Thursday, 30 September 2010

Going Clubbing

Something i hardly ever do, haven't for long time actually.

But it's time to up the ante and make more of an effort. My club does a *pub* run every so often, starts & finishes at pub. My kind run. Normally it's at other sde of town ie- Balerno end, cause thats where club is based. It's 2 bus rides away from me though hence i dont often make it along. Yes i know it's daft to join a club on other side of town but they run in the pentlands a lot (hence the name(Harmeny pentland runners!) and it's full of lots of lovely people.

Anyway.. last nights run was starting just up road from me, bonza! So off i go armed with hi viz and head torch as ordered. Gav was first to arrive, quickly followed by Ian then everyone else. Iain, our supremo guide warned us it would be, muddy, boggy, wet & dark! It was :o)

Great run, loved it. Up into lower end of Pentlands quick skirt round bottom and back to pub. Brilliant.I ran mainly with Alistair as he wanted to chat me abut a very excting project he has coming up. This was only 2nd time ever i've ran with headtorch, frst time was suporting Jen on WHW race last yr, i need to find a way of making it bit more comfortable as i was fiddling around with it fair bit. Back to pub for few drinks then Alistair took me home and i caught 2nd half of game.
The club are big on thier headtorch runs so i'm really looking forward to getting up there and having bit of fun in the hills in the darkness! :)

WHW entries open tomorrow! woohooooo

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Thighs have it

Ran up to gym yesterday for my session with Pascale.He'd done me a plan and was taking me through it showing me correct way, timing me, pushing me etc aaargh! bloody hard work it was too. I wish i could afford to pay him everytime i go to push me but i cant so i'll have to see if i can push myself, i really hope i can

I predicted i'd be incredibly sore this morning but weirdly i was ok...

Decided not to run anyway and take a rest day, then i realised i said i'd go along to club run so it's not really a rest day lol. Anyway, as the day has worn on my inner thighs have got tighter & tighter.

Does this mean i'll have thighs of steel soon? :)

Got my number for Abingdon Marathon today :( Getting jealous of everyone heading up to Loch Ness @ Weekend too.waaaah etc

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dumfries Half

I was meant to do Glasgow half & ditched it for Perth 50k. Susan asked me to go down & do this race and seeing how she is always visiting me, how could i refuse?

On Thursday i did the photo shoot @ the studio with Roger, went to pub first and took a bottle along with me(dutch courage!)then pub after. Not big or clever on a school night...Still ran to work in morning though. Had very quiet night on Friday jumping between fetch, twitter & Facebook keeping updated on hardmoors and nervously waiting on news of Phil. Luckily he was Mr Sensible again and pulled out when his foot started to niggle a little *phew* he is a worry that boy!

On Saturday morning i ran to gym for meeting with Pascale to go over what i was looking for in a gym plan. Had good chat with him then headed off home to catch back up with Hardmoors. Headed off for train to Lockerbie at 4pm and Susan picked me up@ station.

A very girl night followed of mucho catching up, talking about boys, Chinese , xfactor & wine, followed by cocktail. The film, not *actually* any cocktails ;) Honest.

Woke up around 7ish and got up even though alarm set for 8. I made my intentions clear on Facebook that i wanted a PB.This was last chance saloon for the yr. I thought the extra pressure of telling everyone might just help. Susan was marshaling so we headed off sharp so she could get her instructions then we drove to lovely grounds where it started about and sat all warm n cosy in car. Caught up with Gav & Soph @ start and also made my intentions clear to them s0 after a quick rundown of my plan to Gav (run as fast as i could) it was time for off!

Caught up with Bobby on first mile and we chatted about future race plans for next yr, then he took off never to be seen again... Gavin overtook me around mile 2 and i kept him in sight for few miles before he too disappeared. hmmm, this is Gav *taking it easy* Decided to try & keep Marian in my sights instead and i managed to do that for rest of race. Really lovely course with quite a few long drags, not hills as such, not as us Ultra runners know them but then we tend to get a rest on hills, there was no chance here. I had a PB to chase.

But it wasn't to be. I did put my all into it but came around 18secs short of it. I guess it's surprise really, that was fastest I've ran since March. I never run that fast in training and I've done no other short races. I guess my legs need to be retaught how to run fast? It's no big deal, i didn't throw myself to ground and have a tantrum, except when i found out i got a mug instead of a medal anyway! ;)

So I'm quite glad I'd decided i was pulling out of Loch Ness & Abingdon before that, takes pressure off big time. Newcastle looking doubtful too for diff rent reasons.

Got kinlochleven to look forward to, and that's all about enjoying it, not racing. no more races for yr planned. Just lovely training runs to look forward to. I think if I'm at loose end anytime I'm just going to head up WHW and just run, just because.

In other news, I'm an Auntie again. My sis in law had wee baby boy last night(all boys in our family!) well except me of course lol 3 big brothers have all only had boys now. Stephen is excited to have a new wee cousin, he loves kids and would've loved a wee brother or sister. He'd have had to find a new Mum first though! haha :P

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

SUM(ing) it up

See what i did there? :p

By Thursday i was feeling pretty much ok but made sensible decision not to return to work til Monday as i didn't want to push myself. Instead i booked decided to go down to Ayr a day early and just chill out. After scouring net i found an amazing B&B and managed to get booked in for both nights so i cancelled my other hotel. I really wantd to be well enough to enjoy the SUMS Ball.

Friday i felt pretty good, hurrah :) Had deliciously leisurely lunch then schlepped off for my 2 train journey to Ayr. It wasn't too bad actually and i arrived there around 5pm. My room was just amazing. Happy Sandra. Popped up to local pub for bite to eat and few glasses wine then headed home with bottle bubbles, look closely in pic! ;) Drank it in my bed. Bliss.

Lie in next day with late fabulous breakfast. Then i got ready for run. Ran down onto seafront then right along beach & back. Have to admit it was quite hard work, week of complete inactivity does that for you! Stayed on seafront for wee while watching the kite surfing competition and enjoying the sea air.
Got rescued by Ian B who was supporting Dave W on RiverAyrway and we spent rest of day jumping ahead and meeting him & Lee at various checkpoints. It was good to see the route and i had tiny pangs about not running it, only teeny tiny ones though! Dave was on top form and we knew he'd get to that finish line!

Watched Dave finish then Ian kindly dropped me back off at my B&B. It was great to kick back and just get ready nice & leisurely whilst sipping on more pink bubbles. I still had no clue what i was wearing as I'd taken 2 dresses with me so i sought advice from B&B owners :) He immediately picked the red dress so that's what i wore

Met Karen, George, Donald & Elaine in pub before heading over to ball. Cracking night was had by all i think! Danced loads, drank loads and was thrown across dancefloor by random and landed in heap on floor! Had bloody great night though, Murdo, Tim and everyone involved did brilliant job. Was great to everyone all dressed up too.

I managed to pick up a wee award for doing most Ultras of the the series. >

This was in street after and juggling 2 bottles and a box, oh and a handbag whilst being a tad tipsy is not clever. Seconds later my box fell to ground and i heard a sickening smash. Glass was in smithereens. Seriously gutted :o(
We toyed with idea of heading t nightclub but after seeing the horrendous queues we headed to kebab shop instead. I was about to eat my own arm by then as i'd only had my breakfast and half of plate of rank chips in a skanky cafe earlier on in day.
Chicken kwababa went down an absolute treat. Karen was getting chatted up in shop whilst George stood patiently waiting outside, i was getting chatted up at taxi rank and George gave him a parting shot of " guess who's going home with 3 gorgeous girls" as we climbed into our cab! lol
Another late breakfast and i very kindly got dropped off by B&B owners at cafe to meet, Karen, George, Sarah, Keith & Lucy. Managed to blag a lift home with Lucy and Keith and we sang all the way home to some top tunes, many thanks for an enjoyable journey home!
Headed into town and went down to see my friend Graeme who was marshaling at World Archery competition, stayed for wee while there then headed off to watch 2nd half on Man Utd game in pub, managed to not get thrown out and stayed quite well behaved.
And that was that. Fantastic weekend.thank you, all of you who made it happen.
Back to work Monday. Booo.Didn't run in but did on Tuesday, then went to gym. I'm only girl in the free weights section, men are funny when trying to show off :o) Loving it. I've got my meeting with pasquale on Saturday morning to go through a training plan. I was using the kettlebell yesterday and today i feel like I've been run over by a train! ffs.Actualy feel sorer than i have after any of my ultras this year!! Still ran in though, thought it would help loosen me up but I'm still bit stiff so didn't run home. Nice bubbly bath helped a bit though.
Rest day tomorrow. I'm meeting Roger tomorrow as I've been asked to do some "naked" shoots for a "calender girls" type calender for charity. Roger is taking the pics and has booked studio for tomorrow. Think might need glass wine.. or two!
gotta go, Man utd game just started

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ho Hum

Too much time on hands doing nothing much productive is not good for the soul.

Not been a great day. In fact it's been rubbish.

but as the song keeps telling us, things can only get better.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Article in Herald

I now have the link thanks to Friends in the know... :)

Still poorly, Doc says it's a virus and i've to ride it out, rest, fluids etc. Ie- everything i've been doing.

Someone told me i was damn lucky yesterday. To have done 8 Ultras this yr (and a half & a 5k, both PB's btw) and come through it all with no injuries or sickness

fair point i reckon oh wise one


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Woe is me

I've been poorly since Thursday night, not good. I dont get ill, ever. Started off with my head feeling really heavy and hurty so i went to bed. Was still feeling ropey in morning so didn't run but still went to work (i need to by dying before i let folk down!) Luckily it was quiet at work and i just did some baking (rocky road, tiffin and Cherry & almond flapjack for those interested)

left work at 3ish and was home and in bed by 4. Head exploding and stabbing pains all over body. Thoughts of Roger's party long gone. Slept for about 3 hours the Stephen brought me drugs and ran me bath. Felt slightly better after bath so decided to go to party for wee while. Place was lovely, we didnt stay too long with me being poorly and Stephen working the next day. Think only had 3 drinks.Roger's new girlfriend was there, she has long blonde hair... go figure... When i asked if he was taking her to Loch Lomond next weekend to meet his Dad (he has a timeshare log cabin at cameron house, we used to go every yr, lush) he said "god no, Dad wouldn't like her (he loved me) she is a bit dim!" lol too funny.

We went for chips on way home as i'd not eaten since day before, chips never tasted so good! Until the next morning when i was woken by stabbing stomach pains and running to loo :(

Decided to spend day in my dressing gown and threw spare room duvet downstairs so i could enconse myself on sofa and watch the football. So that's how rest of day was spent. Got cheered up by fleeting visit and bunch flowers which was quickly dampened by Everton bloody scoring twice in last 10mins ffs.

Day was kept interesting by regular txt from Jen's race (SDWR) i was following on twitter and getting txt from Allan & Phil on thier progress.Phil very sensibly pulled out at 20miles when his foot started to niggle. Jen pulled out when she missed her own deadline cut off but i think she was releived, meant she could get on with the job in hand.

Stephen appeared got washed & changed the disappeared out for night. Realised hadnt eaten since the chips nght before s ordered chinese, managed to eat half of it and although i also poured a vodka, i couldnt finish it. Yes i *was* that ill!

Woke up once again by somoene stabbing me in stomach at 5.30am, so i txt Allan to see how he was doing. He'd got lost and was thinknig of pulling out, i told him to wait til first light and take it from there, he did and is now nearly done wooop! :)

oh how could i forget? I got PDF from the reporter from Herald, star that she is, so if anyone who hasnt seen the article wants it, just give me a shout and i'll mail it to you, dont think i can upload it here...
oh and last but not least. I've decided against Loch Ness.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Perth Aftermath

I actually did expect to be hurty after this one, i usually am after a marathon. It puts a different kind of strain on body i guess. And i did run all the way, well except to pick up drinks and when i was hugging folk ;)

Anyway, i wasn't sore, legs bit tired yes but no soreness. Yes I'm a weirdo, or once again did i not try hard enough?? Anyway. We were up with lark as Phil had his first open water swim race, not being one to pussyfoot around it was a 2k race ffs lol. Seeing i was ok, i decided to wear running gear and run to start to see him start, then back to finish.

Halfway there i realised i'd forgotten my camera, supergutted. Phil wouldn't turn back though, no matter how much i moaned (and i did) We arrived there before 9 where registration was meant to be open (it wasn't) in fact there wasn't *that* much evidence expect for 2 buoys in the sea really.

It was then that i found out Phil's race want til 12.30! it was only 9 o'clock, i know he was nervous but for fucks sake, i could've been asleep for wee bitty longer at least! We got cuppa Tea and sat waiting on news from Perth, cant believe I'd had full nights sleep yet they were still running, i guess i should stop moaning then huh?Spoke to George and got full lowdown on everyone, was very proud and kinda wished was there to hug everyone but hey ho.

Phil slipped (ok, struggled) into his wetsuit which was more than a bit amusing (damnation's for forgetting camera!) and i laughed a bit. (pics were taken on phone later)There was a *warm up* race of 400m first and headed to race briefing. What a bloody shambles. The buoys they were meant to swim around were blowing away! lol they had guys out in speedboats trying to pull them back from seafield practically, piece of nonsense really! They ended up not using them and pulled them out water,instead using the *gates* to swim around. Phil did really well and finished in middle of field instead of last like he thought he would!

Another cuppa T and Phil was getting bussed to Musselburgh for the start so i ran there. Nice and slow and legs felt just fine. Got there ages before him and sat on seafront enjoying the sunshine. Soon enough the buses arrived and the first wave set off, as did i back to portobello.I had my phone out to take pics and stood patiently waiting at finish line. Thing is they all the same! lol, lots of wetsuits and green hats, i had nofriggin clue which one Phil was and ended up missing him coming in! numpty.
When i eventually found him he was buzzing, he'd done brilliantly and i was dead proud. I have absolutely no desire to follow in his footsteps, quite frankly i think he is mad. :o) once he was changed we headed off home and i cooked roast dinner before phil headed off with his tent (told you he was mad) and his mountain bike on a bit of an adventure, he had no idea where he was heading. I gave him Soup & (his birthday)cake to take with him so at least he wouldn't go hungry.
Back to work Monday, hey ho. Ben having bit of ponder about the 3 Marathons i had planned and I'm thinking of pulling out of 2 of them. One reluctantly the other nt so much so. Loch Ness is my favourite Marathon, i love it. I love the course, the organisation (the medal!)and most of all i love the weekend away in Inverness. But so many people have pulled out for one reason or another that i don't really want to go now. I pick races that I'll be away all weekend for the social aspects really and no point if all my favourite(well nearly all) have pulled out.
As for Abingdon, well i did it last year and it's a long way to go for a race i don't *really* need to do. Still doing Newcastle, that much is certain. Final decision over other 2 by weekend methinks.
Oh, joined gym. Got induction yesterday from Pasquale.I told him from word go that i had no intention of using the treadmill/bike etc etc as i did plenty cardio already. There was another guy there too, what a numpty. He said he didnt want to do any cardio, he only wanted to see the machines that worked on his abs. I said i was there for free weights, kettle balls and perhaps few circuit classes. Then did 30mins in gym, followed by a vibration plate workshop. lol I was also getting shown how to use the kettlebells, its all in the hip action apparently! I'm booked in for personal session with Pasquale on Saturday again so he can make me a training plan.
I'll be a lean mean running machine by next yr! (hopefully)
Got Roger's Birthday party tonight. He is having a Bond Theme, i'm just going in long dress, ie- Bond Girl glamour.. Would've been nice to have a date to take but hey ho, still manless so going with Stephen & Kelly.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Running Naked @ Perth50k

So i ditched Glasgow Half at last minute & decided to do Perth 50k. Why not, never done a 50k before, guaranteed PB etc

Got picked up by the lovely Chris & Caroline in morning and headed up early as Chris was doing 24hr race.Arrived to find Karen & George were well sorted with Bongo and 2 tents already pitched, Ian was next door so we had a good neighbour at least.

Tony arrived, he was doing 100k, his first crack at that distance and was little nervous.

Time flew by quickly and before too long it was time to wave of the nutters doing the 24hrs race. had 2 hours before mine started so spent it sunbathing, collecting chip & number, losing my chip, Me, Toney, Karen & Vicky searxhing for chip, getting new one and heckling the poor 24hr people as they ran past, all still smiling i have to say ;) I kept shouting "well done, you're nearly there..." expecting someone to stop and give me a slap, but no one did. Must try harder next time... Donald once again made a surprise appearance to support, bless him :)

2 hrs flew by and soon enough we were lining up. We were told at race briefing that because it was a Scottish championship race we werent allowed garmins. :-o oh my god, i cant remember last time i ran without mine! Naked running? eeep, rely on my own body to tell me what to do? eeep, it usually tells me to stop and have a drink... this could be tough. No ipods allowed either but mine is still stuck on the takethat/oasis loop from Devil so i wasnt bothered about that!

I nervously glanced around at the people lining up with me, the 100k was starting at same time. Lucy Colqhoun, Scott Bradley, Grant Jeans, Gail Murdoch to name but a few. Fuck, what the fuck was i do here? This is where i seriuosly started to doubt myself and wish i'd chosen The Weej over Perth! Too late, the hooter went off and so did everyone in front of me, like a shot. fuck.

I decided to just try & enjoy it, that would come back and bite me on bum. I *really* was enjoying it at first, what a lovely course. Nice wee breeze as we approached the water, really pretty park. Lots of folk to chat to, nice people all way round giving encouragement and best of all you get to checkpoint every 1.5miles. I ran about 4 laps altogether with Paul Houston , 2 of them too fast. Him being a 2.42 marathon runner his bimble was me trying hard! lol

Another great thing was no need to carry anything,not that i needed anything. I ran right through for first 4 then took a wee cup of whatever energy drink they were offering for rest of race,sometmies every lap, sometimes every 2nd one. that did me fine.

Was super srprised to see Lynn & Kev appear and ran and hugged them,then later equally surprised to see Vicky & Iain so did same again! lol yeah, i know, timewasting etc who cares, i was happy to see my friends :)

I was counting the laps backwards and by time i had 11 left i started losing will a bit. I think this pic probably captures that lol

I was getting plenty support & encouragement though and it did keep me going. I think i was finding it tough as it's my first time n tarmac this year really, everything i've done has been traily hilly stuff. I was used to getting walking breaks and taking pics ;) This is what i meant in my last blog about Ultras making me lazy. I needed a good boot up the arse quite frankly

No way could i do the 24hr race, these guys are hardcore, even the100k i think i'd struggle with. Round & round & round.nope. I think everyone who finished that 24hrs race truly amazing. I'm in awe of the guys like Paul Hart who just make it look so easy!

I tend to go through a mini bad patch around 15-20miles and soon snapped out of it after Ian laughed at me for being overtaken by a 24hr runner (him) & Richie telling me " i wasn't trying hard enough"

It was true, i wasn't so i bucked up my ideas and stopped whinging and got on with it it. Karen & George were superexcited as i got on my countdown to 3. When i got to last lap George told me i was 2nd lady. I said "why? has everyone else dropped out?" lol He ran a wee bit with me and told me to go for it, to go kick ass. And you know what, i did. I ran as hard as i could and was flying (well for me, anyway) past folk with smile on my face. Before too long the finish line was there.

4hrs 44mins 48secs mins. 2nd Lady, 1st FV. fuck! Got big announcement as i came over line and i couldnt stop laughing! George picked me up twirled me round til i was dizzy, Karen hugged me, Donald hugged me and i got hugged to death,too funny. I just couldnt beleive it.

I got back to tent and fished in bag for vodka, ran back and got coke from drinks station and soon had that down my throat.This was quickly replaced by an ice cold crabbies courtesy of Karen.
was soon called out to go get our prizes, i nearly peed myself when i got 2 medals, 2 trophies and £25 of vouchers for Run&Become.

i'm such a medal whore as you all know ;)

Phil arrvied not long after so missed me finishing but i soon forgave him as he arrvied with 2 bottles bubbly, i love that boy.

Debs arrived too , twas great to see her. Isnt it fab that all these folk just come along to show their support?

Paul had bit of rough time and took decision to pull out @ mile45, he was gutted. I persuaded him to stay for drink though and he was soon smiling again>>

Rest of evening was spent drinking and supporting all the 100k folk and crazy 24hr nutters.I managed to get pics with nearly everyone before leaving. Phil had his first open water swim race early the next day so we had to get back. I was sad to leave everyone.
But Karen promised to txt me regularly and i was keeping an eye on facebook too.

How good does Jane look 9.5hrs into the race! :)

Here is a blurry pic of race HQ working hard, sorry it's blurry, i was kinda drunk by then.Many thanks to them all, they were brill.

Can barely remember journey home but remember getting in and finding

a candle for Phils Birthday cake !>

He made me share a bottle of wine with him too lol

Once again Karen, George & Phil surpassed themselves, cant thank them enough.

I think it's fair to say i ended my first Ultra running year on a high with some very special people.

Friday, 3 September 2010

And now, the end is near...

After Speyside we hung around for an hour cheering folk in until i was shivering like a loon, then we headed up to community centre for much needed cup tea.

Great to see everyone and see some stonking performances. Stayed there for another hour hoping to see Vicky &Ian S but it wasn't to be. The chilled bottle of veuve cliquot nestling in Jane's fridge was calling us home... Got txt from Karen on way home asking how race went, this is typical of Karen, worrying abut others when there she was over for biggest race in her life, i told her how it went and said never mind me, what about you?? It was we found out she didn't start the alternative race, me & Jane were truly gutted for her :( She promised to keep us updated on George & Richie who had started though..

Had really lovely evening. Jane's bath is so big i could easily drown in it, my feet couldn't touch end lol, yeah i know that's not hard! i spent a long time soaking in the bubbles, drinking bubbles ;) chilled out evening of plenty more bubbly, great food and great company. Many thanks to Jane & Alan for superb hosting once again.

Lovely journey home on first class, helped by lots txting, Facebooking & twittering! That is until they ran out of alcohol! :-o ffs. I shuld've preempted that and got it before i got on but hey ho. Got off train and headed straight ot M&S for nice chilled bottle of pink bubbles. Home, Chinese, bubbly. Done.Oh, got home to very clean house, cushion covers in wash, extra drink in fridge and one straggler in spare room. Looks like i wasn't invited to party...

Had day off because of bank holiday on Monday so took it as opportunity to try get dress for ball, major fail. Saving grace was lovely lunch thankfully. Then i headed down to my Big Brothers for my nephews Birthday party. Back to work Tuesday booo.

I had no aches, no pains no after effects of Speyside at all, this either means my body is getting used to such silly nonsense or i didn't try hard enough, funny how i always think i didn't try hard enough! Anyway, i ran to work with no issues, had really busy day and on feet all day. Once i was home after going up & downstairs couple times i started to get pain in front of my knee, most odd! Seemed to get worse as night wore on and after a sleepless night i finally caved in at 3.19am and got up for some drugs, and some ice.

Couldn't find any ice so i used frozen mash, put it in freezer bag and held it round knee with compression bandage. Kicked it off after about an hour as it was annoying me and not helping anyway. Then i stood on it when i got up, luckily it was still in bag, felt icky though :o/ Anyway. long & short of it is it was really sore on Wed, a wee bit sore yesterday and ok by last night. Mental.

So, one more Ultra left this year. Taking my total to 8. Wow. Yes i know some people think that's too much, but personally i think we all know our own bodies and our own limitations. I'm a believer in listening to your body and if i don't feel like running, then i don't. Just like today actually, was going to run in but woke up and decided not to, so I'm not.

Perth50k tomorrow, just going to enjoy it with some lovely people.


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