Monday, 14 December 2009


I stayed up too late last night toasting Ryan's success and watching Subo story, then fetching for a bit. Not good. Still up at 4.30 though...

Dreadful run this this morning, felt like i was dragging a couple folk hanging onto my ankles. Decided at 2 miles to conceded defeat and get bus, looked at the electronic thingy and it said next bus 17 mins, ffs. So i ran rest of way, well when i say ran i use that word very loosely, i dragged my leadlike legs the next 3 miles and tried hard to stop my lungs from bursting.

Melodramatic? Moi? ;) Actually it's 7th day on bounce I've ran so that's probably contributing factor too. But when i logged my run this morning it took me to 1605 miles so far this year, wooop!

I'm feeling very Christmasy, there's only one weekend left before Christmas!Woop!

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