Thursday, 31 December 2009

Post Christmas Pre Hogmanay bash

Here i was happily playing bejewelled on PC and faffing around when i heard knock on door, eh? guests already? it's only 2pm! eeep.was still in my bloody running gear, only ran to shops mind you, hardly broke sweat...
Alan & Marie (big bro & sis in law) They were only popping by for wee while (they left at 11.30 lol) by 6pm house was full and i served up all the food, nice hot buffet of turkey, Spiced Gammon, roasties, Yorkie puds, onion bhaji, loads salad stuff, felafel's, pakoras, cheesecake, yule log, chocolate cake, ciabattas, crusty bread, you name, i served it. Went down a right treat :)

Champagne flowed as did the conversation. Alan made a snowman and an eco fridge in back garden and we kept most of drinks at back door guests left around 1ish and i once again gave up my bed this week, this time to Jemima & graham and slept once again in Susan's bed.

UP at 8ish to say bye to Jem who was off to work and i cooked breakfast for me Roger & Stephen, who wasn't actually here after staying at Kelly's and is currently eating his as i type. Roger eventually left about an hour ago after me hinting that i was tired and wanted a nap before tonight, that's a whole other blog, Roger that is.

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