Saturday, 16 January 2010

Review > September

I was a bit washed out by time September came along, and it's only doing this review stuff that made me realise why, i was firing on all cylinders for the entire tear basically. Maybe i thought i i stopped reality would hit, i dunno.

Early September was Glasgow Half Marathon, every kept telling me I'd PB cause of all the crazy running I'd done, so i believe them. My legs didn't however and i didn't, i came within 3 seconds of t though and i felt GUTTED. til sat down and had word with myself, i should feel proud, nt gutted, all I'd achieved, the crazy stuff etc and i loved every minute (well except the ochills! ;))

But Iwas dog tired, and a bit down so i went and booked a holiday. Reckoned it be last holiday me & Stephen have together. I planned it behind his back and decided to go to magaluf as Kelly (Stephens girlfriend) big brother worked out there. Steepen was delighted! We had a brilliant holiday, and i sunbathed all day, and read 8 books altogether and went out with my lovely son most night, stayed in couple night and Stephen went out with Neil when i went home. All worked out perfectly. I'll never ever ever fly with RyanAir again, never. I'd do the ochills race anytime over that!

Came home late Saturday night and early Sunday morning i was racing! lol Decided to just go out and enjoy it. it was 10k through in Stirling lovely race, really enjoyed t last year. And i PB'd! i guess the holdiay did me world of good, or maybe cause i was super relaxed about it all and not bothered if i PB' or not. Thanks to Gav yet again for chauffeuring me around. STAR.

September ended with remotely supporting Phil whilst he ws doing a crazy 110 mile Race called the hard moors, i slept in spare room and updated thread whenever i gt a text and once i was up I'd sen txt to Phil or Dave supporting, and i was also keeping George updated too lol, Not quite same as *actually* supporting but every Little helps huh?

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