Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Had time on my hands yesterday as i didn't need to be in work til 7, of course i still woke up early, earlier in fact! So i did 10miles before work, then 3.5 home.

Felt like spare part yesterday, Chef from head office was in doing all cooking, i just wandered around helping here and there and doing paperwork. Today I'm off to one of our other contract at Scotsman Publications to have a recce, well I'm there in morning at least, dunno about afternoon, surely only so much looking around around you can do without getting on folks nerves surely? Thu & Fri and elsewhere too.

Feel like fish out water at mo.

Anyway, sat here ready to run. Popping into my work to have shower then heading to Scotsman for ten.

I'm trying to keep this positive. Staying positive.

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