Sunday, 28 March 2010

Going for the Treble

Long time since I've had 3 nights out on trot!

Sukhi's wedding was ace, when we got the invite it said *evening reception* so i presumed we were invited to just the evening thing but it turns out it was just a late wedding, although it was only family at actual ceremony we arrived to a champagne reception (get in!) then through for a full sit down meal, bonza!

We just had the best laugh ever, danced all night and drank even more lol. Suhki & her Mum were showing us how to bangra dance! heehee Then i showed them how to SClub7 dance ;) Wedding finished at 1am and we were there til bitter end, then i ending up going to a club with the best man and rolled home around 3.30am

Woke up in morning and txt Jemima to see if she fancied lunch, she was on way to train station as her mum was up from Newcastle to visit her but said she'd bring her along. They were heading for walk along the canal as it was lovely day. I was going to head out for run but spent far too long doing nothing and ended up nt going.

Arrived with bottle of bubbly and J also had one plus another bottle of wine even though her Mum doesn't really drink lol! She had one glass wine we drank the rest and were last out restaurant! Back to train station to drop J's mum off then we headed to nearest pub. Quick drink and check of the footy scores (fuckin 7-1 the chelkski!boo) whilst we decided which pub to go watch footy in. Quick run up cockburn st to the Bank and got there just as it kicked off.

Why oh why do pubs have big screens, advertise football then leave the fuckin music on? why? Pisses me right off, it spoils whole atmosphere. We decided to bail from there at half time nd go to Abbey, which is my favourite football watching pub, lots screens good atmosphere, cheap drinks fab. Oh and great sharing platters, no evil mushrooms! yaays.

Was great to catch up, we had great laugh, put the wrold to rights & talked lots about men! I've decided Jemima is definitely a Morph fan ;) whereas I'm more of a powerangers girl. lol

Had the best day.

If carslberg made Saturdays......

Today i was going to run, but CBA.Maybe this is the new me, no more running.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

All foggy

Peasouper of a fog out there,you cant even see Edinburgh castle from Princes St was going to take pic but realised that would bit of blonde thing to do.

One of my favourite people in Woodmac is being seconded to Houston for 2 yrs and it's his leaving night. I gave him grief for having it on a bloody school night, got Simon & Nicola in tomorrow showing prospective clients around tommorrow too so cant exactly be bleary eyed and stinking of alcohol! So quick dash home, Stephen had bath run for me, make myself look gorgeous now heading back into town. Got asked out to another night out as i was leaving work ffs, i know i'm good but even i cant be in two places at once.

Got wedding tomorrow night too, i'll be knackered by Saturday.

Man Utd V Chelski the same day as D33. hmmm decisions.

You know under my loud, bubbly, tough exterior i'm still just a soft centred girl with feelings.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bloody Hell

chopped top of finger off when cutting fat off the pork fillet a wee while ago, och.

Meeting was ok last night, good to get updates on what the other units are doing and see the other managers. Profits are up so this keeps Simon our MD happy and we all got pats on back. We're getting taken to Taste festival again this yr,omg i must not get drunk, i must not get drunk etc etc. I was the drunkest i've ever been in my life first time we went, why cant i say no to a free drink? Didn't help that i was getting bought champagne by folk too though. Next again yr i was trying to be sensible (clearly didnt work) i have vague memories of Jemima hanging onto me trying to keep me upright as we left!

Got asked if i'd seen the Eddie izzard programme by Sales director(who is Simons wife btw) both of them sat & watched it, in fact after quick check it seemed half the people there did. Not one of them saw me in it though lol donuts.

Trying to organise girly lunch or even a bloody drink with Jemima is near on impossible, there is night out planned for 2nd April but i'm in Aberdeen. Will need to consult calender to try and get something organised not seen her in aaaages.

Had long chat to Phil last night, half of which whilst i was on bus. I usually love listening in on other people's phone calls so i do wonder what they made of mine. "they what? "
'theres no fuckn way i'm doin that, ever" etc lol

still need a haircut.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

loving the weather. Back in my vest again, and it was bit chilly to start of but i soon warmed up. Did 7.3 miles and saw an incredible sunrise over Arthurs seat as i got to the meadows. Stopped and took some pics which i'll add once i get home. This is what makes it so worthwile running at 5am, me the sunrise and the snowdrops, fuck everything/everyone else.

Read rest of book i got from jemima last night, it's called *he's just not that into you* think it was made into a film but i've not seen it. Most of it is written by a man and makes an awful lot of sense, maybe all women should read it before they start dating and take heed.

Saw some cracking runs over the weekend (from afar) Nick had fab 80km race in Paris and i'm tempted by it next yr, sounds greatWell done bro! Rach got stonkin PB and it seems that everyone is just having the best time runningwise at mo, except poor Gav :o( Wish i could wave magic wand and make him better, he so doesnt deserve it. Even Diana, who is up the duff and got told not to run by some numpty is bouncing up those hills like a bouncy ball! :)

Got Management meeting after work, just realised i've no proper shoes here so i'll need to nip out and but some as we've to be suited and booted. Doesn't start til 4 so plenty.

Let the sun shine on you all.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Shaking it up

ran to work everyday last week,and couple times home again. wasn't a conscious decision, i just felt like it.

Saturday i got up and put on running clothes and made the error of turning on pc and playing bejewelled, fetching, face booking etc and i realised i had no time to run after all. Clothes off, bath run and time to get ready for hen party.

Had to be in George st for 2pm, so there i was standing at bus stop at 1.15 in afternoon dressed to nines getting odd looks from everyone at bus stop and peeped at by several cars. It was then that i realised i hadn't eaten, not a sausage, not anything actually. ooops.

Got to Living room and most folk were there, and sitting drinking water wtf! Apparently the barman had put large jugs water out and poured glasses for us so we could sip it in between cocktails. whatever!

I ordered large glass wine.

We waited on few more arriving before the barman started making cocktails and talking us through them, i heckled him a bit and he kept getting red face haha Kim fancied him so it was my job to find out how old he was, his name etc etc. (22, cant remember name but single) Suhki (bride to be) was hauled behind bar first to make some strawberry daiquiris then i demanded some french martinis so he made me make them :)

(rest of pics on facebook)

I drank all the ones no one liked, even the ones i didn't like lol. We ended on champagne cocktails which is right up my street, obv! Had few drinks at bar before heading through for dinner, which was superb, but to be honest i'd have eaten the table by then, it was about 5 o clock and only thing i'd eaten was a strawberry from the strawberry daiquiri! Wine with dinner of course...

after dinner moved through to private area for few more drinks before deciding to head to the 3 sisters where we danced our socks off from minute we arrived. DJ was great and kept the cheesy music playing non stop.

After getting groped once too many by various rugby fans i decided to call it a night around 10.30ish as i was a. drunk b. knackered c.had blisters!

Home and in bed by 11.30, top day all round, cant wait for wedding on Friday. Was rudely awoken by house phone @ 4.30am :-o Kelly, looking for Stephen, then Stephen asking me if i was going downstairs, errm no its fuckin half 4 I'm going back to bed, oh can you just go let Kelly in as her pal was just dropping her off. I'm too nice i am!

Sunday i was awake around 8ish, got up about half hr later , cup of tea then headed out for run. Plan was for 6mile loop but the weather was gorgeous and i was having the best time! Ended up doing just short of 13miles, best run I've had in ages, just loved every minute of it. Stopped off and picked up papers and rolls and after call from Stephen to check where i was got home to Stephen & Kelly cooking brekkie for me/us.

Then it was a big footy fest of Manutd Game then Chelski game, which i watched whilst making lasagne, domestic goddess that i am. Just ran a bath and jumped in and Simon phoned, had to jump out bath and grab phone and nearly dropped it in bath! He was out doing a bloody 30mile race, on a whim! He did moan quite a bit mind you. lolAnd he only got a bloody certificate for his efforts, i'd be well pissed off for sure.

So all in all a top weekend, all over too quickly!

Ran to work today,was really dark when i first left as it ha been raining so i wore jacket, but too kit off within half mile, was boiling! Fraser at work said to me " i take a few days of work and i friggin see you all weekend on telly!" lol 3 other people stopped me today to say they'd saw me too, mustve been repeated?

Its tough this celeb lark...

Friday, 19 March 2010

Form an orderly line

if you want my autograph ... ;) On Wednesday i end up on front page of fetch as a fetchpoint legend lol!Then on Thursday the final part of Eddie's programme is shown and you can see me first of all clambering up Arthur's seat near the start of show then later on with Phil , Mike and molly the dog and his owner (why do i keep forgetting his name!)oh yeah, and frank skinner!


I'm expecting a call from Hiya! magazine any day now, clearly they'll want pics of me relaxing in my palatial mansion and drinking champagne(nowTHAT i can do)

Been a funny old week, Stephen is getting around fine on his crutches but is trying not to take the drugs (diazapam!) as he said it makes him loopy (ier) lol My nephew also ended up in hospital because of football and is also now on crutches ffs hope it's not running into the "things happen in three's" scenario, as I'm out partying tomorrow

And when i say tomorrow, that's what i mean. Hen party, starting at 2pm! We're going to sex in the city themed thingy, we get to learn how to make our own cocktails (like i don't know!!lol) and clearly we get to drink them all too. We have dinner there too, i'll probably fall face first into my main course after too many cocktails hahaha

Dress code is cocktail dress, clearly. Not decided what to wear as yet, got plenty ot choose from, me being a celeb and going to all these premiere's n whatnot... ;)

Getting haircut tonight!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Weird how some things just suddenly pop into your head, so i have to write it down as it was something missing out my GEDM reports

on last few miles we passed a few boathouse and there were few people milling around the doors, Soph screamed at " THIS GIRLS JUST RAN ALL WAY FROM GLASGOW!" lol i kept getting cheers and claps from them and it really made me smile and pick up pace a bit

I'm smiling now just thinking about it

If carlsberg made support runners........

Wishing our lives away

Getting excited about Highland Fling, think it's cause there seems to be a whole lot of interest from Fetchies about doing it next yr.

Maybe we're making it sound too easy, too much fun? :o/ Maybe it's something we need to make make clear.

It's not going to be easy, not by any stretch of imagination, yes we'll have fun, and we'll party hard etc but we've all trained pretty bloody hard for this.
My only reason for doing the GEDM was as a training run to get the distance clear in my head, to give me confidence i could be on feet for crazy length of time without dying! I can.

Stephen got lift to his work last night from Neil to let them see for themselves just how broken he is, much more affective than a phone call and it's secured his job *phew* He's going in for staff meeting on sat to meet everyone and had license training next week, thank goodness, it's made him whole lot happier.

Last week i got another txt from Tony, then again on Saturday so i decided to txt him back this time. I was very nice and said thanks but no thanks. So i reckon it should be last i hear from him.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Keeping head down

Someone said to me in lift yesterday, "is it true you ran a double marathon last weekend?"

I've not told that many people at work, i guess i just wanted the focus to be on Highland Fling, cause that's what i'm raising money for and i get asked daily about that.I dont want people to think i do this kinda of thing on a regular basis, it'll somewhat cheapen my attempt at fling and i dont want anything to take away how hard this will be for me. Physically and mentally.

Phone call last night at 9.15, i was in bed watching telly and i ignored house phone. Then random number pops up on mobile, just as well i'm too nosy to ignore as it was Stephens manager saying they were waiting on ambulance to take him to hospital. I think Stephen is on first name terms with them down there now the amount of times he's been in because of football injuries!

I was told not to go down and with all my instincts screaming go go i called Kelly. She went down with Neil, her brother who drove her there. I got regular updates (they arrvied there before him, we're only 2 miles from hospital) and i eventually spoke to Stephen at 1.15am, he was waiting on doc coming back with drugs and xray results. He got released at 2.30am and went back to Kelly's (he stays there half week anyway) No doubt i'll be running after him for next 6 weeks or so! Poor sausage.

This pic was taken of me & him on friday night at kelly's grans golden wedding party>>

ran to work this morning, think i'm on autopilot at mo to be honest.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Feeling Blue

Since i woke up this morning so i got myself organised and headed off to Cemetery, stopping off to buy flowers, lovely mixed bunch and some daffies, my Mum loved daffodils :)

Gorgeous day out there. I took a few detours and a wee trip down memory lane by running out by my old primary school, i got told recently they'd knocked it down. Made me sad to see it, i cant believe how small the space looks! It was only a wee school anyway, with about 150 pupils but it just looks so tiny. I guess i was super tiny at primary, yeah i know I'm not much bigger now before you al start but i was really small then ok!

They've built a new school and it's now joined with another local school ,good to see Catholic & Protestant schools mixing but i reckon if they're going to do it, they should do it properly and have them ll doing classes etc together, they still basically have separate schools but just share a building, whats the point? Ran past and down past my old church, i maybe shouldve popped in and lit a candle for Mum, but she wasn't a catholic and might haunt me or something, my Dad was though but hey ho, i didn't.

Cemetery is on a Hill and if there is even a slight wind it's freezing, although it's beautiful sunny day still had that chill there. Grave looks lovely now and left feeling much brighter. Decided on few detours on way home and with the help of Simon (Le Bon, not Bonell) ended up doing 11 miles.

Stopped off to get papers and man in shop asked if I'd been cycling, no I've been running i said. How far he asked, oh just 11 miles i said. He was astounded, asked how long it had taken me etc and was well impressed. Amazing how we can be so flippant about just 11 miles now, i think it's something we need to be careful or doing especially to new runners. I never thought I'd be a proper runner, never mind an Ultra runner, crikey, i'm an Ultra runner. It Feels good

Mum would be very proud

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Erase & Rewind

Ran home yesterday because it was a beautiful day, and because i felt good. Running up Lothian road was bit of mare though, loads of folk out enjoying sunshine and walking at snails pace 4 abreast had mucho dodging to do and doing so i pulled something in my thigh.By time i was at the meadows (which were stunning btw, millions of colourful crocuses and pansies all blooming) i was limping, i managed to get through meadows and stopped at earliest bus stop and got bus rest of way home.Cal and thigh both sore. Pants.

Last night was good though. Me & Stephen (Stephen & i!)settled down to watch footy with kebabs and cider lol :) I'm not a man, honest. Cracking game, was trying to Spot Nick on telly but no avail. Hope you enjoyed it bro, cracking atmosphere!

So decided before going to bed that today I'd be resting, no point making things worse. Got to bus stop and as bus approached i pulled out my money i'd put in pocket, only to realise i had 30p, instead of £1.30. Much frantic looking in other pockets and purse, no change. Had to go home and wait on next bus. Not great start at 5.30am is it? Got home and put back down, looked in side pocket and fuckin found bag of change aaaaaargh! See, this is why i run to work!

Got to work and set about making scones, put too much water into my mix and kept on adding more and more mixture until the scone mix was taking over the kitchen, i made giant scones the size of my head and still threw out loads of mixture. Went into freezer to take out bagels for breakfast service and suddenly remembered I'd put 3 (glass) bottles of water in there yesterday for one of afternoon meetings we had on. Only thing is i forgot and took them out fridge, so this morning i had 3 exploded bottles of water in freezer and glass fuckin everywhere.

Started picking it out freezer and chucking it in bin, glass everywhere. Suddenly i see a trail of blood, wtf? look down and my hand covered in blood. jeeezo! Pulled on a disposable glove over it and got on with getting scones out oven, bagels out freezer,bacon on etc etc whilst my glove filled up with blood. David the chef came and and looked at me in horror, think it looked worse than it was though....

Got cleaned up, plaster on etc and headed off to take down breakfast meeting i had on, took tea coffee water etc there but wasn't until i was in room that i realised I'd forgotten to take cups and glasses. Another trip in worst, slowest lift in world back up to kitchen and back down again before heading off to deliver another meeting on another floor, this time remembering everything.

All this before 8.30am.

I'm staying away from sharp knifes and electrical equipment for rest of day. It's paperwork day so i'll be at desk for majority of it, cant get into too much trouble here can i?

Can i please rewind and start this day over?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Thank you's

Who needs the Oscars when you've got the Santa's eh?

ooh where to start?I guess i have to start with Karen & George, it's all their fault you know....
All those good luck messages i got in the morning, you all know who you are, was a great boost. Phil ,complete star. Gutted not to be running with poorly wee foot but still up for supporting, and what a fabulous job he did, driving us around, popping up in random places with his cheery smile and hugs and just knowing what to say and when to say it. You're fabulous, i love you.

Alan who I'd almost forgotten about appeared with his family, extra drinks and food etc and ran with me til Linlithgow, i didn't even notice those miles ticking by, thanks!

Soph, who kept me going those last 23 miles and bits in between too. She didn't even do a mental soph spazzy shouty thing at me, she sang with me and danced with me and ran with me. She tried to kill me too though lets not forget..... Thanks you Soph, i cant say it enough.

Every single person who responded to my thread on fetch to come and support, oh my god you were are brilliant.What it mean to see smiley familiar faces when we least expected it was just great, and you all went that extra mile,Scott, Lucy, Michael, Ian, Lorraine, Dave,Norma, Dougall, Gavin going the extra 20 or so cause he was on bike lol :)

thank you :)


Straight to bed once got home (apparently) Slept well that night lol

Phil knocked on bedroom door in morning and appeared wearing my purple silk kimono lol, wish I'd had camera handy, suited him!

Got up cooked enormous breakfast for 8 of us which was quickly demolished.After brekkie Simon decided to empty his race bag, he was telling me about how his sandwiches had gone black due to the the tinfoil, and to prove his point he pulled out a large wrapped piece of tinfoil, unwrapped it and produced.... no, not a jam sandwich but a big lump of Smoked Cheddar.

The muppet had only gone and ran 55 miles with a piece of cheese from my fridge! ffs lol Phil said to him, well at least you'd have been ok if you'd been attacked by killer mice. Simon replied, yeah, at least i wouldn't have been pecked to death! lol God only knows what kind of mice they have in Engerlunshire but our mice nibble up here. He really really makes me laugh a lot and doesn't even mean it.
Phil & Anna said their farewells and headed off into town to climb up hills and send tempting pics to us.

So looking back i had no reason to be nervous after all but i think too much self confidence can lead to a fall so i reckon it did me bit of good. My training must have been spot on, thanks to WHW training runs, all the pentland running and all the crazy stuff in general I've been doing for last year. (crazy for me, maybe not mentalist ultra runners!)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The afters

few gulps of my drinks, got my goody bag, put medal on and started shivering, straight into cargo to warm up. Got my bag together and started getting txts almost immediately without even texting folk! lol Fetch is a wonderful thing.

Headed off to toilets to get changed into my red dress & heels to feel normal again. Soph to the rescue as ever with wet wipes as i forgot to bring towel, i am a numpty! Hair was depigtailed and dried straight and i left toilets looking a new person, and feeling it too. Feet were teeny bit sore but few more drinks and i was hitting the dance floor with Phil!
We did keep running out pub every time we thought someone was coming in though lol and it wasn't long before Chris was back, then it was Jane looking tired but happy and very very cold. Every time another runner came in there was more fetchies to go who'd been acting as support, it was amazing! I was still high as kite on adrenalin! drinks all round, smiles, hugs, more dancing, more drinking, you get the drift! Poor Simon was poorly and suffering big time with manflu and wasn't quite his boisterous mischievous self.

After getting updates from Lorraine & Ian we knew Claire was getting nearby so off we all went outside again, but we went just a bit too soon and i spent at least 15 mins shouting claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaire hurrrrry up whilst holding finishing line (they'd dismantled the arch thingy by then) before too long though we saw lights in distance and she was home n dry and bloody exhausted. Our job here was done!

Back inside pub and there was much *discussions* about whether to go eat or not, i wanted to head home with sickboy but Phil, Anna and Claire wanted to go out and eat. In the end phil persuaded sickboy to his way of thinking and i had no choice but to go with flow lol

Actually really glad we did, mind you i couldn't even eat half of it, i just wasn't that hungry, but it was gorgeous. so they packaged the rest up for me and i took it home with me, bless. They asked us if we'd just ran the race (the medals were perhaps a giveaway) and we all got glass of bubbly each! bonza!

Thing is, Claire was asleep on table, Phil was drinking the wine with Anna, Simon was being a sickboy so no one wanted theirs. I had to drink 5 glasses by myself. That was after all the vodka, wine and champagne id had in cargo too btw!

Apparently i was a bit loud in taxi on way home.....


Soph made sure i had plenty drinks and stuff and off we set, before long i had to stop and get her to snip bit of compeed though as it was rubbing too much. Lucky that Soph had scissors in her bag eh? ;) lol
7 miles on and i was surprised and delighted to see Phil & Anna! phil had said at last checkpoint he'd see me in pub so i thought I'd not see them again. But he didn't forget (like i did!) that i said i wanted my vodka & irn bru at mile 40! Great boost to see them and Anna thankfully looked much happier than when i'd last saw her :o) It was great getting updates on how Simon and everyone else was doing when we saw people too.

Kept passing folk and was surprised to pass Angus, who at start had said to Simon he's run with him as they were same pace. I offered him some vodka and he said *i wish* i think he didn't believe me i had voddie in the irn bru bottle lol

You know, most of the few passed quickly again. Soph was brilliant, i didn't even need to take lid of my drinks, she did it for me and put them back in bag for me too, wonderful. about 3 mile away from next (and last!) checkpoint we saw a bike coming towards, with a fetch top on on! Wooop, it was Gavin aka HappyG, i gave him huge hug and he was super excited and more than a bit surprised to see me haha, i said oh thanks very much, thinking i'd be way slower! He told me to keep moving and shout if i needed anything, he had my flask of tea as promised and said i'd to give a shout when i wanted it. Had the BEST cup of tea ever, still walking though still no stopping, keep moving forward, keep moving forward, Karen's words stuck in my head every time i stopped running, great mantra from a great Ultra runner.

Gavin even took all our drinks of us both so we didn't have extra weight to carry, what an angel. I wouldn't even have thought of something like that. Then he took off to the shops to get me a packet of crisps as i fancied something salty, he came back with a choice of flavours for me and a sandwich too lol, i ate half the crisps and passed on the sarnie but thank you anyway Gav, you're just fabulous. Before too long we were at last checkpoint (47m) as i came under the bridge i was rendered speechless by the shouting and cheering and all the lovely people who'd made such a big effort to be there, yes me, speechless!

Scott told me that Simon was only 20 mins ahead of, i turned to Soph and said *c'mon!* :o) lol not that i would catch him but i was super surprised to find he'd slowed down so much. I said to Soph i wanted to do a wee dance at mile 50, it felt significant and i wanted to mark it. We discussed songs and dances by singing them at top of our voices, first up was Timewarp, followed by agadooo, do do, then last but not least reach for the stars. At this point Angus who we'd been passed by at this point turned and said *vodka kicking in then?* lol

Got to 50 miles, did a wee dance, sang reach for the stars again til i got bt choked up and off we ran again, passing Angus once again. We kept a fairly steady pace up until about mile 52/53 where i started to feel ravenous, i ate half boost bar then half a cereal bar soph gave me, she then made me run which made me choke on it, almost choked to death and fell in canal at mile 54, one mile to go, way to go !

We got to the cobbly bit which heralds the last 500metres or so, my garmin beeped to tell me i'd reached 55 miles and i started to fill up, i could hear Phil shouting by this point and i ran and ran until i crossed under that big finishing tunnel. I have a bit of a short memory loss here but i remember getting hugged and kissed and wad handed a large vodka :o)

I did it, i ran 55 miles in 9hrs, 52 mins , i was, i am an Ultra runner.

to be continued....

Ultra Santa

Yes i am! But let's start at the beginning shall we?

Got home from work and faffed around putting beer, wine and cider in fridge and generally dong nothing much. Simon arrived around 7.30 and demanded tea and beer, which he got. Phil & Anna arrived about 9.30 and the drinking started properly. By 1.30am we decided that maybe, just maybe we should go to bed owing to fact that we (well nearly all of us) were running 55 miles the next morning and had to be up early!

After 2 hours sleep(yes, really) we got up , had breakfast and got our race bags ready. I'd made (the best)sandwiches the previous night for me & Simon, or Simon and I, whichever way you like it.They were all wrapped up individually in tin foil, mine were cut into teeny wee pieces, Simon's a bit bigger, so he chucked his into his bag, and mine into mine, more on that later OK.....

Journey through to the Weej was uneventful, and we found it after asking a few folk who had no clue but got there eventually. Lots of fetchie hugs and race chat and before we knew it it was time for off. Eeeep. No going back now. First wee bit was downhill and it was difficult not to go off fast, then we turned onto Canal, was with Anna, for about a mile but she is waaay too fast so i let her go off, watch Simon disappear waaay into distance within a mile too and i settled into my own wee pace. Ended up running the most of first 13miles with Chris aka rentboy,we put the worlds to right and we both had our own personal reasons for this race being special to us.

I stopped to faff with my bag and put my number on it and lost Chris but kept him in my sight just ahead, i knew i was getting fairly close to first checkpoint when suddenly i saw a fetch shirt in the distance, coming towards us. it was Soph, i did what i do best and shouted SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPH and nearly scared the 3 folk in front of me enough to almost fall into the canal hhahahaha, oops. Soph soon caught us and i told her i wanted to change my shoes and top as i was too hot and it was really quite muddy, slippy and wet and i wanted to change into my roclites. She relayed info to Phil who of course had it all waiting and ready at first checkpoint. star :o)Got to checkpoint (13.1 miles)Hugged Phil, Whipped off top, got new one on, changed shoes and off i went.

My plan was to not stop at checkpoints unless there was reason to, like to fill bottle, change etc. I didn't stop at any further checkpoints :o) I was on my own for about 15 miles i think, swapping places randomly with some Irish guys, i had my ipod on and was really quite as happy as Larry, singing along to likes of Abba, the killers and wham, cant say I'm not diverse!Ran through Falkirk whee(22.25miles) which just amazing, lots of support there and it was first time I've been there. Phil thought the Falkirk wheel was a Ferris wheel, double lol @ that btw :o) Soph met me there and walked me up the hill where she told me Anna had been struggling a bit with her leg she injured over Christmas, met Phil coming back down hill got big hug and he said I'd probably catch Anna up.

I stopped(my only stop!) just after wheel as i had blister on toe, got out my compeeds and patched it up and headed back off again.

Just past the wheel there was a really long, really dark tunnel, it was horrible, water running down sides and dripping nto you, wet slippy cobbles and only a wee fence to stop you falling in, which would've been no good had i slipped, I'd have gone straight in canal! It was bloody freezing too, i only had my wee vest top on so i just kept running and running through it, getting chased my ghosts and ghouls and monsters (no kidding, lots of shadows,weird noises and all sorts!) Passed a guy walking through gingerly carrying his head torch, maybe i should've took mine out but i couldn't be bothered raking for it!
Not long after that i caught up with Anna, she was in fair bit of pain but soldiering on, she eventually told me to bog off when i told her to walk fast when we took a walking break, she'd already decided she was pulling out at next Checkpoint so i told her I'd let Phil know where she was and left her.
At around mile 28 i think? not entirely sure i met Alan aka Tizer on fetch (boabs pal) he is Mr Speedy and i was bit worried about him running with me being slow but he was an utter star. His wife gave me bottle of lucozade and off we went to next checkpoint, not sure how many miles it was but they passed in a whirl, thanks for company Alan, hope you're training goes well for Edinburgh.

Got to checkpoint(33.75 miles) feeling good.i ran through again, nice to see DaveK and his family there supporting, you've no idea the boost it gives to see friendly faces! I picked up Soph here as she was running rest of race with me.....

Friday, 5 March 2010

Smiley Sandra

I'm having a rest day, it's called Tapering i beleive.

No more Sleeps.

I'm actually quite excited, but also still a bit scared. Surely i wouldn't be normal not to be a bit scared though? it's 55 miles, it's a long way. I just hope i can finish with Smile on my face.

Looking forward to seeing all the fab people who are taking time & effort to come out and support us and run with us.Looking forward to catching up with Phil & Anna, they should arrive around 8ish tonight. Simon should be here by 5 :o)

Next blog will be epic, god knows when it'll be though, Simon is here til Tuesday....

Thursday, 4 March 2010

I will cheer up, i will

I'm not normally all maudlin and miserable am i?

Got home yesterday to a cheque from my Auntie, she doesn't trust the internet and wont sponsor me online the silly moo. Anyway, she sent a wee note saying, it's 20 years since your Mum died today (Tuesday2nd) The same day i met Roger and went home to bed miserable. It's weird but every year i forget the day she died,i always focus on the 6th, cause that was when she was buried. This was day my life went into freefall, when it all became a bit too real, she wasn't coming back. So maybe the Tuesday misery was buried deep inside and it wasn't *just* Roger, although he is a cunt, that much is confirmed.

So i hope i don't dwell on it on Saturday, it's such a huge day for me, i reckon there will be tears at some point, whether it'll be pure exhaustion, misery, pain, happiness, jubilance, i have no idea. Maybe it will be a melting pot of emotions.

I put a thread on Feych calling out to Fetchies asking for support enroute, and i'm quite franky overwhelmed by everyone, Saturday is going to be great. It is.

one sleep.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Brick Walls

Had really good day yesterday, run to work was lovely, work was good, busy but good and just was in happy shiny mood all day :o)

Then i went to meet Roger to pick up present his Mum had sent up for me. And so we start going round in circles again. It's like all these conversations aren't happening, it's like that the past 15 months have been all in my head clearly. Why did you say you could'nt trust me? He says. Well Roger, beccause you lied to me, you lied when you ended our marriage, you lied lied lied and lied again.Why didn't you try to change my mind? Well Roger, because you knew i had no desire for anymore children and you knew by saying that to me that i'd have no comeback, oh and you lied about it. Oh, and you started staying out all night, hiding your phone etc etc, i was fuckin happy by time i managed to remortgage and get you out, yes, happy.I stupidly mentioned i'd been on phone to Phil for an hour last week, i should learn to just say what needs saying and no more really. This started the whole Phil debate again.Apparently i would be naturally attracted to Phil cause he bears resemblance to Roger, being dark n all. for fucks sake. One of the girls *pursuing* Roger apparently looks like a rougher older version of me, even though she is younger than me. This rules her out, not being as good as me and all that. For fucks sake. Yes, i know i'm saying that a lot.

He the told me his friend Pam, (whom i've never met btw) told him that we'd get back together! I sighed deeply and kinda lost plot. I told him to go get himself a girlfriend , he said he'd had plenty offers. So take them up then for fucks sake. I actually feel like i'm going round and round in circles. I was fed up and depressed by time i left him, went home, had food and went to bed.

I was cheered up somewhat by phonecall from Nick to hear all about his epic race last weekend, i'm so very proud of him, he rocks. It also gave me bit more confidence about the weekend as i've been wibbling a bit about running 55 miles, eeep.

Had restless night's sleep and woke up waay too many times :( run to work was bit pants too, calf bit sore again. *sighs*

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Loving it, loving it, loving it

Bought a new backpack at last yesterday! My poor wee current which George & Karen got me for birthday last yr was quite literally falling off my back but it's done me a great service as I've worn it to work nearly every day. Got myself a deuter lite one after recommendations from Scotty,Phil & Gav have one also so I'm in good company ;)

Ran with it this morning and had great run so clearly it has healing calf qualities as well as super turbo charge as it was my fastest run in ages! Wooop, makes things look a tad brighter for Saturday's monster race.

Another lovely morning here and i ran without my jacket on for first time in long time. It's funny in this 5am world of mine, although there arent many people around, apart from odd crazy dog, flashers etc obv, there are always the regulars too. Passed a guy who delivers papers to Tesco, he shouted a cheery good morning and said *good to see back in training!* bless, he mustve missed me! Lovely full Moon again this morning which was very low in sky again by time i was in meadows.

Another lovely day. s'all good.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Dinner,Virus's, Dancing ,Balls and Fame

Stephen came into work to meet me on Friday and we got bus home together, the crazy singing woman got on and i pointed her out to Stephen and told him story (see few blogs back) and said "bet she'll sing again" Stephen wasn't convinced, she seemed quite content digging into her donut. But before long the donut was gone and she started! Stephen cracked up which just cracked me up, and rest of bus was just shaking with laughter. She was really going for it this time. Mucho hilarity.

Got home and Soph soon appeared to try and fix my PC. Felt really bad as i had pre-arrangement to meet Jane for dinner and had to leave Soph working on it :( *guilt guilt guilt*

Weather was truly bloody awful on Friday night, sideways horrid sleety snow, baltic and windy to boot, there aren't many people i'd venture out in that for! Met Jane & her hubby in Bollinger bar for few drinks then we headed through for dinner. Cant possibly meet Jane and not have champagne so i had Kir Royale while Jane had a Bellini followed by much more wine and a fabulous meal. We were joined wee while later by Jane's brother in law who was just lovely. We then went back through to bar for more drinks and before long it was 1am and time to head home. Many thanks to Jane & Alan for a fabulous evening.

Got home and poked head round door to find Soph fast asleep bless her so off i staggered to bed. Soph woke me up in morning and i had a chat with her which i can only remember bits off to be honest, think i mustve still be drunk. There was no snow when i arrived home but by 6am there was shitloads! it was blizzard city so Soph decided best bet would be to head off with PC and go and bury it deep in a garden somewhere in the weej, or maybe try and fix it, either or.

Got txt from Simon on Saturday telling me it was baltic, yes he was skiing! lol I said *no shit Sherlock!* haha,himbo :p ( only 4 more sleeps wooop!)

Saturday was spent doing pretty much nothing all day before heading out to meet a bunch of nutters (aka Fetchies) for a ceilidh.Lots of dancing and laughs were had a top night all round! Was home by about 1ish, fairly tipsy but not not derunk.

Sunday's planned lie in was thwarted by Simon:o) but i stayed in bed til about 10.30 anyway then got up and made Soup, peeled tatties etc for dinner, today was all about chilling out and enjoying the footy.I even gave up a race because it clashed. First up was Celtic Rangers game which was just something to pass time til important game started. Made brunch for me & Stephen and sat and read papers and generally chilled. Oh, i made the Sunday paper! lol, was in Sunday Mail, pic of me running up Arthurs seat with Eddie, my pal ;) Looks like i might be on telly this week then!(BBC3, thu 10.30, it's in 3 parts so tape it)Game was great (of course!) which made me & Stephen happy bunnies. Kelly came up and joined us for dinner and i had early night and was in bed by 9pm like good girl that i am!

Ran into work today, calf feels less tight than it has been thankfully. What a lovely morning though, although it's still dark i just knew it was going to be a lovely day, as i came through the meadows there was a very bright full moon it was so bright and so big and felt i could just reach out and touch it. I love runs like this that's why i love running in morning so much, it's just so peaceful and a joy to have it all to yourself. That's what running is all about for me.

I'm avoiding fetch at mo unless it's to long my runs or else i'll punch someone's lights out.


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