Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Can't knock a girl for trying....

Yesterday i did some more Santa duties, meeting my other 2 big brothers and handing out pressies, having a wee glass or two of bubbly along the way of course!

Got home in and snow started, woke up to Blizzard conditions, should i run? Hell yeah! hahahaha the top pic is supposed to of the hill i'd just run down! too funny.

Got wrapped up and ready to go, i was laughing manically as i negotiated my way down the hill with barely any visibility. After falling off pavement several times due to not knowing where pavement ended and road began, and running into a tree i decided enough was enough and threw in the towel at 3 miles. There were snowdrifts galore,got on bus to stares of disbelief at fact I'd been running in it and at my snowmanlike appearance hahahaha
This pic is where i stopped to get bus, its a main road in Edinburgh !

Not much to do at work today and so probably slope off home in mo, wooop! Christmas starts today f'sure.

oh, other day when waiting on bus, i was sheltering in shop doorway, a wee blokey comes along picking up litter with one of those stick things, it was mainly fag ends he was picking up, painstaking work but he seemed fairly happy, next to me a man was smoking, the weeblokey moved on along Princes st, the bloke smoking saw his bus, threw his butt down and stamped on it and walked off. I felt like punching his lights out. I didn't though, i just stared at him incredulously and as evilly as i could.

If i was Bigmick, I'm sure I'd have created a big song and dance about it, blogged several days about it and been all high and mighty etc. But I'm not, so i didn't.

Happy Christmas blog readers, i really genuinely love you all. really. xxxx


  1. O my goad you are one brave lassie, can just imagine the folks faces on the bus when you got on LOL

  2. tee hee at the big Mick comment



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