Saturday, 2 January 2010

First Long run of the year

Really couldn't decide which route to take, it had snowed overnight and was snowing off and n whilst i faffed around getting ready.

After reading on Facebook that someone had ran the towpath safely yesterday decision was made. Ran int town taking bit of detour trough trails i only got to know when i did the Harmeny run. When i joined the canal at the start i was already @ 7miles or so, plan was to run out til abut 15 miles then back.I had my jacket on at first and had t stop and put my shades on the sun was dazzling in the snow! Then i took my jacket off, then it started snowing again fr umpteenth time and i thought it best to put jacket back on, no fun being soaked through is there?

Rest of run was blizzardy and some parts slippy and icy but 95% of it was deep enough to be safe. Very strange seeing canal totally frozen over, i was rather alarmed to see lots of footprints in it though,people sure are crazy. Under the Bridges were the only parts you could See the water, poor duckies and swans!

Was enjoying myself and carried on til mile 16 then turned back, passed mile 24 just half a mile from end of canal, ran down lothian road and my garmin beeped again to say, well done Sandra 25miles in blizzard conditions in 4hrs 13minutes. wooop!



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