Friday, 26 February 2010

Porn,New underwear & Mystery Scratches

Oh and running...

Ran yesterday, I'm sticking to shortest route possible to work at mo to keep calf happy. It's kinda happy, just not ecstatic if you know what i mean? The Yfronts were gone, as i expected, there were no flashers to be seen and it was wet wet wet, but without Marti Pellow.

My computer has crashed on me again, i kept on getting random messages telling me i was being attacked, this freaked me out to be fair, and even more so when a bubble kept appearing saiyng YOU'RE BEING ATTACKED BY PORN SITES, DOWNLOAD ANTI VIRUS NOW!* then anti virus thingy kept downloading itself to my fuckin computer and porn sites kept appearing on my desktop! ffs! I deleted the pornsites,and when i turned machine back on (but not inthatway) they were there again! Jeezo!
Doctor Soph is once again coming to my rescue.

I got a delivery from Avon last night of some lovely new underwear, i also got ANOTHER pressie from Stephen, a bottle of perfume. I said why you get me more, you got me enough, he said *you said you liked it* bless him, is he not just the best?

Ran in again this morning, another drookit run, calf still not ecstatic, but not overly grumpy either. When i was getting changed into my whites i noticed big welts on my side! what the fuck? Have i been crucified Ala Jesus in middle of night?

answers on a postcard please.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Spacehoppers & Yfronts

Why do we always wake up in middle of a good dream? The dream had nothing to do with Space hoppers, nor Yfronts i hasten to add!

Anyway, today was first run to work since, oh, years ago, or something. Well feels like it anyway! Had all my gear all laid out ready :o) Decided on medium length fairly easyish route of 6 miles and although calf a bit tight at first it seemed to loosen off a bit, will be keeping close eye on it and not running if get any pain. It was Baltic this morning, minus 6 apparently, weirdly more frosty than icy though so never felt like i was going to fall which is always good thing!

Was running in towards causeywayside (flasher area!) and i saw what i thought was a space hopper, i though, crikey, why would someone throw out a space hopper? :-O My plan was to jump on it ands space hop rest of way to work, but as i got closer i was gutted to find it was a calor gas cylinder, easy mistake to make....

<<< Spacehopper

Calor gas cylinder>>

Running through the meadows i got half and spotted a huge pair of y fronts attached to the railing! wtf? Now let me be clear, they weren't huge as in, oh my god, look at that fat fucker, they were HUGE as in an elephant sized yfronts! Be interesting to see if they are still there tomorrow, or if someone nicks them, you know, for their pet elephant or something...

Monday, 22 February 2010

Weekend that was

Weekend started at 5pm exactly, we were in Tigerlilly at 5.05 and Thelma & Roger were already there. More pressies for me which was just lovely, it's funny when you see your friends *staggered* as your birthday seems to last forever!

Roger was fine, no dramas but i did manage to make sure i wasn't sat near him all night.And he got me a very nice running vest, s'all good! Night started on wine and ended on champagne and that's where it finished me off. I'm so not used to drinking wine so much these days, maybe I'm turning into a lightweight :-o no food in stomach didn't help i guess. Got taxi home with Thel and was in bed before 10pm. Woke up at 3am dying thirst and thought it be good idea to txt Simon, ooops, sorry, lol. Saturday was a glorious day, blue skies and sunshine and i was wrestling with self whether to do the Pentlands run we'd planned for Simon or not. Sensible Sandra won over and i decided to stay in and rest one more day. Soph, Ian, Scott, Lucy & Christina went though and after seeing the pics i was very jealous :o(

Soph came over after to fix my defunct PC and i had a nice bubbly bath run for her and a pot of Soup made with freshly baked bread, just as well i did as it took her 4 hours to fix my poor sickly PC! Poor Soph, i was sitting on bed watching her for about an hour then after she sighed, swore and sighed over and over, asked me questions i couldn't answer about stuff i had no idea what she was talking about, i decided i would go downstairs and watch harry hill instead as it was stressing me out lol

I kept her topped up with tea when she hollered tho! She was a complete star and got it working again and i think that's a whole new career, or even a side career there for her, told her to put a DoctorSoph to the rescue! ad in local paper and use her skills to her advantage and make bit money. 20mins after she left we had a massive power cut, took out mile radius around us and it was really eeerie being so dark and quiet. I just went to bed whilst Stephen wandered around stressing about burglars and locking doors then decided to go to his pals who had power.

Got 2 txts over weekend from Tony, the guy i met at Highland Fling last yr. He wants me to meet him, i have ignored them but it's making me feel bad. Should i have courtesy of txting him back even to say fuck off and die? (in a nice way) not sure he had same courtesy with me when he made/broke planned dates..

Sunday i was up really early, and another beautiful day dawned so i pulled on my running gear and headed off for 6 mile loop up to Fairmilehead and back. Could feel calf but its not sore. It's fairly tough route so good tester, fingers crossed I'll be ok. Taking it fairly easy until GEDM though and will probably only run every other day. Got my knee high socks on today to give extra support and will run to work tomorrow.

Headed into town to meet BigBro Alan & his wife Marie then headed down to BigBro Stephen's for party. My nephew John shares my birthday so it was wee party for him/me. More pressies for me here too, wooop! Think my Birthday is over now though. Had lovely time and we were all stunned and delighted when Marie announced she was pregnant! I cried, lol. They've been married for about 8yrs now and i thought perhaps they'd decided not to bother having kids, so it was lovely suprise. Stephen is really excited, he's always been really close to them as they looked after him a lot when he was younger, they will be superb parents. She is already getting grief from docs about being Vegan though ffs, Marie eats better than anyone i know, and doesn't drink or smoke either. Alan has been vegan for 27yrs,(he does drink tho) if they didn't know how to cope with their nutritional needs by now they'd be in trouble! Luckily Mardi (big bro Stephens wife) is chief midwife so at least once they clock the connection she might not get so much grief. Mind you, Marie is feisty Irish girl who takes no nonsense from no one so hardly a shrinking violet!

Had really lovely day yesterday, bubbly, pressies, surprises. S'all good!

11 sleeps.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Mixing pot

Of emotions today.

Birthday drinks are planned woop! Yes i know it was my birthday on Tuesday but only person i saw was Jemima, and she cant make tonight so it's me Thel & Martyn tonight, and hopefully David & Louisa too. 3rd one is planned for March 20th which is only date we could all fit in around our busy wee lives. Oh & Roger, how could i forget. He txt me last night asking if he could meet me for birthday drinks and to give me my card & present, at least i wont be alone with him by inviting him along tonight...

Simon isn't coming up this weekend, he's got a job on which must get done this weekend.Next weekend he is away skiing so it'll be next again weekend before he is up. This is weekend of Glasgow to Edinburgh race which I'm actually a bit scared about :o/ Good news is that he has booked Mon/Tues off so long weekend beckons, i reckon that'll go someway to making things up, it's only 14days, not that i'm counting or anything....

Got family stuff to do over the weekend as have to deliver 2 lots birthday pressies. Still no running, I'm giving it couple days more as it still doesn't feel quite right.

No mentalists on bus yesterday, there was however people standing, when there were seats, WHY? sit down ffs, you're making place look untidy!

Oh, and my pc is fucked. Totally. This is not good news.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


New chef yesterday, another chef luckily still called David so he wont get annoyed when i call him David, clever huh? He seems really nice, he's not *our* David but he seems to have good head on his shoulders and can cook, always a bonus when you're a chef..

Busy day at work yesterday with showing him around and trying to catch up from stuff after being on day off on Tuesday, and lunchtime we got bit hammered all at once as 2 meetings mptied at once.

Still got finished up for 2 though ! Got on bus and sat at front, cause i like to pretend I'm driving and sing the wheels on the bus go round and round.. OK, maybe i don't but i like seeing whats going on why bus is being held up etc, nosy like that i am. So i had my bag on seat next to me, cause bus wasn't that busy but someone just had to go sit next to me eh so i had to dump my big bag on my lap, i glared at her though.

So there i am, happily sitting listening to radio and watching world go by when i heard this strange noise, i took earphone out and realised it was woman (aka mentalist) sitting next to me, singing along to Alicia Keys - new york. Not in a good way either. I bit my lip and tried to read metro to take mind of it but i was shaking inside trying not to laugh. Then person in other front seat moved so she moved over there but carried on singing, until suddenly i t stopped. I looked over and she stuffing her face with a chocolate donut.

Donut break over, singing starts again, this time it was Aerosmith- don't want to miss a thing, i looked at her incredulously as if to say HELLO people can hear you, you know! i caught eye of woman behind her who'd put her book down and was looking around to see where noise was coming from and we both bit our lips trying not to laugh.

luckily i was nearly home by this point so my journey of mentalness was over. Jeezo, i have mental dogs following me when I'm running and mentalist people sitting next to me on bus, no escape!

no running since last friday, i think today i'll be one singing on bus to keep me sane!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

If Veuve Cliquot Made Birthdays....

They'd send everyone here for them, then they'd give everyone a Stephen to make it all perfect.

Had my alarm set for 6.15 to get bit of lie in but got Txt at 5am wishing me happy birthday lol, twas ok as I'd been waking up thinking i should be at work anyway. Got up and ran bath and got myself organised. Went downstairs and opened my card from Stephen which was fab, funny and very true (talks of crazy mum who likes to party but looks young ;)) and right next to that was a fabulous mug with worlds greatest mum on it, no ordinary mug, a pint mug no less! Saves me nicking his sports one all time now haha

Made my pint of tea then opened pressie from Natalia, Clarins bath stuff and Shot glasses lol, not to be mixed! Back upstairs to have bath and before long i was ready to head off. Poked head in door to say bye to Stephen and he he *why you going now? I've set my alarm for 8 to get up and make you breakfast!* awww, bless him, i thanked him and said I'd see him later.

Met Jemima in town and off we set for Norton House after bit of faffing with buses. I can highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a special day. We felt special from moment we arrived. Manager introduced herself and gave us our personalised schedules for the day and asked us to choose lunch options :)

Then we got tour of place, this of course didn't stop us from wandering around and into wrong places for rest of day hahaha, Jemima should be blond too... Got changed into out bikinis and fluffy robes and slippers and set off for our first treatment of day. Back, Neck and shoulder massage, fabulous.They asked how we wanted to feel after, Jemima said detoxed lol! i said chilled :o) And i did, it was great. Afterwards in the relaxation room we discussed it and both us said we found it hard to burst out laughing though. I'm quite sensitive and tickly and i was gritting my teeth to stop me just laughing out loud, Jemima said same thing, can you imagine if both of us had started laughing hahha

Then we headed off to hydrotherapy pool, steam room, sauna etc. The hydrotherapy pool had seats in then but if i tried to lie back in them i kept drowning haha! after an hour or so in there it was time for lunch! Time just flew by. Really lovely lunch with obligatory champagne and after pondering getting more we decided against it as next treatment involved being steamy hot and being steaming probably would've been unwise...

So off we went for 2nd treatment. Rasul mud treatment. We were locked in a wee room with loads potions and instructions which we clearly didn't listen to but pretended to haha. Started off with salt body scrub, then there was a face mud, a body mud and a hair mud thingy lol. I clearly didn't think things through and started with the body mud, realising i couldn't get hands clean again to do the face stuff, so Jemima ended up with white face, looking like proper Geisha girl but mine was grey cause it was mixed in with body mud lol! Muppet or what. Mud came from dead sea apparently, everyday's a school day n whatnot. So then we had our wee booths to sit in whilst the place filled with steam, thing is it wasn't, steaming that is. So we started pressing buttons, first off all the showers came on and we had to jump out way to preserve our mud then we heard a knocking on door asking if we were ok, we'd only gone and pressed the emergency button! hahahaha we were nearly peeing ourselves laughing at that point. Thinking oh my god, what if we'd have to evacuate bu idling dressed in nothing more than a bikini an covered in mud, too funny.

at that point the steam started, apparently it was automatic, maybe we shouldve listened more....Skin felt sublime after we had our (2nd) shower lol and smelt just delicious. We headed off back to relaxation area but had to leave after someone was snoring and we were trying not to giggle. lol

So we headed back to pool area again and headed to sauna,hydrotherapy pool etc for more chilling out. We decided early on against using gym as we wanted day to be all about relaxation, and boy it was! By 3pm we were sitting in bar sipping on large glass chilled wine and pondering where to head next for bubbly.

Tigerlilly was place of choice and bottle of bubbly and strawberries in there was quickly devoured and we moved onto Candybar for some mediocre cocktails. Then it was time to Jemima to head to salsa and me to head home for footy and pressies.

Stephen called me to say he wasn't home yet and to not go into living room, so i headed upstairs to check mail. 97 emails lol Mainly facebook notifications wishing me happy birthday, people are superlovely! Checked messages and Stephen & Kelly arrived home and shouted upstairs *happy birthday! champagne?*
errm yeah! Got downstairs to housefull off balloon's and banners and pressies. And few cards too which had arrived after i left. Stephen got my 6 pairs running socks, a bottle of vodka, a wee teddy with i love mum on it, a triple running CD (ministry of sound) and an IPOD! :-o Its a funky turquoise ipod shuffle and i LOVE IT. I aslo got a voucher for Pizza express from Bigbro Joops, and a voucher for Kitchins restaurant (michelin starred no less) from Jemima :o)
fab-u-less dahling

Rest of night was spent eating Chinese food, drinking bubbly and watching Man Ut win wooohooo¬! Then i headed off to via checking emails. Suddenly the light went off and Stephen & Kelly appeared with the best birthday cake ever, they'd decorated with cola bottles (kick jelly babies ass anyday!) and a miniature of vodka, and candles of course. Too funny!

Had the best birthday ever, really really fab day. I have THE most wonderful & thoughtful son anyone could ever wish for, I'm very lucky.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Christmas night out

Last year we had it in April, so i think we're doing quite well to have it in Feb this year! lol
We decided on Howie's for dinner, it was fab as usual, Martyn & Nat hadn't been at that one before (Waterloo place) but I've been fair few times. Had Butternut Squash & chili soup t start then Chicken for main course. Natalia & Martyn had desert i just had wine ;)
Me & Martyn drank bottle champers I'd taken along (£3 corkage, it's fab) and Nat stuck to JD. Then i went onto wine. After meal we headed to Voodoo rooms to dance the night away. Natalia went to bar and came back with bottle wine, ffs i was only one drinking it, Martyn was on pints and Nat on JD! We danced loads it was fab, love a bit schwiiiiiiing! Got chatted up and a few dances, men really *are* like buses huh? After wine was finished moved onto Vodkas then we started on the shots, black sambuca being the order of the day, oh dear. I ended up going home with a cushion, had to call Martyn and ask where the heck it came from, he cant remember though, muppet. He said i dropped it as i wandered up street and he ran after me and handed it back to me. Got taxi home after that hahha great night :o)

Today Stephen came home with massive teddy, and massive card and other random presents. He's taking Kelly out for meal tonight too ffs! I got nowt! :o( A night in alone with a Chinese takeaway for me....oh and Roger called earlier and told me he got me a valentines card! wtf, i said WHY??? he said *cause i didn't think you'd get one*
fuck right off!

It's my last day working with David tomorrow, booo. I think I've inspired him though as he has been out running last 2 days and has proudly txt me to tell me. We' ll all miss him when he goes back to his *real* job. Och well.

Really looking forward to My birthday on Tuesday, going for Spa day with Jemima to Norton House Hotel, it includes a champagne lunch, cant wait! Oh and Simon might be coming up next weekend, wooop!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Things that make me go mmmmm

Today started off bad, first was the aborted run, bad. The realisation i'd have to pull out of race tomorrow, bad. Got into Kitchen and there was water all over floor, bad. It was David's last day, Bad. I put something in dishwasher and it flooded kitchen again,bad. I updated my Facebook and got comment with kisses from Roger, bad, then cause he got no repsonse he txt me, bad. (i didn't respond)

Bit what goes down, must come up huh?

Good stuff.
Got lots of lovely messages from concerned freinds about my leg. Got a hug from David who said i looked sad today, bless him. Had Simon (managing director)in , which would normally be bad thing but i get to keep David for another 2 days, this is good news, he is great chef and great person, shame to see him go back to his *normal* job.
Simon, (not my managing director, the other one) made me smile, a lot. I found a running backpack i like, have tried it on and wil either buy it for myself for birthday or tell Stephen to tell my big bro's to get vouchers for nevissports should they ask!
I've organised belated drinks for my Birthday for next friday. And i bought a present for someone, buying presents for people makes me happy.

Stephen has just made me cup of tea, then i'm having a vodka. Because i can.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

*bites tongue*

OK, so i had the talk with Roger etc, he knows the score now. So why oh why does he feel the need to call me when he sees a Facebook status and find out what's it all about? ffs.Yes i could take him off before you jump in and say that but I'm too bloody nice, i thought we could stay pals, at least he knows i don't want back to him etc.....Whilst he was on phone he said *oh i was gong to call you today blah blah, and goes on to tell me about conversation he had with his tutor, in which he refferred to my as his wife! Now i know technically that's true but for fucks sake, when is he gong to get a grip?

You know at Christmas he sent me a card saying *to my wonderful wife!* I didn't even get him a bloody card. And valentines day is just around the corner, please god don't let hm send me anything.

As much i love Valentines day and love flowers etc etc he is last person i want to get anything from :(


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WHW training run-Day 2, part 1, maybe only part actually.

So after not much sleep (strange beds, you know how it is..) alaram went off at 7.30 am and of course i jumped out of bed immediaetly, to get some gatorade and jumped right back in again... ;)

Made it to breakfast just a little late after few interuptions (match of day, what can i say..) and apparently woke up the Shanksi's whilst in corridor, classy hotel with really thick walls you see....

Anyway, i digress. Simon lost his purse but didn't know it until waitress shouted out from behind bar (remember, it's almost weejieland)WHO'S IN ROOM 10?" i poked him and said, oi, you are, cause he was clueless, clearly. Being from Engerlunshire n all... haha

Ok, day 2> Scotty totally wimped out on us the big girls blouse and sloped off home after big fry up, i forgot to mention that Nick, my fabulous adopted big bro who was only ever intending on doing Saturday's run, decided halfway through that he was staying for Sundays too, i did tell him it would suck him in and he'd be enchanted :)

We all got stuck into big fry up and waited, and waited, and waited for Soph to arrive lol. She eventually got here carrying her usual kitchen sink, flares and wigwam. Great that she made it though, and she didn't puke on Simons feet this time for which he was mighty relieved. So off w e set off for a nice 25miles. I was dying of thirst, maybe it was too hot or something but i drank all my gatorade really quickly and had to refuel at beinglass farm on turnaround.Nothing to do with all alcohol night before, och no.

Fair bit of snow around this time, shows just how much higher up we were. I ran this leg with Susan last yr and it was strange doing it backwards, good on turnaround though as i got to see it as we will on fling day. Lots of climbing but it really is quite stunning. i have to say i had no *down* moments on Sunday at all, i loved it. We lost Minty quite early on as he'd been having a few ankle problems after tumbling the previous day, then we lost Iain too who'd decided he'd done enough but also did marvellous and more than he'd ever done before, some bloody fantastic running we had. As is the way with WHW, the terrain seems to change every 10 mins or so, i love it, i ran through streams, over bridges, tree roots, up hills, dwn trails, over styles, bridges, knee deep mud, funny heelan cooo's scabby sheep, no scabby queens though, he went home remember... Marvellous. Vicky was great company, it was her longest run ever too so i felt we were in same boat.

In fact it was all over too quickly, and before we knew it we were back in tyndrum. 54 miles done over 2 fantastic days and i felt ok. I was so so proud of Nick, he'd had a few low points but come through them with all guns blazing, amazing.

Here we are at end, rest were in pub by time we got there so missed out on photoshoot.

The cold set in as soon as i stopped though and i nipped into the luxury toilets in hotel to get changed. Bowl of soup and 2 pots of tea later and all was ok :o) Lots of hugs and sad goodbyes and "see you in April!" ensued and it was time for journey home.

We threatened to throw the engerlunder out of car in the Weej cause he was giving us bit too much cheek but we relented and let him stay. Talking of which, he decided to stay another day so his education nto all things Scottish could continue, silly for him to bale at such a crucial stage. There is a long long way to go though, i fear it's a lost cause.
Nick declined cuppa T and decided to press on with his journey, what an absolute star he was thanks for all the chauffeuring around and for being you :) Me & Simon had pizza & champagne for dinner and didn't g to bed til early hours.

I had booked day off on Monday and actually expected to have really sore or tired legs, i didn't! Bonza!
Spent most of it in bed though. :o)

Ok, i eventually got up and made pot of soup so at least i did something constructive. Went out for dinner and wee bit More champagne before seeing Simon to train station to make sure he actually left ;) Thanks for fabulous weekend. x

I've said it many a time, but i'll say it again, Karen & George, you were responsible for every one of us who was there at weekend, and can only say thank you once again. Happy Days indeed.

WHW, good proper training- Part 2

2 quick drinks in drovers and we hop in car and head to our luxury hotel to check in.
Icy cold blast greets me as i open door to room, i had thoughts of running back and joining the weejie raj's in the bothy and swigging the buckfast but i spotted a wee fan heater and put it on full blast. Stood right beside it and tried to defrost toes. Put non power shower on to get warm, just in case it took ages to heat up and hopefully to warm bathroom up a bit. I decided against taking a bath in the luxurious roll top bath, thought I'd leave that til later.
Got out shower shivering and and sat in front of tiniest fan heater in world trying desperately to keep warm. Decided best thing for it would be to get dressed so i did, super quick. Then i thought I'd dry my hair and head to bar. hmmm, where have they hid the pesky hairdryer? I looked everywhere, even under my four poster bed and in the mini bar but no, no hairdryer. There was only one thing for it, i used the fuckin fan heater to dry my hair.
So i turned up to bar looking like something from hair bear bunch, or crystal tips and alistair for those who remember it... only one thing for it, get derunk!
Me & the dog who followed me that day>>>

Steve aka Llamadance had joined us for a wee soireee and off we head to good food cafe where we played bingo food and laughed at weejies>> Then it was back to bar for some serious rehydrating. Vodka & irn bru, the other national drink. Simon stupidly said couldn't down mine through a straw, clearly he hasn't seen me n a proper session before and it was gone in 5 seconds. It was promptly replaced by a double, methinks he was trying to get me drunk and have his wicked way with me ;)
Nick who proclaims to be the worlds most unsociable fucker kept saying he was going home, but kept staying *another* half hr lol
Of course vodka isn't enough on it's own, oh no, let's have some shooters too Simon announced,worried looks all around and a few mutterings, which were soon replaced with "where's mine ya bastard?"

it got quite messy, that's enough detail for you.

And it's all Simon's fault >

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Big one - Part one

I've been looking forward to this weekend for months now, and sometimes when you're looking forward to something so much it doesn't quite match up to expectations.

This one did, and then some.

It did have a bit of tumultuous start though. Got txt from Roger asking me to meet him after work to *have the talk* I told him i couldn't stay long as i had to go buy sealskin socks (lol, priorities) then get home and cook dinner before Nick arrived. So off i went to Tiso where he was meeting me, apparently i walked right past hm outside (lol again)
Anyway, got my socks and off we went to bar. He sat down and said "I've been waiting 9 months for you to give me an answer" well woopdefuckindo Roger, you left me remember. It descended into a tit fr tat for a while then into an interrogation, am i seeing, Phil, have i been sleeping with Phil, how come I'm so close to Phil, Phil this, Phil that. No Roger, I'm not and never have been. As i said already when you asked me before! He knows i hate liars, he knows i cant lie, I'm rubbish at it, but no, clearly nt enough for him eh.

Anyway, my head was going round and round like a washing machine and luckily Nick called and saved the day. He was sitting outside my house, i was in pub. He did arrive early though so not *entirely* my fault. He came int town to collect me (what a star)and cooking was forgotten about and Chinese ordered. I put on my sealskin socks and wore thm around house to get used to them.Nice relaxed evening was had , well for me anyway, poor Nick had to listen to me ranting about Roger for fair bit of it.. I was completely drained and sloped off to bed and left Nick watching Rocky for inspiration

Set my alarm for 5.30 as Simon's train was due in at that time from engerlundshire (allegedely)and i wanted to get up and get breakfast sorted for him Nick and Scott, who was due to arrive around 6ish. Fell into lovely deep sleep and was woken up by txt from Simon at 5am saying *I've arrvied, txt me when you wake up* muppet. Txt him back to say, i clearly *was* awake now and to just head out. lol

Heard Nick get up and i went downstairs to put kettle on, got txt from Simon who was standing at door asking me to let him in, dunno what's wrong with knocking, maybe it's an engerlundshire thing...
Anyway, Scotty arrived and i made sure everyone was fed and watered sufficiently and off we set.

Got to Drovers before we knew it and met the usual suspects lurking around i car park ;) We hung around long enough to chuck sticks at/for a dog and a quick group pic and we were off! The start of 54 miles of WHW, biggest training weekend ever and sections i hadn't done before,i was a tad apprehensive. I remember people coming through beinglass farm last yr swearing and saying *never again!* eeep

No idea why though, i loved it, every single bit of it. I was overawed by the scenery, i really do think there is something special about the West highland way.I didn't take many pics on way out as i knew we were doing out & back and decided to get most of them then. There is some tricky sections but i loved it all, i may have said that already! We got to rowardennan and stopped off at hotel for some tea n stuff and wee warm by the fire and off we set again. Got to robRoys cave and Nick, Mike and Simon decided to investigate and started climbing over masooov rocks, i was a proper girl and stayed put where i was, they said didn't miss much anyway.. Wasn't long before camera went kappoot and Simon and me stopped to put new batteries in, well that was plan. He took old ones out then put them back in again. muppet. Nick & Mike took off and into the distance and we didn't see them again for til the end! I was even running through streams and jumping in water, last time i got Phil and Soph to carry me over hahaha. My sealskin socks rock, reccomend thm highly!

After stopping again and trying again to fix camera we got it working, thankfully as we got some great shots. About a mile from Dario's remembrance book i started to feel a bit tired but just plodded on. Once we stopped there and signed his book i was flying!Not literally although if Simon had his way I'd have been down several gully's, hills and god knows what so he could get a good bloody picture! :-o We had a photo moment once we passed 26.2 miles and knew the day was Nearing an end, well the running part anyway!
Just after we took those pics we saw 3 blokes coming towards us carrying shopping bags, now i know it was Saturday and most people do their shopping then but what the fuck? The bags were bulging too and they all had 2 each! They were in middle of nowhere, with co op shopping bags, how utterly bizarre. But very funny.

Before too long we were back at beinglass farm and kinda sad it was all over. We ran down to drovers and Mike & Alan were just heading out carpark up to Tyndrum, Nick was waiting on us though, just as well really seeing he was driving! lol Off we went into the drovers for a much needed and well deserved drink, yes Simon, vodka and irn bru *is* a normal drink up here in the land of milk & honey. 28.8 miles. DONE.
Special mentions here to Nick for storming it, and to Iaian and Scotty for going into the darkside and becoming Ultra runners :)

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Not today, i did that yesterday! ;)

Actually, i *have* been resting this week, no doublers, just running shorter distances to work and bus home, good girl me! I really do need to save legs for weekend, this will be true test of stamina and I'm actually bit worried about how I'll cope on the Sunday..

Icy and snowy still outside and i decided to use my New blue inov8's that i bought from Lorna (aka vrap) to give them trial run for weekend, thank god i did. I felt a rubbing in my arch and by time i got t work i had beginnings of a blister :( Never had one ickle blister ever from my other ones (orange) 315's even after hundreds of miles in them. I've mailed Leon about it to see what/why etc to see if he can help, being the shoe expert n all...

Oh, i ran *the Flasher route* today, i made sure i was very very aware and ws on my guard big time. Police van and a police car passed me within a mile of each other around the area reported so i doubt we'll see him there, Surely this just moves the weirdos on elsewhere? hmmm

Fair bit of intolerance around on fetch again i see. There are some mixed up (or maybe just fucked up) people around, i guess the bigger any place gets the more *diverse* a crowd it attracts huh? Dirt Monkey, i just dont get him at all, his weird threads n stuff, whats it all about? No point in baiting him though, or picking on him as quite a lot of people do. Bullying i guess. James gets that in, in his *woe is me* blogs. I did lose plot with him one day mind you and stopped reading his blogs after that, it was around the time of finding out Andi (oldbiddy)had cancer and i just lost sympathy. He did mail me bout it and we had a talk about it, i do feel for him but poeple need to help themselves before anyone else can.

Once this weekend is over i can start the countdown to my birthday and the fabulous spa day with Jemima. S'all good folks.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Grant Me serenity
To accept the things i cannot change
Courage to change the things i can
And wisdom to know the difference

Jemima sent me this last week when i was bit stressed out over work stuff, she has had work issues and said that's her mantra and it's helped, and you know what? it Has.

thanks J

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snowman Santa

No i'm not confused or drunk, that was what i was like when i got to work this morning! I got up at 4.30 and it was raining, faffed around and made tea, checke emails etc. Didn't have to be in til 6.30 and i'm taking it easy this week so didn't leave til 5.20. Picked up garmin from windowsill and nearly dropped it when saw blizzard and blanket of snow!

ok, Adizeros off, Roclites on. Ogff i go. 6 slow slippy miles. done.

oh my god, something weird happened yesterday on my run. I was about 3.5 miles into run and i saw this guy walking across road towards me, normally wouldn't give folk a second glance but he had woollly hat on (it wascold, no big deal) but he was covering his face with a magazine. Now this i found very odd, it was quite clear he didn't want meto see his face. This fraked me somewhat and i upped my pace a good bit and looked over shoulder to see if he was following me with a big axe. He wasn't. Clearly.

So you'd think the story ended there huh. Oh no. I listen to the radio on when i run to work, the news came on this morning and there was a report about a man flashing at women in that exact area,reports were made at 6.30>7ish ie- early morning ( i think i saw him around 6.15..)! oh my god,i must have been him! I don't know if he was flashing at me, i didn't look lol! i was too freaked out by magazine i was concentrating on his face not his bollocks!

that actually freaked me out a bit. there are loads of weirdos out there huh.

Work is better this week, i have a blokey working with me from State st (remember i mentioned that last week) anyway, he is lovely and we have a laugh so it's all good at mo :o) Having a rest day tomorrow as I've got heavy weekend ahead and I'm conscious of not tiring myself out beforehand. Mileage has already been huge this yr and i don't want to break, I'm a delicate little flower after all... ;)

I've had Roger txting me today trying to get me to meet him but i told him i was too tired, it's true though, i am kinda. I promised him I'd meet him next week. He wants answer from me after the card underwear thingy. I guess i have to bite the bullet and be brutal, it's not going to be easy. I'm effectively choosing to end my marriage, or did he do that already? I don't know, my head is all messed up with it to be honest, i couldn't need this weekend more.



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