Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I did plan to run today cause i will be resting tomorrow as I'm going out tonight and reckon I'll be too tired tomorrow..
It's my best friend Jemima's birthday, we're going to Ricks (it's a place not a person)for cocktails and a late lunch (2.30) Thelma was meant to be joining us later on but called me yesterday to say she'd broken her leg !
:-o good excuse eh! It's same leg she broke few year sago. When we worked at the Museum, the director was leaving and new one arriving so there was big posh party, to which we all duly invited, well when i say all i mean the managers. Anyway, champagne was free flowing and a ceilidh band played on. Now this is where it becomes hazy. Fast forward to end of night and i couldn't find Thelma anyway, i was raging, saying how dare she leave me! I was meant to get getting cab home with her as she only lives down road.

So i went to bar across road with the guys left standing instead and got taxi myself. I was off next day as i rarely worked weekends (had staff for that ;)) when i got an early morning call from Chris, my assistant manager. He said "can you send your safe keys in a taxi?" "eh ,why, Thelma's got a set" i said. "Thelma is just out of hospital and her leg is in plaster, what did you do to her?" Chris asked
:-o Suddenly i was wide awake! It would seem i went off to looand when i came back, Thelma was outside, after someone coming flying out of a twosome reel and flying into her landing on top of her. She somehow made it down the masses of steps in front of museumwith bit of help from her daughter in law and got taxi home. Where her husband carried her out cab then took her to hospital! ooops, there was me calling her for everything after leaving me! lol She is in plaster for 3 months!

nyway, poor thing has done it again, said she wasn't drunk but i'm not convinced...

Later on tonight i'm gonig to a Christmas Carol oncert, one of girls at work is in choir and aked us along to her concert £10 bought before i realised it clashed with Jemima's birthday but it free's J up to go meet her boyfriend and her salsa freinds. Martyn is coming to concert too so will meet us at 5, concert is at 7.30, that'll be 5.5 hours drinking before it starts, think i'll make it?

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