Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Grant Me serenity
To accept the things i cannot change
Courage to change the things i can
And wisdom to know the difference

Jemima sent me this last week when i was bit stressed out over work stuff, she has had work issues and said that's her mantra and it's helped, and you know what? it Has.

thanks J


  1. I like it :-)
    Just caught up wiht blog below too, OMG!!
    Is it the weekend yet? XX

  2. Careful Sants, that is the prayer that is said after every AA meeting! I kid ye not, I must have said it a million times myself. x

  3. lol, but surely each prayer can be used to the users own intepretation? :) x

  4. Absolutely. Don't get me wrong, it is not THE AA prayer, they stole it from the Oxford Group along with the foundations of the 12 step program. It is just very widely used in AA and other Anonymous organisations. I just thought that given your...ahem....drinking habits that you might be interested!

  5. haha cheeky bugger, i had barely anything to drink last weekend! :-o



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