Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sleepyhead Sandra

I had planned to run about 22 miles today but not long woke up. I normally wake up around 7 ish at weekend, wasn't even in bed late last night!

So I've decided to can it, i must be feeling pretty tired to sleep that long. It's not like i particularly need to do a long run, it was because i could really lol

So i'll Cleon House, make Soup and have a nice chilled out day. Going to my running club Celidh tonight and i promised I'd be up there there early to help sort out the food, so i'll need to leave house around 5 ish.

Not long joined the club so this is way of getting to meet everyone properly, i really must try and make effort to get to weekend runs but sometimes and hour on a bus to get there seems like a waste of 7 miles running time!

I guess this is when i wished i drove but hey ho.

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