Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Review > October

October was good. Sure i had to run 2 Marathons but Loch Ness my favourite, although i always question that when i run I'm at mile 21 on a hill, and Abingdon I'd promised everyone I'd do for long enough.

Started having few foot issues on lead up to Ness so i rested few days before. Weekend was just brilliant. Flip picked me up and off we set for inverness, got there, Anna had recce pub to watch Man utd V Sunderland game in, had several drinks, food then back to Spoonies to meet everyone else. We were of course last to leave pub (shock!) Karen was too though, her and her alcoholic ginger beer!;) Weather was bloody awful and had been all week, gale force winds and driving rain, joy. Woke up on Marathon morning to gorgeous weather woop! Love the drive up there, its stunning. Race was tough for me, started getting sore foot about mile19 and it continued til end, in fact i was limping over finish line in agony. Still got sub4 though :o) Iced it and drank some wine and got ready to party. And party we did, rolled home around 3ish after dancing socks off, ignoring sore foot :p

Legs were really sore by the Tuesday though, sorest they've been since my first marathon i think! And sorest they've been since too. Cairngorms, Penltands, WHW, none of them affected me like that did.Clearly i was overcompensating for sore foot for them to get so sore,i was careful with running as Abingdon ws a mere 2 weeks away..

I ummed and aaahed about Abingdon for long enough before deciding to do it.Got lift down with Soph and spent a while in Bermuda triangle looking for damn hotel! Glad i did, met lot and lots of people I'd been dying to meet for long time.The Timelord who made it all happen is just as i expected, wonderful. Lovely Dan picked us up and took us to start, great start to anyones day, met a plethora of lovely people waiting to set off. Had fab weekend and another sub4, and that was with stopping and hugging and chatting t folk at fetch point too, i really enjoyed the race. Got lift back with Gav & Sarah and legs were fine by the Monday, strange indeed.

marshaled for first time at the new Parkrun, was great fun, and had stressful run up to Stephens birthday party with all my big brothers fighting with each and saying *I'm not going if he is* type of thing. Families eh.....

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