Friday, 18 December 2009

Dangerous Sports

never think of running as a dangerous sport unless you count running through dodgy areas ;)

So it snowed on and off all day yesterday, freezing over last night, as i went to bed a run in morning was looking highly unlikely. But it snowed again, so lovely crunchy snow to run on! I wore my Roclites and they gripped well, even though i had couple big hills to get down i made it safely as i took it fairly steady. Problems started the closer i got to city centre, it was packed down and super icy, resorted to jumping on road but even they were pretty icy.

Meadows wasn't too bad but Lothian Road was treacherous, a total ice rink, i was hanging onto the fence at one point fearing for my life. Princes st was bit better and thankfully i made it to work in one piece. I wont be running home!


  1. Maybe speed skating is an option for the rest of the winter

  2. haha lesley, might be a good option



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