Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Kinlochleven to Fort William.

I thanked Doctor Chris for patching me up and when he asked if there was anything else he could give m

e i asked if he had any morphine "yes" he said" but you're not getting any!"
Oh well, nothing ventured and all that.... I left all patched up, thanked the Marshall's and said a cheery goodbye to everyone. I was in high spirits despite my excruciating pain.

I felt sorry for Gavin as i knew I'd not be able to run at all this section, walking was painful enough and the terrain is probably hardest in whole route. I couldn't lift my left leg very high so avoiding boulders rocks and even tiny stones was difficult, each bash reverberated through my legs and up to my knees.

This was going to be a long haul. I was somehow managing to hold off people passing me and was only passed by 3 people here, one who i overtook later on, god knows how.  We kept on seeing twinkling lights and it soon became clear it was mountain rescue blokes. There were 3 sets of them on the 7 mile section to Lundavra! We didn't need anything from them but they were so nice and offered us stuff each time and were most encouraging, telling us we were amazing. Gavin quickly chipping in he wasn't (but he was)  I wasn't for stopping at all so it was hi and bye and thanks for great job from me. Putting my head torch on was a bit of a low point for me. I hadn't intended on wearing it again if i'd finished in my 23hrplan but hey ho, get moving Sandra and harden the fuck up/

Took forever til we smelt the bonfire, and i was so happy to get to Lundavra.Took us 3 long hours though, painful, excruciatingly so. Everyone was in high spirits here though and it totally lifted my spirits like you wouldn't believe. Nick and Susan were here but i only saw Nick as there was no way i was stopping now, keep moving forward. It was last thing KarenD had said to me as she ran down to hug me before the start.

Had bit of banter with the Marshall's and Elaine (Donalds wife) shouted at me just as i was leaving up the hill so had a shouty conversation with her too lol Off we went up hill until a Marshall ran after us saying Ian was just parking up to see me before i left. I almost cried here. Was so good to see him. Think it put his mind at rest too to see me still smiling. He said he'd see me at finish and was so proud of me and i blubbed a bit and soldiered on.

The steps down through the forest and beside the water were so so painful. Too big to just step off, they need a jump, not great on bone crushing ankles. The climbs we rent quite so bad, but i knew it was a long long descent. I kept asking Gavin the mileage, how far, what time? etc. Poor Gavin. I remember him saying we were at mile 5 so it was one to Brave heart Car park then one along road.

That mile, omg. I had Gavin wandering all over path and almost falling down gully's, and me persistently saying this must be a mile by now, SURELY TO GOD. Brave heart car park, what a glorious sight. Susan & Nick, even more glorious. I'm getting emotional typing this now.

There wasn't much talking, i was too busy deep breathing which I'd been doing for past 7 miles trying to breath through the pain. It kept giving me hiccups though which made me laugh at least. Talk about conflicting emotions. One mile to go. I kept looking for the 30mph sign, i knew it was halfway. I expected to running past this of course but here i was walking, i was a bit gutted. Got round corner to see Ian coming towards us, he took my hand and said i was nearly there.

I couldn't even run those last few steps, not due to tiredness, i was fine. My legs still had life in them, my mind was alert, my feet were bit sore but no blisters or anything. Those damn ankles. I got into the Leisure centre, got kiss from Ian and hugs and kisses from all my super fabulous crew.

After all that i almost had a sense of disappointment, i cant quite describe it. Could it have been that i hadn't managed a run for the last 14miles? not my idea of finishing a race, or was it the pain was overcoming me? i have no idea, i felt a bit emotionless compared to how i felt the previous 2 years as support crew.


  1. An emotional exhausting read! Sorry about the bittersweet end, it's a shame you weren't able to finish perhaps as you managed but you've earned your first goblet and I'm sure you'll be back for more in the future, yes?
    Many many congratulations and I hope you're back out running soon xxx

  2. Wow...

    It's tough, but if it was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge!

    Hope your ankles recover quickly and you can start planning next year's PB....

  3. Congratulations Sandra on a superb run.

    I hope you intend to do it again next year as you'll take a few hours off your time. You are more than capable of running sub 23hr.

    Well done and a great report.

  4. Congratulations Sandra

    You had a real rollercoaster of a race and it's a shame you couldn't of finish the way you had wanted but bloody hell I gotta say well done just to have reached the finish was an amazing achievement considering everything and your crew sounded like they had a brilliant time supporting you all the way. :0)

  5. To be honest I think my wife will be more embarrased at her husband singing S Club songs than of the world finding out about her love of Bucks Fizz! I fully understand your disappointment of the finish. I had been waiting for a great big joyous occasion but it didn't happen as were too concerned about you to be doing anything else. Great read so far and it is really great to hear the same race from your eyes.

  6. You didn't give up. That is a huge victory for mind over body.

  7. "i asked if he had any morphine "yes" he said" but you're not getting any!"

    He could've given you a wee bit!

    You did it Sandra and you will come back next year and get the sub 23 for sure. Awesome achievement xxx

  8. just think how big the PB will be next time.



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