Thursday, 10 December 2009


Didn't mean to go off on one like that, i just type what's in my head at that precise moment.

I'm not sad or angry anymore, i had so many fabulous memories of my Mum, we were very close and she was a remarkable woman. Died way too young but it happens, I've dealt with all that although it took a long time. Cherish the ones you love, you never know what's around the corner.

Happy times. I'm going to randomly go through my (old)blog and find the ones which make me smile, which bring back good smiley memories, it's been a tough old year but it's also been an hugely enjoyable one too. I think it needs to start with the Highland Fling, that's when i started doing crazy stuff i thought I'd never do. ever.

Oh running> Did 5.5 miles this morning.

It's paperwork day at work today but apart from that i've got it easy today. Yesterday's lunch was very succesful, 51 booked but we did 63 in end! Do people think you can magic Turkey from nowhere? Of course it doesn't have to be ordered then prepped then cooked for hours, along with the roasties, kilted sausages, sprouts,stuffing,parsnips,gravy...muppets. Just as well i always give myself back up plans and make extra. Got lots of positive feedback so i'm well happy with that.

Today 10 teams are out for thier Christmas lunch, ie- piss up. So we're closing early and not doing a main course today, place will be dead. Be busy in morning for breakfast tho for sure.

I need to book lunch for me & Jemima for her Birthday, thinking of going here>
Champagne cocktails, my kinda place :o)



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