Monday, 14 December 2009

Ryan Giggs, my pal

lol, ok it might be stretching the truth a bit :p

So happy and very very surprised he won last night. ideally I'd have like Ennis to win, realistically i thought Button would've won and i didn't vote for Ryan on basis that i'd voted for Stacey in xfactor and jinxed her. Joe won that, bug yawwwn. Quite glad it clashed with Sports personality of year, only watched bits n bobs of xfactor. Used to love it but bit bored with it all now.

I took Stephen down to Old Trafford one year on a package deal, decided to go for posh hotel instead of bargain one. Got to Hotel (The Midland) and they have those boards at reception telling you whats happening in each room, you know ..HSBC- The ballroom etc...

on it it said Ryan Giggs testimonial Dinner - the great hall (or whatever room it was, i forget) we so could not believe it! The game was brilliant, we won, we came back to hotel and got some drinks, first person through was Ryan himself and he was fabulous and chatty and lovely. We settled down in lobby and watched as star upon star walked through the doors with lots of paparazzi outside! Man united stars old and new, actors, and other randoms :) Stephen was in his element. He was in lift with Ricky Tomlinson and Ralf Little at one point. Got to meet Brian McClair, Mark Hughes, Bryan Robson to name but a few. The beckhams were also there but surrounded by bodyguards, but we'd met David before and weren't that bothered bout skinnychops anyway.

So when Ryan Giggs pick up that award last night me & Stephen screamed and hugged each other. And it brought back some bloody good memories of a fantastic weekend.

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