Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Country grinds to a Halt

Was watching news last night and England seems to have ground to a halt, seems to be business as usual up here though! I ran to work yesterday and it was fine, bit hairy on Lothian Road again but fine apart from that, didn't run home though, it's all slushy and yukky by then. I did run to M&S though to pick up last couple bits for Christmas dinner. I intend on taking it super easy this Christmas day and for first time I've bought ready made roasties, basted with goose fat. Also got some potato croquettes, and chocolate pudding. Only thing I'll need to actually cook are the steaks

Gives me all the more time for champagne drinking you see ;)

It snowed overnight again so had really good run this morning, not scarymary at all for a change, more of a snowyfunrun this morning, with fluttery snow landing on my nose and tickling me. Even had my knee length tights on. Didn't see a soul unitl i got to city centre except in odd car. Think people are looking outside and jumping back into bed lol

All shopping is done now, i'm officially ready and it's difficult to actually concentrate on work now!

Tonight I'm off to meet my other 2 big brothers to deliver pressies. Meeting Alan & Marie then heading down to Stephen & Mardi's. The all i need to do is pop down and see Thelma with her broken leg poor thing and drop pressies off at hers, I'll do that tomorrow i think.

Talking of big Bros, i got a call last night from my adopted one (joopsy) I picked up phone expecting a big gruff voice to be met with giggling and someone asking who i was. I thought maybe Nick's kids had seen his phone and saw *Santa* on it and decided to call to see if he was real after all! Was lovely to speak to them but they went all shy on me when i started asking questions bless them. Nick came on and i said *did you mean to call me?* but he had, and it was bad news.... He has decided not to do the Fling, sensible decision i guess but i made him promise to do it in 2011. He *is* still coming up to do training run first weekend in February as planned though :o)

There are some right grumpy people around at mo, if it's not moaning about Christmas, they're moaning about the snow/weather anything. Some things we cant change, we have to make the best of things around us i reckon.

big hugs to Susan today. xx


  1. Now i've figured out how to actually read the latest blog!! Oh no to Joopsy stuff, i'm not grumpy or moaning just quiet, hugs to Susan too, enjoy pressie drop off, glad you're sorted for xmas and i love the snowfunrun crunchy stuff.X

  2. Don't be sad ladies. We can have lots of fun in Feb instead.



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