles in last days, go me etc.

Seeing as the Christmas tree is up, and Amazon have started delivering parcels to me(courtesy of the old man obviously) >>

I think it's time to pop some pressies under the tree, hurrah.

Monday, 5 December 2011

It's been a while....

I seem to have lost it. My blogging mojo that is, maybe i should go back to rambling on about nothing on a daily basis like i used to. Quite often i'm running to/from work and i think "oh i must blog about that" then totally forget all about it.
So i started a blog to then i deleted it as i was boring myself. So i've shortened it a bit.

We've been to Gran Canaria for a week
- Superb holiday. I'd go as far as saying near perfect.

ran 144miles in Nov, not too bad considering i didn't do more than 5k day on holiday

Been to Sunday Mail Sports Award, brilliant night.If you looked closely enough you'd have spotted us at table in front of stage ;)

Went to see We will rock you, superb.

Went down to Newcastle game at weekend to see them lose 3-0, score flattered Chelski i reckon.

On windiest day of year so far, Ian decided it would be good idea to run up Craiglockheart, Braid & Blackford Hills, i actually got blown over,  twice.

I started the anti Marcothon purely by mistake by running 6 miles on 1st then nothing at all for 4 days due to life getting in the way and a big load of lazyitis,but i'm cool with that. 8miles this morning to work blew off the cobwebs.

And that's about it.
 I've actually been really super busy and been enjoying life an awful lot, maybe that's why i dont have time to blog so much.

S'all Good :o)

Oh, how could i forget. I got a place in WHW race for next year


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