Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Back to where it all began

Did the Botanics 5k tonight. It's a great race, and only time you can run in the Botanic gardens which are just stunning.

So that marks exactly 5 yrs since my first ever race, and exactly 5 yrs (minus 5 weeks training for it) since i first ran, if you dont count the forced into it stuff at school anyhow!

Crikey, life has changed so much in that time. I recall grudgingly signing up for it as work pays for it and i didn't want to be only manager not running it. I'd just managed to miss the previous years one by joining in the June, i was soo relieved! So i reckoned I'd best train for it as i didn't want to be last. (why do we always think that?) i pulled out pair of trainers from cupboard, found a pair of holiday shorts and an old tshirt and off i went with great enthusiasm, ffs it's only 3 miles, i can do that.


I got to the end of street before i almost collapsed and died in heap, i was bent over double, my lungs bursting and i was already sweating like a loon. good god, this isn't quite so easy is it? fuck, now i was worried. I ran a bit, walked a bit ran a bit, died some more and cried probably too. I certainly moaned a lot. A hell of a lot, for next 5 weeks, constant. lol

Most of my training was done on tready at gym, at least that way i knew exactly how far i was running. (garmin, mapymyrun, wtf are they?)and at weekend I'd go out and run downhill to Lasswade, which Roger marked in car for me at 2 miles, i alwys got him to come pick me up too!

I vowed never to run again, never. Once this god damn race was over the trainers were getting binned, my shorts would be used for holidays again, finito.

I got to end of race, and was given a medal. Wow, a Medal, my first ever medal! ever. I'm still a medal lover, and i don't care if people think it's sad.

Anyway, Medal, tshirt and a great wee goodybag with copy of Runnersworld in it. I was hooked. I read it from back to front and logged on to see what it was all about. I found forums and helpful folk, oh and training plans, wow, training plans, why didn't i think of that? Mind you I've never stuck to one since but it might've been good to know as a total noob to all this running lark!

So there it is. And here i am.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Lots of Ups, too many downs

Sometimes when you're so fired up and looking forward to something, something has to go wrong to take off the shine, is that where the saying, "be careful what you wish for" comes from i wonder?

What did i wish for?

Well, just a bloody great weekend quite frankly, with lots of running, lots of good friends, lots of drinking and seeing one of my closest friends Phil do a cracking debut WHWR. Some things you just don't doubt, i never doubted that last part.

I got all that, well nearly. The nearly is the sticking point i guess.

Friday night Anna & Phil arrived later than anticipated, i had food set on table ready for them to dive into, Pasta & Pizza if you're that interested! i had few glasses wine whilst waiting. We had to rejig car to get my stuff in but coolbox was left behind as no room, managed cool bag though..

Got to Milngavie and arrived in the pent up atmosphere that is the station car park! hugs all round to nervous looking folk, registration done and dusted now it ws waiting game. Actually it passed quicker than i thought it would and before too long we were waving everyone off into the long night(s) ahead...

We jumped into car and headed to Drymen where Phil wanted to change shoes, after saying to him "i expect you there at 2" he told me to fuck off so we really didn't expect him at 2. He did of course arrive then and we were just getting the shoes out car, Mike shouted at us that he'd arrived and we ran up to meet him, we were only 3secs behind him thankfully. We got shouted at though, not good start really. I actually feel asleep for 15mins here waiting on him coming in.

Off he went and we headed off to Balmaha thinking we'd have time for rest. By time we got camp stove fired up for cuppa and organised for Phil coming in there was no chance. He arrived looking perky and gulped his coffee down, then off he went. We packed up and headed to Rowardennan once again with thoughts of head down for bit. Once again mistaken. It was midgie heaven out there as expected, little fuckers.

But it's worth it, early morning in Rowardennan car park, the most stunning scenery ever and a car park full of nutters looking half baked already, yes it's worth it. Anna & i took turns to brave the area where Marshall's were which was worst midgie bit ever, to watch for Phil coming in so we could direct him to car. He came in looking strong again, more coffee ready for him and he had bite to eat. He cleaned him up, sprayed him, rubbed him , stripped him.. he loves all that so he does.

Actually its probably only reason he did race ;)

And off he went, i knew he'd come bounce his way though next stage, it's his favourite part. We weren't seeing him again til Beinglas so we had bit of time on our hands this time, still no sleeping though. We went searching for Petrol station which we found in Balloch then headed straight up to beinglass where we decided to have some breakfast.

Bad idea. Queue city, nightmare. People waiting for EVER staff were rude beyond belief and if i hadn't been so damn hungry and in need of some fuel by then i'd have told them where to stick it. Never again will i buy something from them. FFS it's not like they didn't know they'd be busy! that was the excuse when anyone asked how long their food would be though! fuckin muppets.

Anyhooo, we settled down on sleeping bag and clapped and supported everyone through, had good memories of when i bounced through on fling and saw Susan & Steve :)I loved watching Vicky's support crew. They arrive & set up. Vicky arrives and se is sat down whilst they go to work around her, fixing her up, feeding her then send her on way.It's like watching a pit stop at F1, no kidding! :)awesome stuff, i do remember thinking that last yr when Paul was running.
Phil did indeed come bouncing through as i knew he would and was in superb spirits. More coffee, bacon roll and he was an even happier chappy! We're more of a dodgy garage repair outfit than Vicky's sleek team!

He ran off with huge smile and spring in his step :) next stop Wigwams. We drove right past it somehow and ended up in Tyndrum, didn't take long to get back though! lol We had fair bit time here so i decided to do spot of sunbathing. We chose nice spot just by gate and i settled down, ended up falling asleep for about 15mins, that was my 2nd and only snooze. Woke up and sunbathed whilst cheering runners through, i bet they wanted to boot me right in face as i casually waved my arm and said well done as they passed lol

Anna went off for wee run to loosen up as she'd been driving and was stiffening up. Loads of folk were heading out to look for their runners and run them into checkpoint. I went off and got changed in preparation for Phil coming in as plan was to run from here with him. We were soon joined here by Donald, Soph, Lucy & Steve ,i think that's why this race is so special for crew as well as runners, we keep seeing same faces at checkpoints and it's great to get progress reports.

Soon enough Phil came through and me & Anna ran in with him (from gate to checkpoint, less than 200 meteres i reckon!) and we got told off for running in with him!!:( Then i got told i couldn't run with him til 1.30 :( ffs.

Phil had lovely baked tattie and coffee here (thanks for £1 Jane!)and off we went for final 3 miles of Fling course. I wound down window on way past him and told him to move his arse, much to Anna's horror, she was saying 2 don't be nasty to him" lol

I couldn't get a signal on phone for love nor money so couldn't get hold Gavin to let him know we were enroute to Tyndrum. Luckily Phils phone worked though and he got message to him. We met Gav and prepared to run with Phil. This part was only part of entire WHW i'd not done so i was looking forward to it. Plan ws for Anna to run to bridge of orchy with us and then just me & Phil through to Kinlochleven where Gav would pick up for last leg.

We walked up the hill past the village half and bumped int Dave & Carolyn, lovely to see them, I'd forgotten I'd told him our predicted time at tyndrum, i mustve been bang on! :) As we said goodbye and prepared to run for first time i went smash over and into the dirt. 2 whole steps and i ended up with bloody bashed knee. great start Sandra!

I ignored it and carried on, i rather liked this part, Phil doesn't though, reckons it spirals on in front with no end in sight, maybe it's cause I've not dne it before was running on ahead leaving Anna & Phil to have bit of quality time together knowing(thinking) Anna was just running to BoO. I was taking lots pics and chatting to folk en route which was lovely.Before too long we were in BoO and bumped into Soph & Lucy who said they'd missed John at tyndrum cause they were eating chips lol muppets.Soph was star as usual and patched up my knee from her vast medical kit which could put an ambulance to shame! i screamed a bit, maybe a lot, i think she was enjoying it a bit too much quite frankly

Anna joined us for next , not sure if it was Phil or Anna's as decision but off we went up hill. I had done this section with Jules & Scott previous week and loved it, great views from top of loch. Got round corner to see find a Marshall and a big St Andrew Cross fluttering in wind, we of course had to stop for pictures *sob* (more about that later)

Phil nipped off for pee and Anna & i took off down hill, i remember waiting last yr and watching as Jen& Tpot came running down that part, it was weird being here a yr later and doing same thing. So off we went towards Rannoch Moor, i presumed Anna was now just running whole way with us so i carried on doing what i was doing, running ahead a bit, taking pics of them running , stopping til they caught up, running for bit then doing same again.

But this didn't go down well with Phil, he said he didn't like people running ahead of him and wanted me to stay with him, i said i wouldn't leave him alone when it was just me & him and that i was giving him & Anna a bt of space but he wasn't happy. I found it really difficult to stay right beside him.Some parts of the road you just couldn't run 3abreast, other times i just lost plot a bit and didn't even realise i was speeding up.

Phil shouted at me few times, saying he didnt like it, that i was trying to dictate pace and to stay with him.

About couple mile away from Glencoe Phil told me to run ahead and check Gavin was ready, so i did. I arrived about 15mins ahead of them and Gavin was firing up kettle, ready for the arrival. I decided there not to run next part, i was seriously doubting my ability to support at this point, so when Anna came in i asked if she wanted to run rest of way and she readily said yes, so that was that.

I also felt sorry for Gavin who'd been n his own since meeting us at 1pm in Tyndrum, it didn't seem quite fair.

I guess I'm just crap at this supporting lark, i wont be supporting in that capacity ever again. Quite happy to stand at side of road and shout and scream for 8 hrs but i felt totally inadequate and useless.

Me &Gav jumped in car and met them atKinghouse with pint for Phil which seemed to go down a treat and off he went with spring in step and smile on face.

We got to bottom of devil and parked in exact some space at last week, freaky. At this point i was distraught, beating myself up for spoiling Phil's race and being completely fuckin useless. We sat at bottom and cheered folk as they started the climb up but i was sitting there crying nd miserable so i went back to car. Phil & Anna arrived and stocked up on more drinks, Phil asked if i was coming up and i said no, i didnt want to spoil his race, he told me i was spoiling it, this made me whole lot worse.

After they left i said to Gavin i was going to head home at next station, i didn't want to be there if i was causing this much upset and i was so upset myself that i knew I'd be n good to be around. I looked at train timetables but there was none, which was hardly surprising at 8pm on Saturday night in middle of nowhere. Gavin spent whole time driving to Kinlochleven trying to cheer me up but i couldn't stop crying, what a fuckin mess, what an absolute waste of space i was. Dont think I've ever felt so useless or so despondent for a long time.

Saw Steph at kinlochleven, she was doing her doctor duties again and had bit of chat with her. Great to hear she's graduating soon and has job in Glasgow to go to, junior Doctor, i don't envy them but massive well done Steph both for job and fr volunteering again :) She asked me what was wrong, as even though i had my dark glasses on she knew i was upset, luckily she was saved from me crying on her shoulder by someone arriving in pretty bad way. Got txt from Phil at this point with pic from top of devil, looked stunning and made me cry again. He also txt to say he loved me and he wanted me there at end to run last mile with him. I said i of course would be.

Great see Vicky coming in here too, this being last official stop you just know people coming through here were going to make it, it's quite an emotional thing, even more so when your an emotional wreck anyway! lol

Vicky looked broken when she left and i willed every piece of strength i had to her, i knew she'd make it to end though, just knew it. Gavin was getting seriously itchy feet and kept getting out and running round in cirles i stayed in car trying hard to stay away from god awful midgies which were worst ever seen.

Phil arrived, got weighed fuelled up and didn't hang around too long, probably cause Gav was srsly desperate to run at this point! They took off running out of the mythical village and started the gruelling next stage.

Our plan was to head to Hotel, check in get organised then head to leisure centre leave car there and head to brave heart car park to meet them. All i wanted to do when got to Hotel was lie on on extremely inviting bed, 2 days of no sleep does that to you i guess! I didn't dare though and we had cup tea before heading to leisure centre, it was around 2am i think. We saw and cheered a few runners in and had a chat to Vicky's crew who were heading up to Braveheart and kindly offered us a lift there (well i think i actually asked lol)

We got up there and cheered few more folk through but decided it was too cold and sat in car, Vicky wasn't due through for at least an hour and half so we sat in car in warmth and dozed off, only fr sudden banging on window! it was Paul, Vicky's hubby, he'd ran on ahead as he'd had something in his eye and he was stressing Vicky out too a bit i think ;) He said "maybe I'm not quite as sympathetic as she'd like" lol Poor Vicky.

We got out and wandered up and down, looking out for head torches bobbing through the trees. Before too long Vicky came stumbling through stopping for a sec, look of determination on her face, go girl! That left me & Anna wandering up and down trying to get reception or word from Phil & Gav on how long they'd be. We were also stressing as we kept hearing voices and seeing no one and i kept seeing folk running part at bottom of road! fuck, what if we were in wrong place. I then remember we'd not come through there last yr but a bit further along, as i remember actually running past it!

After chatting to few folk it seems that you don't follow the signs for WHW, if you do you'll miss the carpark, i think that's what we did last yr, still takes you to road, i just think it's wee bit longer, ooh if only i'd known that!

Eventually we got word from Phil & Gav, they said the were 10mins or so away! wooop! we waited patiently, not daring to go further up in case they came through and missed us, 10mins, 15..20 oh dear. Not actually sure how long it was but eventually they came through having misjudged how far they had to go *phew*

We got to bottom of road and all ran along together, then we saw 2 folk running towards us, Stephen & Vicky(shanksi)woop! they were amazed to see how strong Phil was looking and ran with us. What a posse we had! Suddenly Phil took off like bat out of hell and we had to accelerate to keep up with him, he'd thought WHW sign was the end, hence the big sprint! After we told him it ws just around corner he put brakes on a wee bit, lol mentalist.

He soon shoved foot right back on accelerator though and ran like it was a 200m race to that Leisure centre and up the steps to finish in an amazing time of 26hrs 47mins and 30secs. Not half bad for someone who'd broken his foot on Devil in January huh? I was very proud of him :)

Not that i ever had a doubt in my mind that he'd do great. It had never even entred my head that he wouldn't finish, it was just never discussed or contemplated.

So there it is, it's taken me whole week to getting round t getting it all down.Phil was awesome, i was awful but it's not about me, it was his race, his rules etc.

I'll probably never support again unless its on sidelines, but i'll be there next yr myself to see if i can conquer it and lay some demons to rest.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Got this message the other day on dating site......

hi its big steve hop you ar well gorjs can we talk on mobile 07766829132 be good fens pleas pleas hop2 meet up2 talk mor soon you ar 1 hot gorjs babe can eo send me mobile 2me pleas can you send me hot gorjs foto to me on mobile plea pleas pleas babe talk soon on mobile :-)xxxKesxxx:-)


George Clooney he aint.

tempted as i am, i might let him slip through my fingers this time

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Are we there yet?

Work as predicted was awful on Tue/Wed. In at 6.15 both days (normal) ran there (normal) didn't leave til 4.45 Tue (abnormal) and 4 wed (abnormal)No break, no sit down for cuppa T, nothing. was srsly fucked off.

Anyway, today was better, busy still but better. Can anyone give me a running related job please? I can run a lot, and i talk a lot. good qualities i reckon.

Stephen was going to call me yesterday but i told him to just txt or FB me, silly to waste money when i can *chat* on there to him. So had Facebook chat with him, he's nice and brown already and having great time, and wanted to know if house was tidy and if i'd cut the grass! ffs, when did the tables turn there?

Had Gavin round for dinner tonight after cancelling on him last week due to bumpy head incident. Got plan sorted for Flip's support so he has gone off full and happy now. I cant get my cool box shut, do i take out the lucozade or the champagne?


Monday, 14 June 2010

Breaking News

well for some folk. A select few know already.

I'm doing the WHW race next year.

If they'll let me in anyway! :-o

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I'm a Hazard to myself

Been bit of a week for me! Monday i sliced my finger open, true to style i was busy and didn't want to stop so stuck a glove over it until it filled up with blood then i stopped and put plaster on, by wed i kept busting it open again so after some advice popped along to boots to get butterfly stitches.

Pharmacist looked at it and told me not to bother, that i should have went to hospital on Monday for 2 stitches :-o and that I'd have a hole in my finger from now on. rock on, makes me more unique i guess!

Thursday i was doing my banking and i opened drawer for calculator, dropped pen bent down to pick it up and whacked my head on corner of said opened drawer. Nearly knocked myself out. Got sicker and dizzier as day progressed and after proper real advice from real Doctor (thanks Mark) i went home to bed with strict instruction to head to A&E if sick. I went straight to bed and feel asleep by time Stephen brought me cup tea! Got up few hrs later and had bath, still felt sick but realised hadn't eaten so Stephen made me some chips and tea and brought to my bed for me, bless him.

Felt fine Friday so ran to work as normal :o) Would seem it didn't knock any sense into me after all. On ly problem was that Gavin was meant to be coming round for dinner to discuss Team Phil stuff for next weekend but i had to cancel after bumpy head incident. Rescheduling for midweek i think.

Stephen was heading off to Spain Friday night so i was down at Kelly's parents to wave them all off, Stephen walked me back up road at midnight, their taxi was arriving at 12.15. 2 weeks home alone, n one to run me baths and make me tea! aaargh

Saturday i was west highland way recceing with Jules & Scott, Steve joined us on Sunday. Plan was to head straight up to Devil, run up and down that. Go book in Hostel, yes i did say hostel and not hotel :-o everywhere was fully booked! jeezo,i hate slumming it! Then fne pub to watch Footy in! bonza.

Start as you mean to go i say. Scott had mailed me earlier to say he'd meet me at station and would bring Tea & Biccies. bugger that. I nipped into M&S, got a (Cateran)Beer for Scott & Baby bottle of bubbly for me :) Also picked u full sized one for after Devil and beer & cider for the boys.

Just had time t grab a burger before heading to get train.Proper serious athlete i am. Scott made a bit of a show of getting cups and flask out,but i take your tea and i raise yu a beer! guess what won?

oh we also had packet of toffypops, we'd actually both arrived with toffypops lol :)Hour passed in flash and before long we were at stirling and Jules was dutifully waiting on us. We were all in running gear ready to hit ground running so to speak soon as we arrived. We managed to get parking space right at bottom f Devils Staircase, perfect. Off we went running up it, only for a sea of caledonian challengers to descend on us lol we were saying well done to everyone but they were most amused and kept on telling US well done and said we were putting them to shame by running up the hill!We got to top after passing about 50 challengers to find a whole plethora of them at top, we decided to run on a bit more so we could see the fabled Kinlochleven and then turn back.

Last time I'd been up the devil was during last yrs WHW race, but it was in the dead of night and i didn't get any of the views, only big scary bears jumping out at me from behind rocks. Or that couldve just been sleep deprivation, who knows.. ;) So it was good to be back in glorious sunshine and even more glorious views. Kinlochleven still doesn't exist though, it only gets further away the closer you get. factomundo.

Once we saw the mirage that is Kinlochleven we turned back and aced it past all the challengers again. Some saying, crazy girl runner coming through! lol, do they know me? ;)

Got to bottom, had bit of chat with some blokes who'd been doing the Munro challenge then jumped in car to head to hostel, yes a hostel, did i mention hostel. :p Actually it wasn't so bad, except that Jules had said it was about half mile to pub, we passed pub and kept driving, and driving... hmmm, bring headtorch he said for road trip to pub,how about bring a bike? ffs

We got into hostel and i unveiled my bubbly, cider and beer only for Jules to upstage me by producing a chilled bottle and a real champagne glass just for me! He is pure class that boy :) We got stuck right in and quickly got to know our roomie, a german blokey called Wolfgang, yes really. I sloped off for shower and was ready fairly quickly but got laughed at for being glammed up and wearing my roclites

I did think about taking my heels, of course i did. But getting told we'd be schlepping to pub half mile away (2 miles more like!) i decided against it and roclites were the footwear of choice. After finding out the footy wasn't even on at that pub we called a cab to head to one further out. Got there about 1/2 hr after it started, it was hooching! I was at bar when US scored and the place erupted! Then they kept showing it over & over and they place erupted each time, it ws really funny!

There was actually really good mix of folk there, quite few English even with their faces painted, brave souls. Had a blast in pub, even contemplated Karaoke but they never had songs i wanted, Wolfgang was also going to sing lol but they couldn't find song for him either. Can vaguely remember taxi ride home and gatecrashed party in cottage next door but i soon vacated after finding them having drinking games, somehow sensible Sandra took over and i staggered off to bed instead, fully clothed lol

Awake early and thankfully first thing i saw was irn bru. Irn bru and toffypops for breakfast lol, i actually do eat healthily rest of time honest!

Got up and dressed and we were soon heading to Glencoe to meet Steve, he arrived and jumped in car and we headed off to Bridge orchy to start run for day.
Today's run was BoO to Glencoe, so right across Rannoch Moor, which was another part i'd not covered and wanted to before next week as i knew Phil finds that part tough.I'll need to make sure he doesnt see this sign next week which we pass just at end of moor!

So 11.2 miles. done n dusted. Was bit misty and drizzly but we got to car just as it started to rain hard. Said our goodbyes to Steve and headed to GoodFood Cafe for refuelling. Boy did we need food, last i'd eaten was the burger the day before :-o if you dont count the 2 toffypops for breakfast that is..

Fish and chips and big cuppa T, sorted. JUles dropped us off in Stirling and we got train home. Flippin great weekend :)

Thanks to Jules for ferrying us around and sorting out somewhere to stay, star. x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rantalong with Sandra

Maybe it's time to deregister when all i do is rant about the dating site?

*deep breath*

why the fuck would i invite someone to my house without meeting them? why? Surely a dating site should be just that? ie- you want to go on a date before you fuck thier brains out?

Paula told me i had to be pro-active and go make a date, so i dipped my toe back in...

I've ditched the idea of meeting bloke i've been txting for last 3wks, if we cant move forward from 3 weeks then whats the point, yes a lot of it is my fault due to races/training weekends, marathon supporting etc but hey ho, priorities and all that. He's anther one who quite happily wanted to come meet me at my house mind you.

Guy i've been mailing for few days, seemed normal, intelligent etc, suggests meeting. I said ok, when and where> he said *your house* i mailed him back saying i presume that was a joke, do you really think id invite a complete stranger into my house? He mailed back saying *i can kiss the back of your neck whilst you make me a coffee*

what the fuck?? he is now blocked.

Is everyone out there tightwads or something? I'm happy to pay my own friggin way! jeeez, all i want is a date before jumping into bed with someone! is that too much to ask?

for crying out loud. Not like this is an isolated incident either. Maybe i just look like a dirty whore or something or someone who needs a good seeing to.

oh, I'm over 1000 miles for the year now, last 2 run have been crap though.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

No Sex in the City

Plenty champagne shopping and laughs though!

What a fabulous day. Got to Howie's just before Jemima so had glass of champagne waiting. Got to love that Place for BYOB and only £3 corkage charge woop! We decided that seeing it was such lovely day we'd only drink one of our bottles and take other one to Princes st gardens and enjoy the sunshine.

Lovely lunch, then sauntered off to St James st for disposable glasses (gotta love pound shop!) we also ventured int John Lewis to have quick look at dresses and quick squirt of Chanel :) Then it was onto Multrees walk, Harvey Nicks to laugh at ridiculously prices dresses, where we were accosted by a gok wan lookylikey wanting to be my personal shopper. Seeing that most of dresses I'd looked at and liked , Dior £975, Chloe £685 was in cloud cukooland price range i declined and we made quick exit.

Found nice spot next to Scott Monument, kicked off shoes and sipped our champagne and watched world go by til our peace was shattered by free Palestine march! they stopped outside M&S for ages shouting boycott M&S? not sure why but i was tempted to fight my way through and go in just to annoy them :p I felt sorry for all the poor grannies trying to get out with their support tights and panty girdles only to be met with that!

Champers finished we headed to more shops, this itself is very unusual, Jemima and I dnt do shopping. We like football and drinking and stuff, shopping is dull and tiring and dull.

Anyway, we covered LOTS shops, LK Bennet, Debenhams, Coast to name a few and Karen Millen of course, to see if they had *that* dress. They did, in size12 :( and it was cerise pink, not red! Girl in shop said everyone said it looked red on website. Still lovely colour but they didn't have it in my size and it was limited edition. So the hunt for dress for Ball goes on. Shopping over and done with we decided to make most of sun and headed to M&S ;) to buy chilled bottle bubbles to take back to gardens. They had none so we ended up with Sainsbury's Cava which was lovely. We also picked up few nibbles to have a mini picnic, shopping is exhausting and we'd walked for miles building up wee appetite again!
As we left Sainsburys i pointed to bloke with umbreall under his arm and said *does he know something we dont?*

We settled down again nr same spot as before but looked a tad worried at gathering black clouds. Jemima said, oh i felt spot rain there, then i did too. So we moved under tree and carried on drinking. Suddenly the heavens opened! cue everyone running for cover under trees and to bus stops etc! lol we stayed there for 10mins before it started pouring through the damn trees soaking us through!

We made decision to run to nearest pub, which was in rose st. I put my shoes and they were gritty and sore on my feet so i started jumping in puddles n princes st! mustve looked like loony dressed n heels and pretty dress jumping around in puddles haha it worked though and got all grit off, and the puddles were warm!

Got into the Abbostsford looking like 2 drowned rats, it was HEAVING! Clearly everyone who'd been outside had dived in soon as rain started. Jemima headed to bar and i went off to dry hair & try dry dress wee bit, wet tshirt styleee isn't good look in busy pub ;)
here we are all dry again


Had few drinks there before heading off home. Brilliant day with my best Friend.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Been a while

Few folk have asked why I've not blogged in last few days so I'd best get onto it!

Been really busy at work and too tired by time got home that's my excuse. Last weekend was manic. Jules picked me up and we headed off up Pentlands, had mixed bag of runners so we kept it fairly short at around 7miles so as not scare any new folk off, we didn't so it's all good

Got back to pub and chips and wine were ordered and we tucked into the goodies that everyone who'd been at the special cake park run had brought.Then Lucy appeared and handed me a card and a bottle of champagne! i was utterly astounded and very touched. It was a thank you from them all for organising fetchpoint and the party. That's how lovely my friends are :o) wasn't all done to me though, as my blog about it all says.

Home, jump in bath into party dress and ready to meet Jemima as planned but Stephen s running late and faffing with his hair! Kelly meets us on bus and we head to meet Jemima. Quick stop off at Alan & Marie's en route to Davids s manage to squeeze 2 big brother's in one night.

Party is just mental, packed to rafters literally couldn't even get into kitchen! we decamped to bedroom where it was cooler and less smoky! Jemima secured some ice and we got stuck into the vodka. Got txt from Phil to say he'd pulled ut of Heart Scotland race and he asked if i was out. Yes, I'm at party, come join us. i said

So he did, after trip back from Dunkeld, then to my house to drop off car then back into town again anyway... lol Party was actuallybrilliant fun ,David (big bro) had a full size pub karaoke machine rigged up in his flat with full size speakers, i pity his neighbours that night! I wasnt really looking forward to it as some of his pals arent exactly people i'd choose to spend time with. I did get chatted up by handsome young thing though but Phil took me away before i got arrested he said! :-o
He's got a cheek really seeing Anna is only about 14 ;)
Apparently i was singing with Phil but have no recollection of it. We got home around 2ish more than a little bit drunk.

Up in morning, bath, another dress on and ready to meet girls for lunch. Lets just say i got home at 9pm after lots of champagne and some food.

Phil says Sarah Jessica Parker has nothing on me.. ;)

Monday i was wiped out understandably hahaha. Work busy, early to bed.
Oh i spent my Member of Month vouchers(online), got quite a haul for £100 >>
2X pair lock laces
pair shorts
2X sports bras
3x pairs socks
:o) good shopping or what?

Ran to and from work rest of week though, clocked up 40 speedy (for me)miles, I'm really flying at mo for some reason, av pace is somewhere between 8.30-8.45 mm, no idea where it's coming from. Or maybe i do, champagne training is clearly the way forward, I've been saying it for years....

I've not mentioned the dating thing for while have i? Been too busy to even contemplate having room for a man in my life at mo but it would be nice, got someone who i'm planning on meeting soon,if i have time to fit him in anyway! I actually cant remember last time i had weekend of doing nothing. Off to meet Jemima for lunch today, we're armed and ready with champagne, these BYOB places are lethal for us...

Meant to be heading to Karen Millen to try on dresses after, neither of us are big on shopping it's the only way we can stomach it.oh and it's reallyclose to lots of really nice bars... ;)


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