Saturday, 30 January 2010


Yesterday would have been my Mum's 72nd Birthday, I personally don't think that's very old. What's shocking is that my Mum died 20 years ago, 4 weeks after her 52nd Birthday. I miss her every single day. But time is a great healer and I'm no longer angry at the world, i can look back and think of all the wonderful times, sure I'd love her to have seen Stephen but I'm sure she is watching over us now and is a proud Mum/Gran. RIP Mum, i love you.

Ok, happy blogtime! Work on Friday was almost normal and kinda good, that's good start to weekend i reckon. Finished work, went out and bought some flowers, met Stephen and off we went to cemetery, crikey it was really cold so we didn't hang around long. Had conversation bout what to do with me once i pop my clogs ;) Went for drink in Loanhead then headed home. Quiet night in and up early awaiting Jules arrival.

Original plan- Jules couldn't make Sunday pentlands run so we organised a *speshul* one fr him, with Scott navigating.
Second Plan - Jules said, "why dont we just do parkrun and we can pick Scott up from there"
Third Plan- Jules txt me yesterday " you might as well try and make this PB seeing we're doing it"

Hate 5k's hate running fast.
Yeah ok Jules, whatever you say.
Jules arrived, i made him tea and generally faffed around til he said "we'll be late!" of we set, he said "so do you have a plan, what's your strategy?" hahahahahaha

And i thought he knew me.
"Jules" i said "i don't do plans, nor d i do strategy's, i just run as fast as i can, that's all" "hmm , ok " he said.

So that's what i did, with Jules in front saying encouraging stuff n whatnot. Finished in 22.54, 76th place ut of 182 runners, and 5th in my age catergory, that's my speed work dne for the yr...

We all plodded off to cafe for tea n scones (SKONS) , managed to lose David on way? lovely catch up with lovely folk then we headed off to Pentlands via kilt shopping and Lucy stopping :o)
weather was awesome, beautiful sunshiney day, we struggled to get a space at flotterstone car park and saw lots of folks in hills, everyone was smiley happy. Came across some patches of snow which were crunchy and patches of ice which were precocious! Lucy very nearly went over but managed to stay upright, just thank goodness. The boys were way ahead of me & Luce for most of time, so much for Jules *not being a hill runner* lol. Donald is a fairly new runner to fetch and a good one at that, he seemed to really enjoy his first fetchy frolic.
Me & Lucy are bit nervous about Carnethy 5 but i think this has restored a touch of calm to it all (i hope)
Many thanks to Scott for navigating and many thanks to Lucy for coming along after a wee bit of gentle persuasion so i wasn't only girly :)
Stunning weather, great run, great location all finished off with pub, does it get any better? 13.1 miles in Pentlands and 3.2 in Cramond.
Huge thanks to lovely Jules who was again a topnotch Chauffeur & pacer extraordinaire.
Top day.

Having a vodka now, cause I'm worth it.


  1. You're scaring me now with them hilly thingy's that you post.

  2. lol, you know on way home Jules asked on a scale on 10 how hard that was, me & Scott agreed it was 5

  3. That looks like a stunning place to run!



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