Monday, 21 December 2009


Weird how it can go a whole weekend when I'm actually off work and not get chance to blog!

I'll do several day to make up for it methinks as my brain will explode doing a big long blog. First thing i want to do is have wee rant. I read a blog on fetch this morning, it was a streaker. For any runners not reading this blog streaking isn't someone whipping off their clothes and shaking their bits about in public. It's about running everyday, every single day regardless of how you feel. This is where i have issues. The blog of person i read (it was pestomum for fetchies reading) said she was feeling like death warmed up but still *had* to run to not break her streak.

BigAl was another culprit recently, he had a really bad chest infection, and in his words was coughing up bucketfuls of gunk, yet still he went out and ran.

WHY? Is your health less important to you than making a point? It's madness,where does it end? Where is the line? Streakers will adamantly defend their corner but sorry, if you are sick or injured then all you'll achieve by running is to make yourself more sick, and more injured. It's stupidity.

I get the whole Monthathon thing (ie- pick a month a try and run everyday) that's just a bit of a challenge, as long as you're sensible and drop out when you need to (which most do seem to, reading the threads about it)but to run everyday regardless of consequences is in my opinion, bloody stupid.

I'm far more relaxed about my running mind you. I think that ever since i got my back injury and was out for nearly 8 months, i learned a lot of harsh lessons. If i'm tired or feeling under weather, i just dont run, simple. It's not life or death, i can always run next day, or the next.


  1. Just catching up now, this streaky thing perplexes me too. No recovery time can't be good at all. Hello again by the way :-) X

  2. i agree whole heartedly. Why make yourself bad?

  3. Says the man who has run with badly blistered and recently a broken foot !

  4. hahha, to be fair, he didn't know it was broken, and a blister, och, we all get them...maybe not to extent of his mankiness but we all get them..



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