Saturday, 26 December 2009


Christmas Eve was chilled out, Kelly came up and we had chinese , champagne and just chilled out watching telly.Went to bed about 11ish, Stephen was heading toKellys to stay as they were all up at 4.30am (crazies) to open pressies before Kelly's mum went to work.I heard Stephen come in around 6.30 and head off to bed, i said i'd wake him up once back from my run. I waited til it got light as i planned to go offroad and didn't want to wear the headtorch.

Had lovely 6.5miles, Wishing all the dogwalkers i met Happy Christmas, saw no other runners. Came back and took picture above, all was quiet, room was tidy..

Made breakfast then got Stephen up, had lovely big fry up with Champagne then we opened our Stockings. Got lots of lovely wee minuature smellies from ody shop, great for taking away to races :) Also got Killers CD been wanting for ages raaa. Stephen loved all his socks ;) and loved his Tiesto ticket even more.
More champagne then it was onto the pressies under tree. Stehpen sat by tree and handed them out, we'd both open on at same time. It was great fun and i most difeinitly got spoilt!

Lovely Joopsy sent me some fabulous running gloves, hat and reflective vest, thank god i can now ditch my gloves i burnt when trying to dry them on coffee machine at work lol! My Fetch secret Santa got me champage truffles, a Chrsitmas bath bomb and best of all a ducks fizz, no its not a spellnig mistake, it's a gold rubber duck with a champagne bottle round it's neck! lol brilliant, so me.

Stephen utterly spoiled me by getting me my favourite Chanel No 5, he had a gift set made up from a 50ml bottle of Parfum, and a huge bottle of the wonderful satin body spray, i love love love it, and love love love him. I got lots of other wee things from him too, the sweetheart. Got 2 more bottle perfume, marilyn pic as seen is pic! 2 books (one running one, one Duran Duran one! woop!)tons of other smellies, PJ's slippers, foot stuff. Everysingle pressie i got was thoughtful. There's a tread on fetch saying what was your worst pressie, i dont think i got any. :) Stephen loved all his too (flat screentv/dvd/ combi, clothes, itunes vouchers, tons aftershave,xbox tons of stuff)

Kelly arrived wee while laterwith more presies and got to open all hers from Stephen and me too, she aslo got a tiesto ticket from me and screamed when she opened it :)

Here is the *aftermath* once we'd opened all pressies>
We sat down and drank more champagne and watcched Noels Chrsitmas presents before Kelly had to head back home. rest of day was spent just chlling out, watching tv and drinking chamapagne, yes i knoe i've said that a lot lol We had our lovely dinner around 5ish, Fillet steak, Peppercorn sauce, roasties, potato croquettes &veg. Stephen said it was best dinner ever. We hd chocolate fondant pudding about an hour later, yes with more champagne !
Perfect Day.

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  1. what fab piccies Santa:-) and i knew i could count on you to drink enough champers for all of us :-)



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