Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Fling - Part 3

Balmaha, i love that place. We stayed here (oak tree inn) on an amazing weekend in January but i wont digress...

Came running down hill and smeone asked my number, came through trees to round of applause and lots of smiley faces. Drop bag was handed t me and the marshalls took my bottle and filled it with water, what bloody excellant service, top work, didn't have to wat at all. I took water, fresh bottle lucozade, ate half muller rice and took my ickle tuna roll with me. Waving goodbye with big smile on my face i headed off past Oak tree inn *sigh* and along the road past beautiful loch lomond

Along wee flat bit then before tooo long it was climb time again...climb up and up then down again back to lochside and sandy beaches which aint easy to run along on tired legs that's for sure.
All way through race my phone kept beeping with good luck and well done messages (clealry people following on fetch! :o)) this really really helped, thank you everyone who sent one, you all rock.

i was smiling from ear to ear loving it, look at those pics, what's not to love?

More climbing ensued, back into foresty trails, the sun came out and shone down thruogh the trees making it even more magical. few undulations, lots more climbing and i got this view, my god i love this place.

More undulations & some lovely trails as it started to head back down again through more forests, have i mentioned that i love this place? before too long i was back on the road, passing by rowardennan hotel and into checkpoint 2> 4hrs 56mins. bonza! I didn't have a drop bag for here so i just flashed my bts again and waved goodbye as i started the climb out behind the youth hostel. It seemed to go on forever this part, then it was uppy downybits before the real hard work started. It's fair to say this is part a lot of runners hate, cause it's nigh on impossible to run in many parts, personally i love it. Smiling as i picked my way through trees, rocks and god knows what , this terrain certainly throws a few obstacles in our way. Just as well that was the ONLY thing i was ever good at on sports day at school!

Sometimes it really is quite perilous and one foot wrong and splash, you'll be in Loch Lomond! At point point i was clambering over a rock bigger than 5 of me and a guy stepped to side to let me pass, as i passed he said "number?" i thought it was bit odd as he didn't look like he had anything to do with race but i said 145! He said to me, no i meant your phone number! :-o I speeded up a bit after that.

Before too long inversnaid was upon us,it was packed full of tourists either waiting on boat trips or just off them, they were giving us bemused looks as we ran bedraggled and smiling (well i was!) through thr crowds towards drop bag area. drop bag ready again by brilliant marshalls, water bottle filled and lucozade replenished. I ate half a muller rice and took my tuna roll with me again.Oh and stopped off at loo, wehey, real toilets. Ony stop i took as well.

Onwards and upwards, literally. :) And before too long it's time to look over your shoulder and bid farewell to stunning Loch Lomond and focus on getting to Bein Glas farm, and the last checkpoint. Passed fair few walkers and smiled and said morning/afternoon etc to them, quite a few of them said to me "oh, its good to see someone still smiling!" I was still loving it, i'd had no bad points so far and was expecting it like tons of bricks any minute!

It didn't happen. I kept sight of a girl that i'd caught up with after first checkpoint, and she was just slightly ahead of me whole way. I took bit of tumble on approach to bein glas farm down a bit of gully, i remember Simon laughing at me on training run as i nearly feell down and i only bloody went and did it! Luckily it wasn't a massivley steep one and i grabbed onto grass and hauled myself back up, and laughed at myself and of that last time we were there.At that point *dont stop beleiving* came on my ipod and i almost cried wth emotion. Girl in front (Catherine) and girl behind (dunno) bth asked me how far it was til Farm, 5 more mins i said! And at that point again was a bit choked up, thinking back to last yr and cheering everyone through, thnking, oh my god, they look well fucked! I knew Susan would be there and i speeded up a bit bounding across as i saw wigwams and shouting "are we there yet? " as i climbed over the stile and ran into Susan's arms. Suprised to see Steve here too (llama) and got massive hug frm him too, fabtastic. Was so wrapped up that i didn't even spot the Harmeny lot all waiting for relay changeover, sorry! (and thanks for great pics)

Checkpoint3 > last checkpoint 8hrs 13 mins! oh my god, i was so happy.

The Fling - Part 2

Quick briefing from Murdo and we were off. First stage is up the steps and through a shopping precint, then down onto the WHW. I remember running this stage last yr for first few mile thinking, ffs is this it? what was the fuss about, a few traily bits and random hill, woopdedoo. I was with Soph for first mile or so and really couldn't get into a pace it was too crowded and i thought about shoving a few folk into the water but i resisted. First mile was sloooow (11.08) far too slow .Yeah i know i had 52 more miles to run but hey ho i'm impatient ok? Next few miles it started to even out a bit and i got into my own pace, left Soph behind and did my own wee thing, which basically carried on for duration. I cant remember quite so much road on this section last either and i now laugh at where i got lost (3times!) haha, truly blonde. Passed a wee house for sale with a hammock in garden overlooking a babbling brook, heaven on earth. Living on WHW, perfect. Before i knew it was heading across the hill where i stupidly thought i'd take shortcut last yr and sank into bog, but i went proper way and as i got to top of hill there was the welcome smiley face of Iain (shanksi), gave him hug and ran onto checkpoint, only stopping to flash by bits (my chip, what on earth did you think i meant?)
Checkpoint 1> 1hr56 perfect.

I can now understand and see why everyone told me it was the easy leg, last yr i was insistant that there were *plenty of hills actually!* well, no, not the kind if hills i know these days...

So i took off up towards the forest , i love this part. 5 undultating miles taking you towards conic hill, as yuo come out of the forest you're met with vast openess and cold blasts from the wind that picking up, just ahead of a big gate i spooted a familiar figure, it was Donald, was very surprised to see him, thought he's be waaaay ahead of me, i soon lost him as I stopped to put on my jacket as i only had vest on and was starting to get chilly. and the sky look foreboding. At least in the forest the trees protected us, here we were battling wind and drizzle and foggy patches. Short descent over down towards the bridge and it was time for the proper hard work to begin. Conic hill, how glorious it look as it disapeared into the mist. All the people snaking up it looking like tiny ants on a mission. Up, and up it went. I stopped regularly to take pictures, last time i was up here it was bone brakingly dangerous with layers and layers of ice so it was actually a very pleasant but hard climb. I stopped halfway up to take jacket off as i was sweating buckets lol

I cant remember climbing all this way on traning run, maybe it's because there was so many of us, slippping sliding and laughing our damn heads off that the climb up was forgotten? Up and up it went.. The mist lingered wihch although was beautiful it hampered those stunning view whch literally take your breath away when you first cstch sight of loch lomond.
Before too long it was descent time, give me the climb anyday! It's so damn steep, some people just bound past me, far braver than me and i remember Karen telling me once that someone doing this for first time walked down it and saving his quads for later in race and got cracking time. This was my saving grace as i yelped my way down and before too long i was bouncing down the big steps and galloping towards the tress and again and checkpoint 2> Balmaha.....

Monday, 26 April 2010

THe Fling- Part 1

After bouncing off walls all week i was more than ready for this. A years training would be put to the test at last.

Took Friday off As Phil wanted get up early so we could get organised. Got to Tyndrum around 2.30 where plan was to meet Soph, leave car and head back in Phils car. Soph was LATE. very. So we headed off to Good Food cafe for eats. Bumped into Murdo there and ended up helping him load the beer and move it to cottage for race, exciting stuff. Murdo's son is a bloody hoot i love him. I was left alone in room full of champagne ans wasn't sure i wanted to leave but Phil dragged me out told me I'd have to run 53 miles first, spoilsport.

Rain started coming down in buckets s we ran to car to WAIT for Soph. She eventually arrived and we loaded her stuff into Phils car and headed off back to Milngavie. She had more than i do for a weeks shopping just for her drop bags ;)

Checked into hotel and quick clean up. Called Susan to let her know we'd arrived and found out they were next door! lol Susan and Jon appeared seconds later and Phil made everyone tea, it was all very civilised. Then we all headed off for meal which lovely Karen had organised for us in same place as last yr. Gave Simon his Easter egg and few bits n bobs i knew he'd forget and met his pal Dave, lovely bloke. We had a brilliant night. I started with a aperitif of Champagne followed by 4 large glasses of wine. Simon tried and failed to get me onto the shots, clearly he had a game plan but i so wasn't buying into it :p
It didn't stop him and George tho! I was good girl though and stuck to wine. Although Karen & George kept rubbing in that THEIR hotel were giving away free wine and ours wasn't!Jen popped along to join us for wee while, not seen her in ages and it was great to see her :)

Oh i had food too obviously, lovely chicken & spinach pasta and shared garlic bread with Susan.

Usual suspects all stayed for extra drinks ;)

then it ws time to hit the sack. Actually slept quite well even with Phil snoring, and was up soon as alarm went off at 4.30, which is my normal getting up time anyway. made tea & coffee for us and got all our drop bags ready and before we knew it it was 5.15 and we were in car park! i was starting to feel a bit sick by this point, all this training, all this excitement, all my hopes pinned on this race. What if it went wrong?


Not sure if i'll get round to blogging.

What i do know is that i have many wonderful true friends and a truly fabulous son.

I hate liars, and ugly people.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Once Upon a time - Part 3

So much so that even though she was running it in the bare minimilist lightweight racing shoes, she supported Susan on the last 12.5 miles, covering marathon distance over that glorious terrain.

Life was never to be quite the same again.

trail shoes were bought one week later, and a few days after that WLSB set off on another adventure, up those hills, the ones she'd been up many a time as a child but never as an adult. Up there to run, to explore to find places she never knew existed on her doorstep, to stare at the views, to swear a fuckin lot.

More crazy stuff followed. Cairngorms, mountain running, bastard races, hills, mud, bogs, trails, Ultras, drinking, laughing, loving every minute.

Wher did it all go right?

So here sits WLSB, one year on.About to embark on the one race that changed her life, which means so so much to her having already raised over £1800 For Marie Curie Cancer care in memory of her beloved Mum.

She is sitting drinking the bottle of bubbly given to her last year when she crossed the line. This is for you Mum.


Once upon a time- Part 2

commitment made. hmm, an Ultra huh. WLSB had a think, well it's *only* 30miles she thought, just few miles over a marathon distance, just how hard can it be?

That was January 09.

WLSB carried on her life as normal, running to work, running home from work. Long runs along those long pavements at weekends, and odd race thrown in for good measure. Then suddenly she seemed to embroiled in some sort of 4some thingy. Somehow she was lured in by talk of alcohol and fun weekends with all the special people and some of the peculiar ones too.

So, on the 24th April 2009 WLSB found herself in a carpark at 6am, cheering on the special folk as they headed off to run a long way, in a strange place. Then waiting patiently for her turn. It's only a half marathon they said, its the easy part they said. 8 am, oh my god, they're off. RUN. WLSB soon realised there were hills, and tracks, and trails. It was a bit alien, she got lost 3 times, she got sunburnt, she sunk into a bog 100 metres from the relay changeover point.

she fuckin loved it

Once upon a time

there was a loud wee scottish blonde who kinda fell into running somehow.She ending up running lots of races, from 5k's to marathons meeting up with some very peculiar people on the way.

2 such peculiar people were George aka Loon Dod & Karen aka Lintie. Now the wee loud scottish blonde( lets call her WLSB for short) got on very well with said G&K, so much so that G offered to pace her at Lochaber marathon one day. He had apparently done some mad race the day before, and was in area anyway....

WLSB used to think that G&K were "unique" and a bit "special" Not only did they run an awfully long way, they liked hills n stuff. And mud, and cows,and streams and tree roots. Get my drift? *special*

WLSB said to them on many an occasion "you're all fuckin mental, you'd never get me up a hill/mountain/trail" ... take your pick. I'm a road runner, i like my roads, i like it, leave me alone you bunch of freakoids. So they did, they carried on running crazy things with other crazy people and occasionally they'd do normal stuff and we'd meet up and get drunk.

Now one day WLSB got her passport and headed off down to engerlundshire, to a place called Londonium or something.The reason was for Debbie aka roobarb's birthday party, and whilst she was down in foriegn lands, she decided to meet upwith Jenj. After spending 30 mins in (very bashed up and bandaged) Jenj's company, WLSB had agreed to run an ultra. In the South Downs. No roady things and some hills were mentioned.

It all went downhill from there.......

Forgive me

Blog, for i have neglected you!!

head is so full to bursting that i cant get anything of any much sense down to be honest!

First things first. I won Member of the Month on Fetch, to all of you who voted, thank you so much. I was all goosebumpy when i saw it. The questions are really making me LOL , there are over 100 already ffs. Think a bottle of champagne maybe be needed whilst i answer them....

I'll blog more once i'm home, i'm half packed, half baked and totally bouncing off the walls

Monday, 19 April 2010

Few things i forgot

Twice yesterday, after speaking to 2 different people they said *oh my god, you're famous!


This fuckin paid for dating ste is driving me to distraction, why would you wink at someone if you dont have a pic, what have i got to go on? you could be quasimodo for fucks sake, and probably are judging by the mingpops people who are stupid/brave enough to show thier ugly faces.

So, i've had 4 messages from this guy (with a pic) saying, hi, i'm in Edinburgh for while, txt/call me, and leaves me his mobile number

*dials number*

*not really*

Other thing is that they send *round robin* messages, that annoys me probaby more than anything, there is an option when you send message to send it to *new members* people in your area* etc not very choosy is it? And lazy, lazyfuckin twats, in fact if i get anymore i'm going to send them a message back saying just that.


Drunken Disasters & Fabulous Fetchies

Got my haircut Friday night, i implied on facebook that I'd got it cut short but Susan had me well sussed. Just a trim, I'm not that brave.

Quiet night Friday and awake by 6am ffs, one day i'll get a lie in. Got up about 7 and after mucho faffing around i ended up rushing around to get to town for 12! Linda phone whilst i was on bus in panic saying there was no table booked, Jemima arrived 5 mins later and sorted it, don't mess with Jemima!Lovely lunch was had and Linda kept pouring her drink into mine & J's as she had eye test at 2pm. So 3 bottles bubbly were soon demolished. Linda went off to appt, me & J headed off towards George St because... i had a date :-o

I alluded to it in last blog but didn't want to jinx it. Didn't have to, did that all by myself lol . Got to Tempus bar and Jemima ordered champagne cocktails and we sat outside in sunshine. I was to meet my date (Matt) in pub across road at 3.30, so we had half hour to spare. He'd already txt me earlier to check i was still meeting him so all looking good. First good looking bloke that i've had message from and seemed normal etc so i thought i'd give him a chance!

So i got txt from him around 3.20 to ask if there was anywhere outside we could go, seeing it was nice day. I txt back to say i was actually already sitting outside and to just come to Tempus instead. He said "how many are there of you?" i said 2, meaning me & Jemima (he knew i was meeting the girls for lunch)Jemima was leaving soon as he arrived. If i'd been meeting at le Mond like were meant to we've have finished drinks, and i'd have gone over. So 20 mins later , no sign of Matt, i txt him asking if he'd stood me up. He said *technically yes, but really, no" wtf?

He was pissed off cause Jemima was there, now i know it's not the done thing to take your plan along on dates, but he was one who changed goalposts, i was heading to meet him on my own for fucks sake. Next thing Linda & Graeme appear! lol, so now there was 4 of us, i hoped to god Matt wasn't watching from across st at this point, you couldn't make it up .

Graeme bought another bottle of champagne and we sat there as i told them the story re- non first date happenings. I txt Matt asking if he still wanted to meet and we eventually agreed on a place. By this time i was bit pished to be honest, and a bit fucked off. Jemima said not to go as he was clearly a cunt hahaha but i said i should give it a shot, nothing ventured etc...

I arrived and met him as planned, he said he'd had few nightmares re- dating and had folk turn up with pals, someone threw a bottle at him when he said he was leaving and few other amusing stories. After 2 more glasses of wine i was pished and said i was going home, he actually was astounded i was doing half marathon in morning. I also think he was pissed off cause i said i was going home, but he didn't throw a bottle at me at least. He did say we should meet when I'm sober. I've not bothered txting him, i cant be arsed to be honest.

Got home and made myself an egg roll, spoke to Lynn who was picking me up in morning, she said her & Kev were coming for me at 7am *gulp* That's' pretty much all i can remember of phone call tbh. I went on fetch and was told to go to bed by alarmed fetchies who knew i was racing. So i did.

Woke up about 6 ish again and got up about 6.30, I'd nothing ready at all , great race prep! Got pint tea and had some toast and got dressed. Weather was fine when i woke up and bloody awful by time Lyn & Kev arrived. Rain, sideways, windy, freezing. Great stuff for run along coast! As ever it was fabulous fetchfest and after skulking inside for as long as we could taking piss out of Andy and everyone else for their Pikey handwritten numbers we were ushered outside into the cold. And off we went.

I had said to myself that I'd try and PB and if it felt like too much effort I'd take foot of pedal and just enjoy it. It felt fine, i decided to go with flow.Linda was out cheering on Harbour, then wee bit further along were Lucy & Christina with the mini fetchpoint, oh and Tigger too! Great to see them and get much needed cheer. As per usual i properly kicked in around mile 9 and started overtaking folk then. Heading into prestonpans was a killer, the wind and rain in face was just baltic, bloody hate being so cold. At least at this point it was good to see folk passing us on way back, first up was Chris who was running a storming race! then it was spot the fetchie/harmeny runner, i shouted and high fived wherever i could and loved it! At the turnaround i was happy to find wind behind us and i had a huge burst of energy. My last 3 miles were fastest of entire race. Was delighted to see Gavin on course, lovely surprise. I ran towards him to high five but missed and didn't want to stop, i was flying at that point. My middle miles let me down and my slowest few were 8.10, i knew i had bit of making up to do if i was to PB.

I crossed line and my garmin said 1.44.57 but then i realised I'd stupidly stopped it whilst i stopped to tie my lace, stupid boot that i am. So i reckoned i'd be over the 1.45 pooop. i was, official time of 1.45.07. Still a PB but the shoe lace incident stopped the sub 1.45. och well. Cant complain on that after the shenanigans from previous day to be honest!

Some bloody marvellous results from fetchies, Kev doing his first half and getting sub 2, awesome stuff, only 6 months ago he was terrified doing our *unofficial* 10k! We waited til everyone was in and headed to pub. Feels like ages since I've seen all the Boro folks and it was great as ever to catch up, some great banter in pub but would you believe they'd ran out of vodka! lol srsly. the one pub in Musselburgh we end up had no friggin vodka.

Got lift home from Lyn & Kev and did pretty much nothing for rest of day, bloody knackered.

No running today, short route to work Tue & Wed then complete rest.

Bring on the weekend.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Taper, Taper

oh for fucks sake. If i hear the word taper once more...

So i've ran everyday this week, shoot me. I wont run home (maybe) and i wont run tomorrow cause i'm going out for a drunken girly lunch, that'll put a stop to it. Probably not best prep for Half Marathon next day but when do i ever do things by the book?

I will only run until wednesday next week and give myself 2 whole days off. 2. whole.days. Arranging day off for Friday as Phil wants to get up to mullguy ;) early to get our logistics sorted.

Poor Nick, he lurks on that Highland fling thread like the boy not invited to the party, he is contemplating a 30miler taper run day before that londonium race he is so gutted lol

Datewatch> Artist still *there* 2 more requests for no string sex from mingpops lots of winkers, few wee chats from other runners but all older, good to chat, not to date. And one *interesting* one, i'll leave it there for now....

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Thighs of steel

I was going to run home today but my thighs are aching big time. Last time they were this sore was when me & Simon spent 2 entire days in bed! lol

Too much info? sorry. Reason they are sore is that i've started doing my squats again.Because i've got a half on Sunday i was looking back to what training i was doing when i got my Pb, which is over a yr old now btw! I missed out atGlasgow by 10 measly seconds. Anyway, i had a gander and i was doing loads of squats, if i recall it was on my physio's orders. I was just back from the long back injury and squats were helping. So i'm doing it again, 100 a day at least. Mainly in lift at work :)

Also got ball back out cupboard and doing my weights again as my arms are bloody awful and need toning up quite frankly.

Thinking of decorating, i was going to do it myself as i quite enjoy it but i'm bit rubbish and tend to rush it so i've asked Stephen to ask one of his pals to give me quote for doing hall, my bedroom and perhaps the living room, not sure. Be good to start afresh methinks. Talking of which getting haircut on friday its badly needed.

Dating update time > I've told the Artist it's not going to happen, that i don't feel i have the spark etc, he says I'm being stupid and should give him proper chance to charm me. I have a 26 yr old chatting me up on another site. Nothing against younger men but 26?errm no. No Jemima, I'm not before you say it, just cause you're going out with schoolboy :p

Saying that, all these messages I'm getting from guys my age or even younger, omg. Have they all had a hard life? they look so OLD , yeah i know, i cant have it both ways but jeeez, be like going out with my uncle ffs. In my head I'm still 18 you see, i know i don't look 18 but i neither do i look frigging 65 like some of these blokes lol mingpops. At least one one site i can *manage* who i get messages from ie- ban anyone without a pic and over 45 lol but on other one I've had fuckin 65 yr old paedophile lookalikes mailing me, i have actually spat my tea out when opening the mail!

over and out.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Ran from work to Argos yesterday to buy a new whirlygig. It's less than mile from work and quickest way is along princes st errm no thanks. Ran up through meadows, such a glorious day i felt like i could just run for miles n miles and was tempted to run up Arthurs seat and take piccies. But i'm being little miss sensible at mo so i decided against it. The meadows were packed!Kids/ adults playing all manner of sports all having fab time. The tennis courts were packed out. Loads of Folk having BBQ's which i'm pretty sure isn't allowed but who cares? :)

The daffodils are in full bloom and everything in the world was rosy. fact.

In fact everything in world is a bit rosy.

That's all.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Champagne Sunshine & Winkers

The world is full of winkers, i don't even bother checking their profiles anymore, i just delete, if they cant be bothered to message me then they can go whistle.

I've been having a think about this whole dating thing and i know I'm a right fussy cow.The Artist is still actively pursuing me and begging me for a date, i've told him again he is too young. And to be honest, i just don't fancy him. Someone said to me that that kind of thing can grow, i disagree, I've got to have that attraction right away. I was attracted to Roger right away, and to Simon. I'm not going to start lowering my standards as quite frankly I'm not that desperate, unlike some folk, who'll throw themselves at any man that will have them.

Something Simon said to me other day that made think about what i do actually want. He wants to settle down and have kids, so clearly me & him were never going to last, I've kinda got used to having house pretty much to myself and do my own thing without worrying about anyone else. Maybe i don't actually want a boyfriend? Maybe that's why the people i actually have chosen to message back are ones who live far away. If i just wanted anyone i could have Roger back tomorrow. And i don't.


Friday, Soph was in town and asked what time i finished, i said I'd be done by 2ish so she said she'd come meet me and we could go for drink. She eventually turned up at friggin 4 pm, i was going to kick her heed in.We headed off to Tigerlilly where i drank lots of big glasses wine then we headed back to mine for a Chinese and i had lots of big glasses vodka. lol Soph went off home, i had more vodka then staggered off to bed.
Something happened at weekend that really riled me, i know i shouldn't let stupid things bother me but i do. Had long chat with Phil about it and he calmed me down, like he always does. Everyone should a Phil in their lives really. I always have a smile (and a hot ear, by god he can talk) by time I'm off phone to Phil :)

Did 8.5 glorious miles down to Musselburgh on Saturday, cracking run it was, just great. Arrived at Linda & Graeme's and was handed glass of bubbly. Watched grand national (didn't win) then went off for shower before dinner. Fabulous dinner as always with lots more bubbly, as ever. Wonderful hosts they are. After we'd trashed several bottles (Graeme went onto to red, i stuck to bubbles) we headed off for pub. Had great night, wee pub crawl then back for even more bubbly lol Had bit of lie in and didn't get up til gone 9! Then we went out for nice big fry up followed by walk along the beach to soak up the sunshine.

Got home around 4ish and just chilled for rest day. Was tempted to go out and run but i'm trying to be kinda sensible. I was really well rested due to my calf problems before the GEDM and i think it did me world of good. Got Chris Hoy half marathon this weekend then Fling next again, I've not trained this entire year to mess things up now.

Meeting Jemima next Saturday for lunch, she said she'd booked for 12 to maximise drinking time lol, i love that girl.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Idiot Men and Dating

Yes, its my second blog today, so what

This dating thing. hmmm it's going to be interesting.

Since signing up for a dating site yesterday afternoon i've had 27 winks, yes, winks. FFS. Am scary on my pics too if they are scared to message me? To be fair i've had about 8 messages too, all of which went into delete bin immediatly. They can go wink themselves off.

Seriously, what is the point? Are they showing thier interest and wanting me to chase them? fuck right off, it aint gonna happen. I've been too nice for too long, i've lost faith in nice men quite frankly.

I fuckin paid for this site too!

on the other site, which is free i've had about 15 messages. One guy is very funny and sent me a pic of a kitten with it's hands up and a gun pointing to it's head, and the message was "go on a date with me or the kitten gets it!" lol I sent one back saying go ahead, i fuckin hate cats.
:o) Then he sent another with a wee puppy dog haha. Anyway, he is an artist and is only 30, i told him he was too young for me, he said i'd look good with toyboy on my arm and that i should give him a chance to charm me.

Another bloke is a Lawyer and sometime pilot (used to work for UN!) he is also very sporty and has done the caledonian challenge amogst other stuff but is now more of a cyclist, and is in training for few long races (85 miles or so) His profile does say he wants someone with no kids though, so we'll see, he did message me after all. wont hold my breath.

I've deleted about 15 messages without responding from this site. I've had gems such as *nice profile, i like your hair* yes really. Oh and * oh, wow you've ran 10 marathons? i couldn't run for a bus* hmm well dont message me then you unfit fucktard.

One charmer really riled me though, get this> "you ran 55 miles? who are you trying to kid, walked it more like" i replied> i'm not trying to kid anyone, actually* and left it at that.

message back> "yeah you mustve crawled it, i've ran plenty marathons, i ran in the commonwealth games 20yrs ago etc etc...

seriously, what a fuckin retard? I said to him, yes well i'm very happy for you, now leave me alone please. He didn't, he said oh, you think it's running finshing in 15hrs, what waste of time*

i lost plot here and said what the fuck are you talking about? who finished in 15hrs? (i didnt tell him i did it 9hrs 52, the cunt) I told him he had an inferiority complex and to leave me alone.Again.

He couldn't resist. *i've ran a 2.20 marathon blah blah blah* I said to him, did you see me quoting times for my runs?no, now fuck off and die, you clearly have a very small cock and you are ugly to boot.

jeez, if this is how it's going to be why would i bother, maybe it's best staying single. Maybe i'll just find a fuck buddy.

or a fuck off and die buddy.

Not the best of weeks

But trying to stay positive.

The pitch did not go well. Simon (the MD) came in for meeting with me yesterday to go over it and he reckons they have already decided to go with another company. He also reckons it's Heritage Portfolio, my old company. Not good news, yes we get tuped over but i do not want to work for them again, i left the Museum because they were stressing me right out and i hated waking up in morning knowing i was going to work, i knew then i had to get out. I work to live not other way around and we spend a huge portion of our lives at work, you've got to enjoy it.

I love working for Simon for this company. . I told him that and asked if he had anything in pipeline ie- new contracts coming up, he said he is pitching at mo for something in Edinburgh which would suit me, so i presume he still wants to keep me, at least i'm not getting blame for losing contract (mind you, we havent heard yet!) This of course is good news, but only if he gets the contract for new place of course *stress city*

So i'm a bit in limbo at mo, i also asked him if i should look for another job, best to be straight about these things eh? He told just to wait and see what happens first.

*stress city*

Monday, 5 April 2010

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 5

Bored yet?

well, my blog what do you expect?

Pub, station Hotel Stonehaven. Much nicer than i expected not sure why i expected a dodgy place but hey ho! There was a fight though but it was quickly brought to stop by barmaid instead of any of barmen lol! It was bloody roasting though and i think you'll see from pics hw red we all are !
Got stuck into Vodka and Irn Bru's and had great time with everyone regalling tales of the day and hearing about everyone's races. Had bit of chat with Simon and think things are cleared up wth us, i hope.

After pub some of us went to Stoney's only nightclub and got stuck into the dancing, well the girls did anyway!Some people got in an immedietly left! Dave ya Lightwieght.Some just couldn't make it :( I'll be back to live it up with the stoney massive again for sure ! There were some strange *sights* in the club which kept us amused muchly. I slapped a girl on dance floor when she kept bumping into me, she knew i was there so not like she wasn't meaning to,stupid bint, she didn't come near me again.It wasn't on face, just across arm but she got message. We bailed out of club around 2.45 hoping we'd miss mad rush for taxi but none to be seen :(

After long, well it it felt very long walk/stagger home i had some lovely blisters.Simon moaned all way that we were going long way, and Scott stuck to hs guns and guiding us with the satnav! lol I'm surely one girl who can run stupid distances, get no blisters but soon pick them up from partying aftwerwards.

Didn't get too much sleep as Simon was snoring,big time, kicking him and other stuff wasn't helping! We had bit of lie before getting txt demanding we get ur arses over to Georges for a recovery run. I patched up my bleeding (yes really) feet with Simons dinosaur and penguin plasters and off we went. I stupidly forgot my camera and i was totally gutted, Stonehaven is gorgeous and we had sme bloody amazing views! Proper Gutted!

George took us out for lovely 6 mile recovery run through forests, up and down hills down to coastline where he said "run down to castle, run up the steps, tuch the wall then turn rund and come back!" ffs We did too though. Then it down hill onto beach and back up more steep hills before heading down to hrbour and back up some gentler hills to get back to base. Brilliant tto have Flip out there running again, made me fee all warm inside! Quick shower at Andrinnes, got some compeeds from Scotty thankfully so feet patched up bit better then over to Georges where Karen had rustled up a fantastic fry up. That hit the spot completely and it was just exactly what we all needed. Fantastic hospitality from Andrinne, George & Karen, thank you all so much.

Before too long it was time to head to station to get train, hugs and kisses and farewells and we'll do it all over again in 3 weeks time.

Train journey was uneventful thankfully. ;)

Great weekend, thanks to Karen,Jane & Phil for persuading me. George did marvellous job as Race Director.

Quick summary of race
CP1 - 1.10.41
CP2-2.26 bang on!
Finish -5.06.35

Average pace of 9.20mm

Happy Days indeed.

All the Marshalls, helpers, everyone were just bloody superb, there are so many unsung heroes in this kind of thing and we wouldn't have races without them.

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 4

So, now it waiting game watching for folk coming in, cheering, drinking beer, etc and freezing our arses off! Great cheering folk in and seeing their happy faces, loved it, worried all over again when people coming in before Simon that i didn't expect to but he wasn't too far behind.

This pic of Vicky finshing and getting hug from George sums up entire race i thnk.

Race Director extraordinaire George suddenly announced that seeing all his prize winners were in that he'd have the presentation so people could get moving. I got camera ready as i knew Anna had got 3 rd female.Actually i've just looked through my pics and i have none! Maybe in my excitement i hadn't turned it n or something? ffs what n absolute muppet! Still least we were there to shout and clap and whoop! :) Mags also got trophy, great t see fetchies *on podium* lol

Suddenly George read my name out, oh my fuckin god, i'd won! My 2nd ever trophy! I kinda though the first one I'd got was bit of fluke, and maybe i was just lucky that it's small field but hey, i won a trophy! It's sooo made for me too, custom made I'd say.

Nearly everyone was in except Iain and because we were all starting t g blue and shake we decided to head up to pub to warm up a bit. Iain appeared not too long afterwards and didn't seem too upset with us, at least Vicky and his inlaws and plenty others were there to still cheer him in.

Bubbly and hot pies in pub , perfect. Stayed there for while and once George & Karen arrived we made decision to get home, get cleaned up and order fish n chips., perfect again! Fish n chips n beer and good company and off we went to the pub.....

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 3

Short drive to Duthie park and we walk down to registration where it was a hugathon with lots of familiar faces around, this was going to be great, so many people i knew doing this race and great to see everyone. Hadn't heard word from Simon for days so had idea if he was even in Aberdeen or not but he arrived just as i was registering.

Before too long it was time to get started , George gave a wee talk, we clapped and cheered and suddenly we were off!

I actually had a plan of sorts in my head (yes Jules, a plan!) and i also had a target time of between 5hrs and 5hrs 15, thinking more likely to be 5.15 though.

Alan the lurker suddenly appeared from behind me at about mile6 and i was surprised he was behind, i heard him singing Santababy before he even got to me lol, wasn't long before he was off though even though he was *feeling ill* lol
Had chat with another newish fetchie (at end of day* hs name was but he also took off.
I had my ipod on but low enough to chat to folk if they around but i was think mostly on my own.Passed water station to find 2 smiley fetchies shouting encouragement, this is a great boost in races, seeing people you know and having good Marshall's. Got to abut mile 14 perhaps? and car stopped across road and George jumped out, ran across road, picked me up in big bear hug and gave me kiss!Few mile up from there Flip appeared on bike, wooop, anther unexpected bonus Didn't expect to see either of them so was another great boost. Few miles away from checkpoint i started seeing everyone coming back, i was getting high fives from everyone (well, nearly everyone!) and got i shouted well done t everyone else who passed. Was expecting to see Simon with Scott & Andy and got bt concerned when didn't see him for while , eventually he passed me saying he was struggling. (and not high fivng me) Got to halfway >>>>>>>>>
bang on schedule (see, a plan Jules) and i whipped off my long sleeved top and changed into vest as i was boiling hot.

Got a comment at halfway about me having no vodka and i said I'd forgot it after day from hell day before! booo och well. Loved running back out and knowing the chase was on now.

at around 19.75 miles i could see Simon in distance, that pink top is so distinctive:)was very surprised to see him and knew he must've been struggling for me to catch him :( Caught him up bang on 20miles just as my garmin beeped at me. I walked for wee bit with him and he said he was having a mare of a day, i was feeling great though and soon took off again leaving him behind, i remember saying, only half marathon to go! I did feel guilty though i kept thinking i should turn back and slow down and see how he was. I didn't though, was on a mission by that point. I wanted to get to Marathon distance by 4hrs at least, 3.57 would've been even better as it would've been PB but it wasn't to be, got there at BANG ON 4hrs! wooop!

OK, dig deep time. 8 miles to go. I started n a countdown, and kept saying 8, 8, 8, beeep! 7,7 , 7 beeep, my garmin was keeping me going , i tried not to look at at too much unless i though i was slowing down, funnily enough everytime i thought i had it was opposite, i must've been in * the zone* or something lol Saw a fetch shirt in distance and realised t could only be Chris,he went off like rocket and i really didnt expect to catch him, specially after storming run last weekend. But i did catch him after a half mile or so chase and had quick chat, he said he'd gone off too fast and said he'd let me beat hm again lol A gilr passed me just before this and took a gel, i was surpised and more than a bit appalled when she just flippantly chucked wrapper away! ffs, not eactly heavy to pop into your bag and carry for rest of race, i was furious and i know i shoulve said something but i didn't want punch in face or anything ;)
Mags caught me with 4 miles to go and took off and i vowed to keep her in my sights, she started passing folk so i did too and that kept the pace for last few miles. Beep, 3 miles to go, 2, oh my god, one mile to go! Suddenly i saw the greenhouses at edge of duthie park and took ff like a loony running as fast as my tired legs would take me, down the fabulously downhill finish to big cheers and massive hugs! my last mile was 7.52 pace! :-o
Got my medal :o) Special HappyDays D33 Beer and a lovely cold beer to drink, here i am enjoying it with Andy, Scott & Mags
5 hours 6 Min's and 35sec. I was 42nd overall, 10th Lady and 3rd in my age category. I even got a trophy.

Happy Days indeed.

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter -part 2

I settled down drank my wine and just tried to enjoy the journey as it really is quite a pleasant one, i tried t forget I'd been on the go the entire day and stressed out my mind as i really didn't want it to spoil my race, nt best race prep. Bloody inspector didn't come round t check tickets til Stonehaven, i just ignored him in my fury by then lol!

Got off train to found a very smiley Jane, got much needed hug and her lovely hubby was waiting in car for us. Whisked off to lovey restaurant where we had super meal and some champers, finally the day was getting better. We decided not to head to stoney to meet everyone for drnk as i'd had enough traveling for one day and Jane's hubby was heading off to Far East very early in morning s early night planned for us all. Back to Jane's lovely big House and more champagne was had and i was tucked up in bed by 10.30pm where i slept extremely soundly and comfortably.
thank you Jane for looking after me so wonderfully :)
Got up, had 2 pints of tea and 2 slices of toast and before we knew it Claire arrived to pick us up, lovely to meet her at long last!

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 1

It didn't start off to good though, was up bright and early, finshed packing, had bath & Stephen made me several cups tea. He wished me luck and hugged me and i left house in plenty time to get train. Bus takes around 20-30 mins depending on traffic and i left house at 9.30. Not sure if it was because lots people off with it being good Friday but the bus stopped at every stop, every single one and it was packed!

Upshot of it all meant bus got into town at 10.25, i grabbed case, ran down stairs and looked for platform, saw Aberdeen-platform 19 and took off looking for it, first of all ran up stairs, hmm not there, arrow pointing downstairs? eventually found it, it's a harry potter style one and saw train and jumped on, it immediately started moving. the wrong way. I panicked and said to guard, where's this train going? LONDON he said. Oh my fuckin god, I'm meant to be on Aberdeen train. Train was still on platform but moving at this point! Was told to go see train manager at FRONT of train, took me 10 mins of pushing and shoving past everyone still trying to sit down and put bags away etc before i got to his office.

Knocked on door, told him my predicament, next stop Newcastle he said.FUCK i said. So i asked him if my ticket would be re-useable, he looked at and said no, non transferable. I'd have to buy new one from Newcastle but he'd let me off with ticket to Newcastle, well geee thanks! I asked how much that would be. £84 he said, i burst int tears and walked off. Looked like i wasn't going to Aberdeen after all, it was like someone was telling me not to.

I txt Jane to let let know what was going on,as she was picking me up at Aberdeen at 1pm supposedly. Then i found a seat and sat and cried,let all my tears for horrid week I'd had out, then i stressed out for next hour and half til got to Newcastle.Got of train and checked next one back to Edinburgh, half hour to wait. Plan started to formulate in my head as i realised i didn't have to go outside barrier therefore not use/lose my ticket. In meantime Jane was searching net for me checking out prices/times etc for train to Edinburgh/Aberdeen.

I decided to get on train to Edinburgh and not buy new ticket and pretend to be asleep when guard passed, had my story ready if he woke me up *the other guard said it was ok, honest* ;) and Jane had told me it would be £26 so i was prepared to pay up if need be. I got away with it! *phew* Decided train journey to Aberdeen would be too long to risk doing it again and i got off and got new ticket. £35, not as bad as £84 quoted from Newcastle but still £35 extra on top of what I'd paid originally. (£25 return) It was 3pm by then and i realised i hadn't eaten a thing so i went off and got a kids meal at burger and forced it down.

Got on train with 2 wee bottles of wine and started to relax for first time the entire day.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sunshine Snow, Stephen and Something else

Weather has been like my mood this week, dark, miserable and just fuckin awful to be fair. I'd only just got used to running in my vest, seeing the beautiful sunrises and boom, clocks go forwrd and it's all fucked up. Bit like my head in General i reckon.

Work is a worry, we are pitching to keep our own contract here next week and i have this feeling of dread that they've already decided to just go for it and make a change. I know we'll have to be taken on but i dont want to work for anyone else, specially as i've found out one of other guys going for it is my old employee, fuck. I left them cause they were stressing me out!

I wish women heads could bit more like men sometimes and that we didn't get emotionally involved in situations that men can just shrug off and not give a flying fuck about. I've given up trying to understand.

With my mood being as described earlier i decided not to go to Aberdeen and do George's race, no point in making other people miserable too i reckoned!Thing is, it was making me feel even worse after making this decision. Thankfully i have very good friends in Karen, Jane and Phil and now i am heading up there as planned, party dress ready, vodka irn bru ready.

Stephen had an interview yesterday and came into work to meet me afterwards so we couldgo to Asda and get big shop done. First of all though he had to go and sign on, i told him to head up there and i'd run up and clock at least a mile to take me to 200 for the month, sad i know but it was bugging me lol

Anyway, i arrive there, go into foyer and went to walk into job centre. Got stopped by 2 security guards. "can i help you?" they said. "no thanks, i'm just here to wait on my son" i said and pointed to Stephen, who was standing looking through job screen thingy. "you'll have to ask if you can stay" they said. "eh, wtf? why? who do i ask" I was directed over to 2 people standing at podium type things like you see in the weakest link (goodbye!) with WELCOME splashed across it. "hi there, i'm just in to wait on my son, is it ok?"
"NO" the welcome people said
"eh? wtf, why not?"
"you just cant"
. So off i went to wait in Foyer.
"you cant wait there either they said, you have to wait outside"
"yes" the welcome people said.
I kinda lost plot a bit here it has to be said.
"what do you think i'm going to do, bomb the place? stab you all? jeezo, the world's gone mad!"
off i stomped and stood right at the entrance of the automatic doors to annoy them and keep them icy clod fuckin blast coming thier way.
Then a blokey walked past on his way upstairs and said to me "come inside, are you not cold? " "errm, yes, i am, but i'm not allowed to " said i
"come on in and stand by radiator" said he
I smiled sweetly at the welcome staff and the security staff and they didn't say a word. I can only presume he was a manager of some description with more than an ounce of common sense to see that me, 5 foot of nothing, wearing my running gear and pigtails was on no threat to the security staff, the welcome staff or any other random person in there!

seriously though, i know these places can be full of fuckwits and druggies etc but common sense needs to prevail sometimes. Dont give me the one rule for everyone fuckin thing or i'll come and seek out of and stab you in face! ;)

Anyway... off we go to Asda, and whilst we were loading the shopping onto conveyer belt thingyumy Stephen got a phonecall t say he'd got the job he went for. It's a training scheme in which he'll work for 6 weeks learning to do plumbing, tiling,etc to find his *niche* then he will be put into a company for 6 months with the hope of a full time contract.
Apparently the rate is high of taking them on. It's all good. He still has his other job too at the bar which he is back to next week, and he can keep that on part time. Really happy for him, he's workd really bloody hard to get a job, and i'm very proud of him.


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