Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Get the mop ready.

Roger gave me a card on Saturday, and present. Underwear, he clearly knows my size being my husband n all that. Card said *i want you back, don't know what I've got to do, i want you back*

OK, that was actually a bananarama song but you get the gist. He's been reading my blogs it would seem, you know, that one where i said i wanted a date, and underwear etc.. he's not on my buddy list otherwise he'd have seen all the schizo blogs too, maybe i should add him, see what kind of fucking crap i went through this past year.

My work is driving me crazy, yesterday i felt like the new girl, everything had changed, everything. Well that's also not *quite* true, but i actually felt like that. I feel like the rug is being pulled from my feet and I've no idea what to do. I've spoken to my boss about it, told him how i feel and he keeps telling me to ride with it until we know we've got contract renewed. Stress. But I've eaten a lot of salmon today, that should help with head stuff right?

I got a txt yesterday, or was it day before? i Cant recall. Didn't recognise number, strange. Oh, maybe that's cause it was from Tony, the guy i met at The Fling ceilidh last yr who i spent night with in freezing fucking cold hut (and his 3 pals i might add) Weird or what? Said he'd been doing stuff for sport relief and saw my Eddie izzard stuff (he works for BBC) oh and he'd been decorating and found my number on bit of paper he thought was long lost, apparently he lost his phone in Spain (last time i heard from him) men are fucking freaks.

Not got much time for fetch at mo, too busy. But I've also no desire to jump in and speak either unless it's a Scottish Thread tbh. I feel alienated, even people i thought were friends don't even notice I'm not there. I've been asked by few to start blogging there again but no, I'm quite happy here thanks. Surely it's not so hard to pop this onto your favourites, that's how i find it everyday, yes i know it's MY blog but it's an easy way of finding it. I guess people who want to read it, will.

Stephen is dead excited, he's been asked to go along to Spartans and train with them, he said *they get paid and everything* lol everything? you mean they get paid and get to out with George clooney? hmm no, not everything then! jeez, kids huh :p

Theres' a guy on fetch (binks) who's thread i read today and i spat my tea out, it made me laugh a lot. It has however descended once again into a *you cant say that* type of thread, which is also making me lol.
Got on bus tday (i only ever run halfwy home) and it was packed to the rafters (yes, i know there are no rafters on a bus)anyway, i fought my way through all the people practically sitting on drivers lap, and decided to look upstairs for seat. Plenty. seriously. I wanted to go back downstairs and shove everyone standing there off bus whilst it took the Hill at50mph!

I've done 190 miles this year so far, and it would seem that the more i run, the faster I'm getting. Now I'll never be a gazelle that's for sure, i mean in my training runs. I can never go fast at 5am, i always seem to go bit faster on way home but I'm doing same pace both ways at mo and it's make me happy, thank fuck something is at mo eh!

Oh Stephen makes me happy actually, my one constant in my life. this blog is very random i know, but that's ok, i like random.


  1. Excuse the silly question but what's spartans. And yes that was a fuuny thread.

  2. Football Lesley >


    always football when Stephen gets exctied about stuff lol

  3. get in stephen!!!..... hello.. no Ryan i can't this weekend i'm out with roons and the lads...yer maybe next week ..yes my mums still making her mind up about the date..i'll try and swing it for you...

  4. Fuck, it worked! Ha. Happy Days. Ignore that fmail hun x

  5. Lol I had to save it in my favourites as I could never find it :)

    I'm glad u pointed out what spartans is as I had no clue either. I don't tend to venture on many threads at the mo either :(


  6. I like you in this little home here :-) tis a bugger to log in to comment sometimes though. Whoop for hut man and and yup they are from freakvile those weird men folks. *waves to borken flip up there*. XX

  7. I always read but I can't comment at work as we are routed through CZ! Find us an Italian restaurant for next Friday, I am taking us out. :)Needs some carbs for Saturday morning.

  8. i could just cook a big load of pasta Bro

  9. I notice and you are in my favourites. Not doing much blogging myself so keep forgetting to read yours! Roger was utterly stupid to ever think he could do better than you. Bah, I hate men.

  10. Nope, I insist I is taking us out.

  11. On second thoughts, you could cook pasta and I could donate the money we would have spent to your charity? Sound like a plan?



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