Wednesday, 11 January 2012

All roads lead to Mullguy

AKA - Milngavie to some

Yikes, where did that year go? Quickest year ever i think. And pretty damn jam packed, in fact if i could bottle it and sell it i would, but i cant so i wont.

Quick rundown.
Jan- 177miles. One long run on WHW with a few loons, stayed in Oak tree for Ian's Birthday

Here we are climbing Comic Hill.

Feb- 201 Miles. inc 2 Races, Forfar Trail half (awful) and my first ever XC@ Falkirk (equally awful)Also did a 25mile run out to Broxburn and back, yes that was awful too. I'm seeing a pattern here.
 Oh not forgetting my birthday, which with it being perilously close to Valentines day was spent at Oak Tree and by running 30miles on WHW, of course. (great)

March - 190miles. Less mileage but more quality. Did 3 races. Inverness Half, 1.42. D33 4.58 and Perth50k 4.38 PB's all round. Fairly successful month i'd say.It was still snowing if i recall

April - 234miles. time to up the ante. Early April i did back to runs with Susan, we stayed at goddamn awful wigwams, never again. Great weekend though.Did 7hills after work one friday, just because. Last few miles were with head torch. Easter we stayed at FW, got bus to Kinlochleven and ran back, then did another 6 day after on way home, all on WHW. April finished off with the Highland Fling trying ot finish me off. I fell twice, the second time added insult to further injury and i pulled out at Beinglas limping and crying like a baby.

May- 214miles
Down but not out. First race to get myself back on trails was baby Cateran. Slower than last yrs efforts but i guess i was being extra cautious one week one from being bashed up. Had George Reid & Gavin to keep me company most of time. Great day out and cracking weather.  Mid May brought my biggest test. Balamaha to Tyndrum one day then all way to FW next. 1st day was hunky dory, 2nd day less so. Ok that's a bit of understatement. To find out full story you can trail back and read it in all it's gory detail. But hey, i lived to tell taleand we hot footed it over to Glenshee to Marshall at Cateran for Karen. Pretty damn exhausting 3 days i can tell you.
Last part of puzzle was a headtorch run from Milngavie to Balamaha, starting off around 11pm. Bit of an adventure.

June- 186miles  The big one. It all started so well, took a dip somewhere in middle and perked up until i got to top of Staircase. Ankles which had been giving me grief for past 20miles didn't like downhills at all. Again if you want gory details, go back and read all about it. Thank goodness for my superb crew. Without them there would be no goblet.

July- 101miles Lowest Mileage for around 18months, quite unsurprisingly. I'm kinda glad i had Doctors orders to lie with feet in air, I'm sure most folk dive back in too soon. Proper rest was what was needed, and proper repair. 5miles was around my longest distance. Had lovely weekend away in London for Bren & Chris wedding.

Aug- 180miles
Started off with us heading to Perth for rewind Festival, one of best weekends ever.

So after doing nothing after WHW race and no more than 5 miles in July, clearly the sensible thing to do would be to run the Devil of highlands race huh? Well run it i did, again slower than last yr but i got under 9hrs which was my focus really, to be honest i just wanted to do that section and feel *normal* again. Ran a lot of it with my club mate Tom rather unexpectantantly, with Ian out supporting and running in to meet me on regular basis.

Sep - 135miles  2 races, bit disappointing really, Glasgow half and Stirling 10k, neither were PB's this depressed me somewhat knowing how well the yr had started off and i felt i was in decline!
Was meant to do round cumbrae, arrived in running gear with every intention but just felt completely rubbish so Ian ran it alone, well not alone obv, there were others in race. I went to a cafe and drank tea.

Oct - 207miles  Started off month at Oak Tree and another 30miles along WHW. Which set a precedent i guess, was at club few times doing intervals for first time ever which actually enjoyed.
Ended on a high with a weekend in St Andrews at Ultra runner soaked Wedding , incredible weekend.

Nov - 144miles
End of year party, or Glen Ogle Ultra as it's otherwise known. What an incredibly beautiful race.

Everyone who was anyone was there to enjoy the last big run of year. Cracking race, which was perfect timing as we headed off to sunnier climes of gran Canaria the next week.

Ran everyday on holiday, just 5k a day for me.  Ian ran twice a day and i sunbathed and read lots books. All inclusive help yourself to Cava, i was in heaven.

Dec- 170miles
Busy busy at work, December seemed to fly past. Christmas was upon us before we knew it. I just ran to enjoy it, no focus, no races, no hassles. We ran up Craiglockheart hill on Christmas day, was very windy.

Had great Christmas at home and brilliant New year in very Windy Troon. It's ok though as i was prepared  >>>

Ran/got blown along beach on new years day, great way to start the year i reckon.

hmm, ok that wasnt really a quick rundown was it? oops. Sorry if you've fell asleep

So here we are back to January. And once again all roads lead to Milngavie

I've lost 2 crew members so hunt is on for someone to fill those big shoes of Jules & Gav. Luckily still got Nick & Susan :o)


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