Monday, 18 January 2010

The best laid plans

I was full of beans this morning. Jumped out of bed knowing my trusty adizeros were sitting there waiting for me to lovingly wear them once again :) wooop!

So i decided to celebrate by taking my old tougher route to work. I ditched this route when i started upping my weekend mileage as it involves fair few hills and i wanted to save leggies, i reckon I'm just a lazy cow though. Met *my* old man again and he was delighted ot see me, i told him i was doing Fling and he was happy but not surprised! aww, nice to see him, I'm going to do route again tomorrow :o)

So got to work, and by 10am realised Martyn was late, txt him and said where the fuck are you, Doctors he said. I forgot he ws going (he's had infected foot for past 2weeks) anyway, next txt was to say he was getting sent to hospital for tests, i asked what time he's be in at, no idea he said.

Thing is Simon, the managing director had just called me to say he was coming in for meeting with me at 1.30, fuck, no one to cover me as Natalia leaves at 1pm and couldn't stay on. fuck. long & short of it was Martyn's phone was off and i didn't know what the fuck was going on, had to call Simon and try put him off. No i NEED to see you today he said. FUCK, this worried me. Things have been weird at work last few weeks. We;re moving buildings soon and a lot of changes will be happening, my whole way of working will be altering, no separate kitchen, no hot food, it got me really worried that there would be no job for me and that was what Simon was coming in to say!

I felt sick , Simon arrived with David, an area manager, this worried me even more! But he was just here to cover me cause Martyn wasn't in. Long & Short of it is that there has been lots of meetings from the *steering committee* and they want lots of changes, and they want them now, before they move. for fucks sake. I'm getting sent to all the units they visited to see the kinda stuff they saw and wanted. There is going to be some well unhappy customers when no hot food is available, forget asking the actually customers though huh, the *steering* commitee want it and that's that. Thing is, we;ve got to act all positive abut it all ,even when customers moan at us, we cant say" blame the fuckin commitee" cause we dont want to lose the contract! I'm all for change, and i think the stuff they want is going to be good , but i *do* know my customers well, and i know what they like.

jeez, i'm stressed out, i guess being solely responsible for mortgage, bills etc is making me more stressed , i do love my job though and would hate to lose it,it's not just the money but i would be a deep shit if i did lose job. *stresses more*

I need to go do another review, October was a good month, maybe that'll de stress me?

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  1. Bummer little lady, what a crap day and i did read the ones below yesterday too :-) Hope the vodak went down good.XX



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