Saturday, 30 July 2011

If there is such a thing.....

As Normality, i do think I'm returning to it.

I went back to the gym for first time since my injury this week. Wow it hurt, but in a "you've worked hard" kinda way. I'm also back to do doing doubles, running to and from work. Works out at 3 runs if i do it on gym day but i just record it as two. This week I've ran 10 times. I've somehow managed to get to 101 miles for the month,  not bad for my recovery month back :o) I've also managed to clock up 7 races this month, crazy short lung busting races but clearly it's been a great way of trying to get my legs back up to speed if you'll pardon the pun!

Wednesday night was relay night at the Self Transcendence race. We managed to pull about 5 teams of 3 together all to run one mile each. It was a glorious night and the Meadows were packed out with people BBQing and drinking. Ian was at a dinner so couldn't make it but decided to squeeze wee run in before hand so popped down to surprise me (and give me my instructions on how fast i should run!) Our team was Santa's & Sinners. I somehow persuaded Julie last week she should do this,i told her we'd have picnic after with wine, that it would be great fun and a very social night. I eluded to tell her how much mile races hurt... oops Sorry Julie

I did 7.20 really happy with that as my (fairly old I'll admit) PB is 7.13, not done one for 2 years and my time's for these short races have been tumbling each week.We had a rather lovely night sitting in sunshine drinking bubbly and eating strawberries and other goodies.
 Since starting doing the parkruns3 weeks ago I've gone from 25.06 to  today 23.58.  Ian decided he would pace me today, think that helped push me along.
My old PB is 22.54 BUT, it was set on Edinburgh parkrun course when it was 80metres short! I think they should really scrap all the PB's & course records set  before they remeasured and fixed it as really it doesn't stand when it's short.

 So in that case i can say i'm PBing every week at moment, it's all good.

This weekend we're off to woohooooo

Monday, 25 July 2011

Chip Chip Chip

Saturday Mornings are no longer lie in's, they are get up early for Parkrunning. 5k's hurt, i hate 5k's so goodness knows why i'm putting myself through this week on week.

It was a glorious day and Cramond was looking spectaculour. I even did a wee warm up, clearly i'm starting to lose plot a little.

This week felt a bit easier, maybe legs are getting used to running again. I finished in 24.24, which is an improvemnt of 42seconds on last week.So i'm about a min and half away from my PB, which im told is soft and i have to beat.  Talk about moving the finish line.....

We headed off to cafe for Tea & Scones and a good catch up with lovely people. Saturday evening we had friends round for dinner, great night.
Next race is Wednesday, Meadows relay. We've managed to get about 4 teams together and it's a purely for fun race. If weather stays as lovely then plan is to have a little refreshment or two in the meadows as a wee reward.

Back to gym this week too, feels like an eternity since i've been.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

If at first you dont succeed

That famous old saying....

Wednesday night, it must be time for Sri Chimnoy Race at the Meadows.

 Although i was having bit of moan in last blog, it wasn't about losing my mojo, my mojo is firmly in place. The mind is willing it's the body that is protesting slightly. So only way to fix that is to fix me. Speedwork has never been my forte, it's never even been in my vocabulary to be honest. Although I've done one mile race occasionally at "the fetch mile" i only really went to that for the social aspect, i didn't/don't actually like running eyeballs out and lungs bursting. Who does? Actually i think loads of people do. Mentalists.

It was 20th Anniversary of these races so it was very busy. Or was it busy because it was 20p to enter? I arrived to find that Ian had generously paid for my entry fee. KeithH was most impressed by that. Half the field were HBT'ers and had silly masks on, so along with the silly chants it made them even more sillier. They might be silly but my oh my they are fast, very fast. Clearly chanting and wearing silly masks is way forward. Some incredibly inspiring times.
Met up with Kate & Anne then headed over to start. Anne challenged Ian & said she was going to try and beat him, i didn't challenge anyone. I was just hoping not to be last. I was thankful there was more people around this time mind you. It would seem that last week there was only 3 people behind me, i know it's a small race but that's the furthest back I've been in a field since i started running. Kate was nervous at start, stressing over pace, time, why she was there, why she ran, why she chose that top, why she didn't have pie for lunch etc etc. I just don't get nerves like that, I'm not sure why. Maybe i don't have that hunger, maybe i should worry more?
I decided i should try and keep Kate in my sights, and i managed to do that for most of way but she ended up finishing about a minute ahead of me. I don't know why she keeps telling everyone she is rubbish runner, stand up and be counted Kate! Anne & Ian had a bit of duel going on and she pushed and pushed him but Ian pushed on and won this time round. I suspect Ian now has a stalker until she beats him, which I'm sure will be soon, sorry Ian! Keith & Carrie also had cracking races, and Carrie only did the Clyde Stride at weekend, go girly!

And me? I finished in 15.17. Still no earth shattering records, but it IS a 29second PB from last week. I'm kinda chuffed to knock that amount off a wee 2 mile race. I'm hoping it's a start of things to come.
After the prize giving (i didn't win anything, funny that) we headed off to the pub. It was Julie's (of watching the trails fame)  Birthday and she was patiently waiting in pub for a bunch of sweaty runners to pile in. She wasn't disappointed
A glass of wine or three was had and time flew by. It was late (by my standards) by time we got home and had a very late dinner, very quick shower then bed.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about exciting stuff happening and didn't want to mention it in case of jinxing it but now that things have moved along i can tell.  I'm finally getting control back of my own Unit. It's been a year now since i was moved to where i am and it's not been an easy ride. It's been incredibly stressful at times and difficult to adjust to not being manager. On top of this our place has been chosen as one of 8 to get tested for an award. It's incredibly important and if we fail the company fails.So on my head be it so to speak. I'm actually relishing the challenge even though it means lots of work ahead  i hope i can rise to it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lacking Motivation

not to run, just to blog. Maybe it's because my running isn't going so well. Maybe i'm expecting too much of myself. That's what i've been told my him who knows anyway.

Every run is such hard work, doesn't matter if i'm actually trying or if i'm just meandering along, at some point i feel like i'm dragging along a couple of bags of cement with me. I look at the people who did Clyde stride at weekend who'd also done WHW and wonder how on earth they manage it.(well done everyone btw)

Did Parkrun again last Saturday, for someone taking it easy i've managed to do 3 races in a week. Finished in 25.06. Around 3 minutes off PB. It was hard work to get that even.

Have i become a big fat wuss? Will i ever run "fast" again?  Who will save me?

Rosemary , the telephone operator? ....No

Penry, the mild mannered Janitor? .....
Hmmm, i doubt even Hong Kong Phoooey can help.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Plodding on

My recovery continues.It's been rather hectic time at mo so i guess it's stopping me from going crazy and doing too much too soon.
On Friday we were heading down to London for a wedding , leaving straight from work which meant no running. Good thing. Journey down was great, only 4.5 hours but it was bit of trek once we arrived to get across London to where we were staying. Arrived then headed to bar to meet Bride & Groom for bottle wine or two lol. Plans were made to run to Richmond Parkrun the next day so we all sloped off to bed sometime after 1am.

Karen (bridesmaid) had said she planning on running around 30mins or so so i decided best plan for me would be to run with her. Chris & Brenda (bride & groom) were just running easily too so we all stayed together.Except Ian, he took off like a hare :)  What a lovelyy course it is, i really enjoyed it and had my most relaxed 5k ever just chatting all way round and enjoying the beautiful park and the company. I even walked a couple of times so Karen could catch up when i was getting bit ahead of self.Finished just over 30mins, ankle felt ok. . Brenda & Chris finished hand in hand, their last run as single people. Then it was back to hotel for big breakfast, Bren was starting to get nervous by about 11 so headed up to get ready. Ian and i decided to head out for walk to explore the area, just did couple miles, It was a gloriously sunny day.

Back to room to get changed and before too long it was time to go, car was picking us up at 1pm to whisk us to venue , Orleans House Gallery. Beautiful building with fascinating history.

Bren looked gorgeous and ceremony went without a hitch, few pictures in the surrounding grounds then back to Hotel for drinks and canapes in the courtyard. Sitting in the sun drinking Pimms, it was rather nice.

Day just flew by and table we had for meal was a great laugh, really good mix of people. Rest of day passed in a blur of drinking, hugging, and dancing. We sloped off to bed around 12, knackered. Fantastic day all round.

Sunday Breakfast with new Mr&Mrs then it was time to head back home.

Monday i ran to work and i felt almost normal again. When i wake up in morning my ankle are always sore, both of them.I can only liken it to a wee man sneaking in middle of night and giving my ankle a bashing with a mallet, once I'm up its ok. Most odd. I do hope there's not a man sneaking in and bashing me with a mallet...

Tuesday i was back in Linlithgow at the course. It was also exam day, think it went ok. Wednesday i decided that logistically i could manage to run if i packed carefully, so i did. Ran to station then once off train down to office, Total of just over 5 miles. Arrived in meeting room in my running gear and one of guys on course pipes up " do you know how many people die of heart attacks a year from running?"
"not as many as die from sitting on couch eating pizza I'll bet" i  said before heading off to get changed.

He was very nice to me for rest of day...

2nd exam was bit tougher, all about  Management Health & Safety. The Food one the day before i can get head round easier as its' stuff we should really know anyway. Risk assessments and legislation's and whatnot not is bit tougher. Think did ok though (passed Tuesday's one, find out about wed in few weeks i think)

Last night we decided to  do the Self-Transcendence Meadows 2 Miles race.Organised by the ever lovely Adrian.  This time i was racing though. Scary. I'd already done 10miles during the day so legs felt bit heavy, in fact they feel heavy regardless of what distance i do at mo! I stood at start line nervously looking around at the various skinny speedsters around me and felt like a total fraud. oh dear, looks like this would be my first race coming last...

Off we went, the meadows was absolutely heaving with people and i thought it would be carnage trying to dodge folk but the speedsters cleared the way thankfully. I finished in a rather pitiful 15.44. Slower pace than 5mile race i did week before WHW race. Yikes. I'm slow. And fat. Ok fat is pushing it, i know I'm not fat. I think i have put on about half stone since race though. Lying down doing nothing but elevate feet and drinking wine a lot will do that i guess...

Ian has told me not to expect miracles, reminded me that not only had i just completed one of toughest longest races in Scotland but I'd also got injured and have spent 3 weeks trying to recover from that.

I know all this, of course i do. I'm feeling bit better this morning about it than i was last night. Rome wasn't built in a day, Sandra wasn't fixed in an instant.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Learning to listen to your body

The Sandra Way.
So it's unconventional to test if my ankle is ready for running by wearing high heels, but hey it works for me. I mentioned on twitter yesterday that i was thinking of testing ankle out today and running. I was immediately barraged by Friends telling me to be careful, isn't it too soon etc. I was soon regretting making it public, trying to reassure people i knew what i was doing etc.

Now i know everyone was just concerned for me, of course they are. And i really appreciate their concern. Truly. I have fantastic friends who've always looked out for me. Can you hear the but coming?

I know my own body. After having back problems about 5 yrs ago and coming back too quick, putting myself back to square one i learnt the hard way. Since then I've been a great believer in listening to my body. For instance, if I'm tired and struggling to get out of bed,  or had very busy day at work and I'm shattered  then i just can the run. I feel no guilt in having a really lazy weekend if i feel like it too.

Back to present time. I'm not going to put myself back 3 weeks just so i can go for a poxy run. Yes i love running, yes I'm eager to get back out there but to be perfectly honest I've rather enjoyed the rest. And rest i have! I know every minute of the day how my ankle feels, i know how much it hurts, if its stiff, if it's sore. Me, i know. I didn't ask the Doc when i could run again but i did ask when i could wear heels again.

So after 2 days at a training course this week and sitting down all day, i got home on Wednesday feeling pretty good. I'd wore my knee high boots which are slightly higher than my red ones in last blog. I got home and rummaged in cupboard and put these babies on .....

They're highest shoes i have. And i wasn't hurting. I walked around house with smile on face and happy thoughts in my head. I knew i could go try that test run.

But i was still being cautious. I  had planned route which is a nice 3.69 miles along the canal, nice and flat, nothing too challenging. It's usually my run home from work route so i know it well, it usually takes me anything from 31 to 35 minutes. I decided not to wear garmin, just a watch. I decided to give myself a whole hour to get to work in case i needed to walk. I set my alarm for 4.38am.  I had busy day at work so wanted to get there by 6.15.  Left house at 5.17am. I didn't look at watch the whole way, i just ran with how my body let me run. No pains.

I arrived at work at 5.50am. :o)

I've had busy day and was on feet all day, all is good. Got home about 3.30 so that's about 11hrs all told. Think I'll manage the Clyde Stride next week no problem....

(that was a joke btw!)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Brushing my teeth standing on one leg

Warning, this blog contains girly content and may bore the pants off boys.

Brushing Teeth standing on one leg?
You may wonder why I'd do that. After a chat with a very trusted Doctor Friend who is also a Sports injury Specialist he told me i could wear heels again when i could stand on one leg whilst brushing my teeth. Well i can, so i am.

But first there has been other trials. I know that when i can wear real heels again then i can run again. This may an unorthodox way to some but to me it makes complete sense.

Girly Content

; margin-left: 1em;">
We're going to a wedding in London this weekend and i already got a bargain dress for it (Ebay, i love you) but it being an unusual colour i decided i needed neutral heels for it. Scoured Net and spotted these. I loved them on sight so

headed to Jenners where i tired them on and ummed and aaahed over them. They were comfy and they were gorgeous.  I vowed to go back and buy them when i got paid.  Silly silly me i didn't go back soon enough and they sold out in my size. In the ENTIRE world it would seem!
seriously, properly gutted. Still am.
PS, this was before WHW race.

So, Plan B. Back to Net, then off to John Lewis to try on next pair. These ones. Not quite my dream ones as above but lovely nonetheless . I put right one on and they felt good. I put left one on and even sitting down i knew it was a no go. My ankle was immediately hurting. I tried to stand up and couldn't even put my left foot down. Gutted.

I trudged out of John Lewis almost tripping over my lip. Ian suggested going to Kurt Geiger as that last ones were KG shoes and they might have something similar. Off we went but i wasn't too hopeful.

After explaining to girl about my ankle and pointing to shoe i wanted above i asked for alternative suggestions. She came up with this one.

I tried them on. They didn't hurt my ankle. Bonza! Ok  they're a compromise shoe and not my first (or second) choice but they're a shoe that
A. Doesn't hurt my ankle
B. Goes with my dress.

It's all good in the end. And it restored my confidence to stand on one leg and brush my teeth.

Today I've been on a training course and knew I'd be sitting most of day  so i took the opportunity to wear heels, not high heels but heels none the less.

Not huge amount of walking, just to train station, to bus stop etc but I'm OK. This is good news, very good news.

I'm on the mend and I'll be back soon.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Baby Steps

I thought I'd be climbing the walls by now not being allowed to run, or even walk very far but I'm actually ok. Maybe it's good to get an enforced rest sometimes?  Was dreading going back to work as I've little choice but to be on feet for most of day but it's been ok, I've done a few days of paperwork so it's kept me on my bum. This week and next I'm on a 2day training course so that'll give me bit of break.

Finally got to Doc's on Thursday and she didn't tell me anything i didn't already know tbh. Although i was a bit surprised when she said it was still very swollen, i thought it was improving! Ordered rest, ice, elevation. So i went home and poured a drink and put my feet up  ;)

Few people have asked when i can run again, funnily enough it's not something I've asked myself. Didn't ask Doctor nor Consultant at hospital either. I think I'm pretty good at listening to my body and I'll know myself when things are ok. They're not at mo, i can feel ankle throbbing a bit as i write this, but I've cut back massively on the Tramadol, didn't take anything at all on Friday.

Yesterday we decided to take a wee trip down to North Berwick, took a wee walk along the beach and i paddled in the water to ice my ankle, it felt great :)

NB brings back so many happy childhood memories for me. We used to love heading there for the day, it's such an unspoilt place and i can feel the tension just dropping out of me when i arrive there. Spent many a happy time in the very pool i paddled in yesterday and we took a walk up to where the old outdoor pool used to be, it's now used for boats but you can still clearly see where the changing areas and the viewing areas were.
Reminiscing is good.

Stopped by the Lobster shack (that's new since i was last there) and had glass wine (purely medicinal of course) they serve fresh lobster and other fresh fish caught daily, great wee place. And champagne is reasonably priced too, always a draw for me lol.

Had lovely dinner and more wine (for me anyway) then took coastal route back up making plans to run down there soon and follow the John Muir way

Didn't get home til 11pm, perfect day.

I guess today was first day I've wished i was out running, Ian headed out about an hour ago for club run. This is perfect day for being in the Pentlands and I'm envious. Just about to head out and get papers and sit in sun and read them, that'll distract me a bit. Although I've no time scale in mind for running again I'd really like to do the Speyside Way Ultra, absolutely cracking race and i thoroughly enjoyed it last yr.  Not entered yet, don't want to count my chickens and all that...

Happy Running everyone and good luck for forthcoming races, hope to be joining you all again very soon.


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