Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Best Laid plans

Are the unplanned ones.... :o)

After giving directions to George & Karen and assuring them there was shops enroute we set off. I'd asked Jules if we could stop at supermarket and pick up few things, only to bump into, you guessed it George & Karen! lol :)

Supplies organised and back to house with beer & chips and tiger bread. The Fuel for athletes. Mucho laughs, beer, vodka, wine and *poof juice* and we smehow managed to organise not one but two pentland runs the next day! Jules somehow got roped in too and after a bit off juggling, he had Stephens bed, i had *Susans* bed and G &K had mine. Plan was up at 7am, mert Gav at 8am. We were only we bit late and off we set.

Gav was tour guide for the day being the penltands expert and so we put our trust in him and trudged through the snow. I didn't aks where we were going, i thought it best not to hahaha. As it happens we climbed the highest of the the Pentland hills, look at this baby>

Half way up a blizzrd desecended on us, we couldnt see a single thing, sometimes i'd be thigh deep in the snow and the occasional swear word might've been used, yes really. We got to the top and found a cross country skier, i called him a nutter, but srsly, pot>kettle etc when i look back now! Actually he was probably far more sensible, being on skies to be fair!

I was starting to feel bit sick by this point, K gave me bit of flapjack and i perked up slightly but it soon came back, Gav gave me bite mars bar but it wasn't down to low blood sugar after all i think it was sort of bug as i got home, had bit of sickness & diarrhoea and took to bed for rest of day, sleeping on and off until the morning. Meant i missed out on planned second run of day but i think I'd have spoilt it for everyone by having to cut it short, sensible (yes really) head took over for once!

Got Roger coming round today with my Christmas presents, and because I've got the massive turkey crown i invited Graeme & Linda, Jemima, Kelly and couple others along too to help eat it all. Plan on doing it buffet style instead of sit down Dinner, less stress. Or so I'm telling myself.

So its a pre hogmanay party kinda. And I'd best go put that damn turkey on or it wont be ready.... laters blog readers....


  1. A 'bi' buffet? That IS interesting ;)

    Lol @ you thinking the skier was a nutter; and yet you were running in it!

  2. I know Cath, wasn't until i was back in warmth of car i thought about that lol



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