Friday, 11 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday there was tons of teams going out for their Christmas lunch, my fridge was stacked full of champers and all sorts. I thought about locking kitchen and getting stuck in but i was good girl! I did get given couple glasses of a champagne cocktail one team had made though, it was called a whitemare lol, Champagne and vodka. Had my first glass before 12noon and felt it go straight to my head.2nd one didn't touch sides ;) Luckily i got bus home!

Jeezo, if I'd known it was so icy this morning I'd probably have got bus. Living at top of hill is not conducive to running when it's icy! Just as i was about to leave i got a txt, wtf, who was txting me at 5.20am? It was Jen, she was heading to airport for her weekend in prague lucky thing.

First though was turn back, then i decided I'd go as far as i could without fearing for my life. Could always stop and get bus... Ran on pavement where possible, luckily not many cars around at 5am. Got just past Kings buildings over hill and as i headed back down towards Causewayside i saw a blanket of Haaaaaar (fog to you lot) Once i was in the haaaaaaaaaaaaaar i could barely see hand in front of face. My face was soaking wet, luckily i had gloves on to keep wiping it, it was like i was in floods of tears, hair was drenched too, not a drop of rain to be seen!

Was nice to see the drivers who were around driving super slow, the roads were icy and thick freezing fog must make for hazardous driving. The meadows were eerie, a mass of darkness with odd shapes (or crazy mad axeman if you've vivid imagination like me)and twinkling of lights as you got closer to lampposts etc. As you can tell, I'm not dead, nor do i have any broken bones which is a bit of a relief.

Phil's blog made me smile yesterday, and fill up a bit too. You know it's difficult to find really good male friends. Everyone always thinks you're sleeping together, even your Friends (Susan!) but we're not, and never were. I do love him to bits though. I was a misery guts at brampton race but in my defence it was shit lol and i hate races you get NOTHING at ;) yeah, i know i got a tshirt, but Phil had to bloody buy it! And seeing Phil & Anna all over each , and i mean all bloody over each other, was strange. I felt left out and it made me feel sad. Wallowing i think it's called!

I'm ok now, The Scottish fetch night out and seeing Susan for first time in too long helped.And Jules arriving with his sunny smile and bottle of PolRoger didn't go amiss either. We had lovely run next day too. S'all good see!

This weekend i was kinda at a loss, so I've volunteered for Marshaling duties at parkrun tomorrow. Plan is to run down there so I'll need to be up early,they are having a live band playing so it should be bit of fun. Then i'm heading(running) to Rogers. He wants help in picking some pictures for his portfolio (he's doing a photography course next yr) I think it's an excuse to see me tbh but hey ho.

Would like a Sunday run with the harmeny up the Pentlands but logistics might be an issue.Buses are few and far between on a Sunday and they don't actually take me to where the run usually starts. Not driving can be a mare sometimes...

Back to fetch again, my surrogate big bro (joopsy,mwaaah) caused a bit of a stir yesterday with his blog, but harking back to my blog a few days ago, it's our site and we control it, it's time to take a stand and stand up to the dullards. Make it the fun place it was and can be again. Maybe we need a derunk thread, might open bottle tonight and kick it off....


  1. Ice, fog, dark = stay in bed for wussies like me !



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