Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Old friends

Chris & Leisa are back from Canada for 4 weeks. Chris used to be my assistant when i worked in the Museum, Leisa was on her travels and came to waitress, they met, fell in love and now live in Canada! (leisa is canadian)

So yesterday they popped into work, great to see them.I finished work(2pm) and we popped round corner to ever lovely Tigerlilly for *one* drink. I have the willpower of a gnat, srsly!

I got home at 8.30ish. Lots of catching up to do though loads of laughs and remincising. We've got big night out planned on 22nd, meal and pub crawl is order of the day, cant wait.

Got home in a blizzard, only short walk from bus stop but it was really heavy, Same deal on run to work this morning but with wind too blowing in my face, delightful. Saying that it was my fastest run for weeks and weeks lol

Last run tomorrow until mental weekend beckons....

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