Wednesday, 20 January 2010

If you think the worst

then it can only get better, right?

Wasn't too bad today, Debs (manager in Scotsman) is cool i get on well with her, had good old chat with her and she's been through similar stuff when they changed working hours, and whole concept of way it used to run there. Then went to Balfour beatty to visit Peter who is just lovely. He has similar set up to what I'll be having ie- Cafe counter and kitchen all in one place, but he does have a hot plate, i wont.

Then it was home via mountain shop place to buy a bigger bag to run with as i need to take a suit with me tomorrow and a set of whites. Heading to State Street tomorrow (its a bank not a street name) and I'll be there til about 2ish. Running down (obv) think it's about 10 miles so i'll need to check so i arrive in plenty time to have shower and get changed.

Glasgow on Friday! SVQ.

Tonight is going to fun i hope, i get t spend it with people i love muchly and find out lots of *stuff*

It's the WHW training evening, where we'll have a plethora of talks from former winners, doctors and all sorts of people, really looking forward to it. :) Wooop

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  1. We did find out "stuff" and forgot to tell you there were full screen pics of you Jen and crew and me etc before the presentaion started and yup you looked gorgeous full screen :-) XX



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