Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Blockbuster Stuff?

Had a rest day yesterday, woke up and although i had my running gear all ready i was just knackered, so re-set alarm til dizzy heights of 5.15 and had an extra 45mins sleep. I was wondering why i was so tired until i read back on my training and saw I'd done 53miles last week, ran everyday and home twice so 9 times altogether. But as I've said before I'm going with flow at mo and i felt fine so i went with it.

Thank goodness i did take rest as i had to stay at work ti 5 due to staff shortages, so made for very long day.

I had a really nice weekend and it's turned a corner with how I've been feeling these past few weeks, everything is that bit brighter again, thank goodness for good friends and a fabulous son :o)

When i was faffing around on fetch last night and reading blogs etc it occurred to me about how much i know about so many people. We've had a bit of everything thrown into that site, i know of many affairs, some still ongoing, some fallen by wayside, there's been babies, marriage,stalkers, crazy folk, anorexics, bulimics, and plenty of scandalous incidents. Every so often an argument will kick off big time, not sure if it's full moon time or what but few days later it'll all go quiet again, until the next time.

I've been genuinely shocked about some of things I've found out about fetchies, being someone who is/was around a lot i thought i saw it all but god no, there's stuff that would make you're hair curl. We quite often get into talks about *when it was all fields* on there too, and yes we had a great laugh, but that since those little fields have turned into great big stonking meadows things have changed. They have to change, you can have tenfold the amount of members and expect things to stay the same. I've often found that the people who are moaning about it not being the same are the ones who rarely post or are rarely around anymore.

It's like turning up at your house and finding a party going on that you've not been invited to i guess. Doesn't mean you cant join in though, grab a drink and have a boogie! Instead of moaning about it being crap, and full of wankers. why not hang around a bit more and contribute like you used to, make it the place you remember so fondly...

Of course people change, I've seen so many marriages/relationships break down in my short time in fetch and this changes people, of course it does. Some people have disappeared completely without explanation, some people have a bit of drama, fall out with everyone in sight then disappear and some people most definitely lurk but don't post anymore. I was in tears twice in past few weeks over fetch stuff, i know I've been in crap place at mo but an Internet site shouldn't make you cry should it.

I guess what I'm saying is that the site is ours, it's what WE make it, if it's not the same and is crap, then we are partly to blame.

I do wonder sometimes what Fetch (the creator) thinks of all this, he is a real person you know! he started the site cause he wanted somewhere to log his training, it evolved into what it is now and was soon seen as a very good investment for the ever powerful Runners world who promptly made fetch an offer he couldn't refuse. Good thing is that he is still in total control, it's still his site, this is what makes it the place it is.

I often wish i could have a talent for writing as i think the whole fetch saga would make a great book ,the dramas, the affairs, the break ups, the fights, the parties... oh and the running, we do that too you know.....


  1. so true, (funny how it seems, alway in time but never in line for dreams)

  2. I always think of your blogs as a "Bridget Jones Diary" with running. I am sure one day you will be discovered by a Hollywood producer who will turn it into one of those British films with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. The Yanks just love those. Then you will be rich and famous with endless supplies of bubbly and party frocks!

  3. lol Lesley, i'll get my dress ordered for premier now....



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