Friday, 11 December 2009


Stephen got call from Agency yesterday and they booked him for some work on Fri/mon/tue. It was admin work in some office.

He was on way there on bus and they called him saying "are you on way?" Yes he said
"Oh well, just noticed you ticked that have criminal record, can you tell us what it was for?"
"I'm on bus, so I'd rather not" Stephen said.
They cancelled his job :(

He is gutted, he was really excited about doing something different and the agency had said he did brilliant in admin test.

So he made a stupid mistake when he was just past his 16th Birthday, he was with 3 friends who were all 15 and got off. It's now something that he'll carry around with him forever. Just when you're feeling all bouncy and happy, something comes along to knock you off your perch


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