Wednesday, 23 December 2009


twice in 24hours, gotta be some kind of record surely?

First one > Step up Joops, not doing Fling, told you bout that already

Second > Step up Jules, I'm supposed to be doing a pudding run on 27th, and he's bailing on me :-o

It was this time last year that Roger decided to dump me actually, and you know what? The only time I've been asked out in that last year was by.....Roger! Go figure...

Actually it's probably for the re- Julesy run, I'm going to Linda & Graeme's on boxing day and they are extremely good hosts, it could've been messy... :o)

So that's me on hols now, i dropped off and picked up more pressies and visiting Thelma with her gammy leg. It's all done, dusted.

Need a plan for tomorrow.


  1. You made me feel all guilty now! To make up for it I have sent you a pressie today through work (DHL). Looking at the weather you may not get it tomorrow so you may have a delayed one next Tuesday!

    Let me know if it arrives.

  2. it wasn't supposed to make yu feel guilty! sorry :(you're still coming up to run in Feb, we can treat it as early Birthday pressie for me, it's Also Linties Birthday same day as mine, we'll carry some bubbles :)

  3. Only joking and I had already sent the pressie anyhow. It wasn't a guilt trip! When is your birthdays? Only about 6 weeks before I come up!

  4. i've never loved two women with the same birthday before.x



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