Wednesday, 9 December 2009


It's Christmas Lunch today here so i'm busy bee, so far i have 52 booked but there are always poeple who turn up without letting me know, numpties ;) It's traditional lunch with Turkey, Stuffing balls, Pigs in blankets, roasties, roast parsnips and sprouts, and gravy and cranberry sauce of course! This is only day of year we serve the food on real plates with real cutlery, normally everything is disposable so it's lots n lots of hard work but worth it. Always get ton of good feedback. Makes it all worthwhile.

Did 6 miles this morning, felt really cold when i stepped outside so i put on my jacket, half am ile down road i stopped and took it off again lol Living at top of hill sometimes you get wind which brings bit of chill factor.

i'll blog more later if i get time...

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